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STORY SUMMARY: Gibbs finds out there are things Shannon never told him. And a certain young wizard helps Gibbs let go of the past as well as learn that you can't always save the ones you love.

HARRY POTTER: My Worst Enemy

(NCIS Crossover)

Ziva David loved the early mornings. That time of day when not even the sun was up and most of the world was still asleep. This was the time of day when she loved to go for a morning run before going into NCIS—The Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Even more so after Gibbs had come back to NCIS after a temporary retirement. When Gibbs had gone down to Mexico after surviving an explosion, Ziva had lapsed on her morning runs. Sometimes getting up later and sometimes skipping the run all together.

But the first morning after Gibbs was reinstated, Ziva had woken at 3:45 in the morning and when her shoes hit the paved trail, all the worries, the memories of being on the run from Mossad, the FBI, and NCIS and everything else that had happened flew from her mind and moments later she was back in her old rhythm.

Yes, life was back to normal now.

Catching a glimpse of something lying by a tree, Ziva slowed to a stop and tentatively walked over to the body of a young man about 13 years old. Looking around, Ziva grabbed her cellphone and dialed as she knelt down and checked the teenager for a pulse. "Tony, it's Ziva. I need you to get here as soon as you can. Have Abby track my cellphone." After hanging up, Ziva called 911 before looking around to see if there was anyone who might have seen something.


15 minutes later, Ziva saw her partner, Anthony DiNozzo jogging up followed by paramedics. "Morning, Ziva. Want to tell me what happened?" Tony asked as he stood next to her and pulled out a small memo pad and a pen.

"I was on my morning run," Ziva replied. "I saw something. I thought maybe someone left their jacket."

"Turns out to be a kid," Tony added, looking at the paramedics. "How is he?"

"Alive," one of the paramedics replied. "Bunch of bruises but no broken bones."

"Abuse?" Ziva guessed.

"Probably," Tony replied. Looking at his partner, he said, "I'll give you a lift to the hospital."

Ziva nodded as she followed Tony to his car. "Tony, what is it?"

"It's nothing," Tony replied quickly.

"No, it is something," Ziva insisted. "Dump it."

"You mean 'spill it'," Tony corrected as he got behind the wheel of his car. "And… I can't. At least not to you."

Ziva felt annoyed that Tony wouldn't trust her as she asked, "Then who can you tell? Gibbs? Maybe I should have called him instead."

"Gibbs doesn't know either," Tony said as he headed to University Hospital.

"Well, then who are you going to tell about this big secret?" Ziva snapped, getting more and more irritated.


When Harry Potter started to regain consciousness he could immediately tell he was in a hospital. What he didn't know was what had happened and where exactly he was. Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley had been acting strangely the past few weeks and then… Harry remembered going to bed… then… then waking up in the hospital… What had happened in between? Why couldn't he remember?

"Hey… you're awake…"

Harry blinked as he saw a blurry form looking at him. "Who are you?"

"Dr. Jeanne Benoit," the woman replied, handing Harry his glasses. After he put them on she asked, "What's your name?"

"Harry… Harry Potter."

"Good. And where are you from?" Jeanne asked as she checked Harry's pulse.

"Little Whinging, Surrey," Harry replied.

Jeanne looked at Harry, an eyebrow raised in confusion. "You're from England?"

Harry nodded. "Why?"

Jeanne sighed. "Harry, you're in Washington, DC. In the United States."

Harry's eyes widened. "What? H-How did I get here?"

"I was hoping you could tell me," Jeanne replied. "A jogger found you lying on the ground covered in bruises. Did someone hurt you?" Seeing that Harry was starting to sweat, Jeanne grabbed a thermometer and stuck it under Harry's tongue. After a few moments, she withdrew it. "Have you been sick lately?"

"Just tired," Harry replied. "My… my aunt works me a lot."

Jeanne grabbed Harry's chart and made a few notes. "I want to run some tests…" Giving Harry a smile she added, "It's probably nothing. I just want to make sure it's nothing serious."

Harry nodded as the doctor left and lay back on the gurney as one of the orderlies came into the room.


Jeanne headed for the nurses' station, stopping when she saw a man and a woman standing there. "Can I help you?"

The man smiled as he pulled out a badge and replied, "I'm Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and this—" He added, indicating the woman who pulled out her own badge. "—is Officer Ziva David. We're with NCIS. Where's the kid?"

"Exam room 3. And his name is Harry," Jeanne replied, irritated by the man's attitude but there was something about him…

"How is he?" Ziva asked concerned. "I-I was the one who found him. I was on my morning run."

Jeanne sighed. "I'm worried about the bruises. He doesn't remember being attacked and he's got a fever. I've ordered blood tests…. but there is something even stranger."

"Like what?" Tony asked, frowning slightly. He hadn't told NCIS's director about what had happened yet although he knew he needed to very soon.

"Like the fact that Harry's from England," Jeanne replied. "And he has no idea how he got here."

"Someone drugged him?" Ziva queried, looking at Harry.

"We're just waiting for the tox screen," Jeanne replied. "I'll let you know when we have something."

As Tony and Ziva started for the elevators, Tony said, "I'm going to give Gibbs a sitrep. Stay here… keep an eye on the kid. Call me as soon as you know something."


Darby, England

Hermione Granger was going out of her mind with worry. No one had seen or heard from Harry in more than three weeks and the Dursleys' house was abandoned.

Dumbledore had sent aurors all over England, Ireland, and Scotland but no one could find any trace or sign of Harry.

Sirius had written from some tropical location and had reported that the Mexican and European wizarding authorities hadn't heard or seen anything either.

It didn't seem possible. How could a 15-year-old wizard just vanish?

But when it became week four with no news, Hermione decided to do some research into Harry's family. Perhaps he'd found another relative and was staying with them.

There was nothing in the muggle libraries about Harry's father's family but looking into Lily Evans' family, Hermione quickly found what she was looking for. Writing out notes on what she'd discovered, Hermione made a mental note to send an owl to Dumbledore straight away so that he could make the proper contacts.


NCIS Headquarters

Washington, DC

NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard didn't like the reports she was hearing from Europe. The wizarding world was in a royal tizzy over the disappearance of Harry Potter and for some strange reason no one knew anything. It was unacceptable.

Hearing a knock on the door of her office, Jenny looked up. "Come in," She said, briskly and was surprised to see one of her senior field agents, Tony DiNozzo, come in. "How can I help you, Agent DiNozzo?"

"Actually, I came to help you, Director," Tony replied. "With a certain missing person."

Jenny sat up straighter and replied, "Close the door." After Tony did so, she asked, "And how do you know about…?"

"Former partner in Baltimore was from a magical family," Tony replied, succinctly. "What about you, Director?"

Jenny smiled. "I went to a private magical school when I was 9." Leaning forward, she went on, "Harry Potter?"

Tony sat down and let out a long, slow breath. "He's at University Hospital. Looks like he was beaten and dumped in a park but his doctor seems to think there may be more to it."

"What's the doctor's name?' Jenny asked, grabbing a notepad and a pen.

"Jeanne Benoit," Tony replied, unable to suppress the smile on his face. But the smile faded slightly when he saw the look on his boss's face. "You know her?"

"She's the daughter of Rene Benoit," Jenny replied, pointedly.

"La Grenouille," Tony said, stunned. "Hah… Okay, um…" He cleared his throat and added, "I made a date with her to go out for coffee tomorrow evening. Guess that's a bad idea."

Jenny smiled as she saw the look on her agent's face. "Go."

"Ma'am?" Tony asked, confused.

"We can use this," Jenny explained. "Date her. If you get close to her maybe you'll get close to La Grenouille."

Tony leaned forward. "She knows I'm a cop. If her father finds out…"

"As far as he knows, you met his daughter working a case and you thought she was attractive," Jenny said with a slight shrug. "Just do what you do best, Tony… Charm her…"

"And what about Harry?" Tony asked, wanting to change the subject.

Jenny sighed and leaned back in her chair. "I'll make some calls… If Harry Potter is indeed the victim of abuse we need to find a safe place for him to stay while we track down who hit him."


The next morning, Harry awoke to find Dr. Benoit looking over his chart. "Dr.?"

"Morning," Jeanne replied as she pulled a chair over by Harry's bed. "I've got the results of your blood tests."

Harry sat up and looked at her, knowing in his stomach it wasn't good news. If it was good news Dr. Benoit would have been smiling. "And?" Harry asked, hesitantly, not sure if he wanted to know.

"There were some abnormalities in your bloodwork," Jeanne said, simply. "We need to do a spinal tap and a bone marrow biopsy to confirm."

"Confirm what?" Harry asked, the twisting in the pit of his stomach getting worse.

Jeanne took a deep breath and replied, "The kinds of abnormal cells that showed up in your bloodwork are common in cases of leukemia. Our pediatric oncologist, Dr. Meredith Willis, is going to look over the LP and biopsy results."

Harry lay back and let out a long, slow breath. "If it is…?"

Jeanne tried to give Harry a reassuring smile. "Let's wait until all the results are in before talking about that, okay?"

Harry nodded, but he knew it was just delaying the inevitable.


Hearing footsteps behind her, Ziva barely glanced at the person who stood next to her as she looked into Harry's hospital room. "They finished the spinal tap," Ziva said, quietly. "Now they are doing a bone marrow biopsy."

"I did some of my own research," Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard said, looking at the teenager before turning to the NCIS/Mossad agent. "Mr. Potter's mother had two sisters. One was Petunia Dursley whom I must admit is the last person who should care for children…"

"And the other sister?" Ziva asked.

"She died… 15 years ago…" Ducky replied, holding out a file.

Ziva took it and she sighed when she saw the woman's photo. "Have you told him?"

Ducky shook his head. "No. I have tried to think of a way of starting that conversation but it just doesn't sound right."

"Perhaps you are the wrong person to tell him," Ziva suggested.

"Jenny," Ducky nodded. "Yes, I have a feeling that this is best left to her."


In her office, Jenny studied her best field agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs before sliding a file towards him.

"What's this?" Gibbs asked, looking at the folder.

"I had Abby run DNA on Harry Potter," Jenny explained. "To see if we could find any other relatives. One came up."

"Okay," Gibbs replied, grabbing the folder. "So tell them."

"I just did," Jenny replied, quietly. "I don't know if she ever told you… but Shannon had a sister. Two of them, in fact."

Gibbs opened the file and looked through. The DNA was right, but… "She never told me…" Gibbs said as he sat down.

"Shannon was Diane and Gregory Evans' first daughter," Jenny said, looking at Gibbs. "Born a year before they married. They gave her up to Lilah and Victor Carson." After a moment, she added, "Harry is your nephew, Jethro."

Gibbs started to speak when his cell phone rang. Flipping it open, he said, crisply, "Gibbs. Yeah… I'll be right there, Ziva." Hanging up, he stood and left the file on Jenny's desk.

"Jethro?" Jenny asked, frowning slightly. "What is it?"


Standing outside Harry Potter's room, Gibbs wasn't sure what to think. Shannon had never told him she was adopted… but maybe she hadn't known about it herself.

"I take it Jenny told you," Ziva said as she stood next to her boss. Looking at Harry, she added, "Dr. Benoit is just waiting on the biopsy results to confirm, but…"

"Not good news?" Gibbs said, quietly.

Ziva shook her head. "They got Harry's medical records from England," she went on. "Until the age of 16 yearly physical exams are mandatory before each school year. The Dursleys knew something was amiss less than two months ago. There were notes that Harry's physicians tried to contact Petunia and Vernon Dursley so they could bring Harry back for more tests."

"They used that as an excuse to get rid of him," Gibbs said, feeling his anger rising.

"McGee has a BOLO out for the Dursleys that covers all of the United States and Europe," Ziva went on. "Interpol has been given the information and their passports have been revoked." Turning to Gibbs, she added, "And when we do find the Dursleys?"

But Gibbs wasn't paying attention. Looking at Harry he saw that he had Shannon's cheekbones… her nose… even the shape of Harry's eyes was the same… Going into the room, Gibbs sat next to the bed and said, "I'm NCIS Special Agent Gibbs."

"You're looking for my aunt and uncle, aren't you?" Harry asked, sitting up.

Gibbs nodded. "We also started looking for any other family members."

"My parents died when I was a baby," Harry said, quietly. "Aunt Petunia was my only relative."

Gibbs was silent for a moment before he replied, "She wasn't."

Harry sat up a bit more, ignoring the pain in his hip from the bone marrow biopsy. "What?"

"15 years ago… I lost my first wife in a car accident," Gibbs said, slowly. "She never told me… maybe she didn't know, but… she was adopted." Fixing Harry with a look, Gibbs added, "Shannon was your aunt, Harry."

Harry didn't know what to say to that. He'd never known his parents… and he'd had an aunt he'd never known about? "Did…?" Harry wasn't sure how to ask the question and figured he'd just ask. "Did you and Shannon… ever have any kids?"

Gibbs' smile was bittersweet as he pulled out an old photograph and handed it to Harry. "A daughter… Kelly."

Harry looked at the picture. Shannon looked a lot like his mother… and Kelly… she was cute… Handing the picture back, Harry asked, "What's going to happen to me now? Where am I going to go?"

But Gibbs was prevented from replying by the arrival of Dr. Benoit and an older woman with short black hair. The other woman's face was impassive, but there was sadness and regret in her eyes.

Jeanne Benoit gestured to the other woman as she said, "This is Dr. Willis." Glancing at Gibbs, Jeanne added, "Our pediatric oncologist." Looking at Harry, she said, "I'm sorry, Harry."

Dr. Willis looked at Harry, her impassive expression starting to fade into one of regret. "You should have started treatment months ago, Harry. We're going to do what we can but with this kind of delay… The kind of cancer you have is very fast and very aggressive. We're going to start you on chemotherapy, but there is a chance we're too late."

Harry sighed as he lay back against his pillow. Looking at the doctors, he asked, "Am I going to… Am I going to die?"

Dr. Willis sighed. "I hope not. But even with chemo… We could just be giving you more time."

Harry closed his eyes and tried not be angry. But at the same time he knew that there was a good chance… his aunt and uncle had just signed his death warrant.


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