(It's about two o' clock in the morning a little girl wearing footy pajamas runs over to the bed)

Sam: (in a weak voice) Mommy? (tugs at Winnies night gown) Mommy? (louder this time)

Winnie: (rolls over to see her youngest daughter Samantha looking back at her)

It was hard to believe that her and Kevin had been married for six years and there youngest daughter Samantha was goin to be 5 tomorrow about a year after she came back from Paris Kevin found out his ex-wife Cindy had been seeing another man soon after they had got divorced and he had gained custody of his now 12 year old son Jack and his now 9 year old daughter Emily

Winnie: What's wrong sweetie?

Sam: I had a nightmare can I sleep in here with you and daddy

Winnie: (turns on her bedside lamp reveling a beautiful little wavy brown haired girl with hazel eye's that looks like Winnie wearing a pair of pink flowered footy pajamas) Come on (pulls her up on the bed and sit's her down between her and Kevin) Honey we have a visitor

Kevin: (groggy) huhhh…what ?

Sam: Hey Daddy

Kevin: (tiredly sit's up in the bed and rub's his eye's and scratches his head) hey Sammy what's wrong ??

Winnie: She had a nightmare

Sam: Mommy said I can sleep in here with ya'll

Kevin: Sure you can

Winnie: Well lets all get some sleep you've got a big day tomorrow (tucking her daughter in)

Sam: OK mommy (snuggles down between her and Kevin)

Winnie: good night (kisses her head)

Kevin: good night monster (kisses her also then rolls over)

(Winnie turns out the light)

(The next morning Kevin wakes up Sam is latched to him she's asleep he loosens her grip and get's up leaving her and Winnie asleep in the bed and walks into the bathroom and closes the door he walks over to the sink and looks sleepy eyed into the mirror

He couldn't believe it either that his little girl was 5 today it seemed just like yesterday when him and Winnie had there class reunion (flashback to their school Paul and Kevin are sitting at a table both of them have a cup of punch)

Paul: So how's Jack and Emily doing since the divorce

Kevin: We'll they don't really understand it I mean I told Jack his mommy was goin to be gone for a while I didn't the heart to tell him he wasn't allowed to see his mommy agine

Paul: What about Emily

Kevin: Well Emily is only 3 and doesn't really understand what's going on anyway

Paul: Well how are you holding up ?

Kevin: Pretty good I don't think Cindy was ever right for me anyway I mean there's only one girl I ever really loved and that was

(before he can say more Winnie walks over to were their sitting)

Paul: Oh hey Winnie

Winnie: Hey Paul hey Kevin

Kevin: (peers into her eyes) Hey Winnie

Winnie: (peers into his eyes) Hey Kevin

Paul: Guys (no response) Guys ?

( A silent scene show's Winnie and Kevin at a restraint Kevin is down on one knee he opens a black case and Winnie screams)

(scene changes back to Kevin looking in the mirror Winnie walks in behind him and puts her arms around his chest)

Winnie: Good morning sleepy head

Kevin: Good morning

Winnie: (noticing Kevin staring into the mirror) What are you looking at ?

Kevin: Oh I'm just thinking

Winnie: thinking? About what

Kevin: When we feel in love agine

(they kisses)

(end of scene)