The Rose Pendant

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Chapter Five

Sapphire sneered down at the werewolf. Filthy, incompetent creature; couldn't even complete one simple task of killing off a little girl. Was it so hard to follow one tiny order? Surely it wasn't so hard to kill a pesky girl, right? He must be mistaken about the girl then if she had managed to slip from Diamond's grasp and elude three fully grown werewolves. The stupid werewolf before him had mentioned Endymion showing up, but Sapphire was sure if the stupid creatures hadn't spent their time trying to scare the girl, instead of just killing her, the job would've been finished even before Endymion arrived.

The dark haired man listened vaguely to the werewolf's babbling of how he was sorry and that they would've gotten the girl if Endymion hadn't shown up, etcetera. Holding up a hand, he silenced the werewolf. "You are dismissed." Sapphire stated. The werewolf nodded shakily before hastily leaving the hunter's presence.

Sapphire rose up from his chair and headed out of the room a while later, after contemplating to himself. Endymion would no doubt send Serenity somewhere else because the forest in which they dwelled was no longer deemed safe. It was during this time interval when Serenity would be moving from the forest to the new location that would make the vampires vulnerable. Once she was out of the safety of the forest she would be open for the kill and he'd be waiting.

Reaching his destination, he pushed the double doors open. The hunters immediately stood up straight and saluted him. "At ease, men." Sapphire said and the hunters dropped their arms back to their sides. "There will be a timeslot in which our dear Serenity will be out in the open for Endymion will be too paranoid to let her stay in the forest. It is during that time that we will attack. We'll need men watching for when Serenity leaves the fortress so that they can alert us immediately. We'll wait until they have traveled out of the forest before we make our attack. Any questions?" Sapphire smiled sinisterly at them, causing most of them to gulp. "Great. We leave tonight." With that, he exited the room.

Guilt hung heavily over my shoulders. I should've listened; I knew that it was a bad idea to go out horse ridding when there was a war going on. Now I made Endymion and the others worry about me; I'm just a burden to them. Endymion informed me that what had attacked me were werewolves. WEREWOLVES! Supposedly, the werewolves had formed a union of some sorts with Vampire Hunters because of their common hate for vampires. And the Vampire Hunters were after me because I was the King's mate and so had sent the werewolves after me. Or, at least that's what Ami had said.

Whatever happened to my normal life? The one where I didn't have mythical creatures after me and I only had to worry about my mother reprimanding me for getting my dress dirty, again, why couldn't I just live like that? Things were so much simpler back then. No psychotic suitors, no bloodthirsty vampires, or vampire hunters or werewolves; just my family and I.

Sighing, I rose from my chair and made the way back to my chambers. The maids had forced me out when they had come in to clean up and pack my things. Endymion had informed me that they were taking me somewhere safer for the remainder of the war. It wasn't fair, I can handle myself, I think… But that wasn't the point, I didn't want to sit on the sidelines and not be able to do anything. It's my fault in the first place that they were waging a war, I had to be able to do something for them. Unfortunately, they ignored my pleads to let me stay and help, stating that as a human there was nothing I could do.

Now here I was being sent to god knows where with two guards and Ami and Mina. The two guards, Haruka and Michiru, were once rogue vampires and tended to stray from the rest of the vampires under Endymion's rule. They were supposedly very powerful and skilled in fighting, and that it had taken a lot of convincing on Endymion's part to get them to join him.

Upon entering my room I saw one of the maid's standing by my bed. She smiled brightly at me, "Your trunk is packed ma'am." She bowed politely.

"Thank you," I said, dismissing her. She nodded and quietly left the room. Walking over to the trunk which was lying on the bed, I began to pick it up. Before I could do so though, it was snatched out from under my grasp.

"Would you like some help with that, m'lady?" A cheeky Jadeite asked, already hoisting the trunk into his arms. Jadeite, I had learned, was Rei's husband. It was shocking to say the least, because Rei was hot-tempered and had a sharp tongue while Jadeite was a happy-go-lucky kind of person who liked playing pranks along with Nephrite. It was amazing they managed to stay together.

"Why yes, thank you." I said smiling back at him. As he carried the trunk out of the room, I trailed along behind him. He carried the trunk out of the castle and to the carriage where Haruka and Michiru were already sitting at the reins. He tied the trunk to the top of the carriage much like Mina had when we first met. After finishing, he hopped back down and opened the door for me.

"After you," he gave a mock bow as he gestured for me to go in. Mina and Ami were already inside talking quietly amongst themselves. "You girls have a safe trip and no talking to strangers." Jadeite warned. Although he said it jokingly, the undertone was serious.

"We won't; don't worry, Jadeite." Mina reassured. Jadeite smiled once more before shutting the door and soon, the carriage was moving. "Serenity, will you be okay?" She asked worriedly.

"Yes, of course I will. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked.

"I'm just asking because this is a bit much to take in. With every thing that's happened we're just worried you won't be able to handle it." Mina explained.

"Well, it is a bit hard to take in, but I can deal with it." I said confidently.

"Alright, but if you ever need someone to talk to, we're here for you." Mina replied, giving a small smile. I nodded. It was nice knowing I could talk to them about it if the need ever came up.

"You know, Serenity, we weren't always vampires." Ami started.

"You weren't?" I asked, surprised.

"No, we were just like you, well, I was, I don't know about Ami here." Mina said, grinning. "Back when I first met Kunzite, he claimed me much like Endymion did you. Except instead of a necklace, he gave me a ring. See?" She held up her hand, showing off the ring on her finger. It was silver and had a beautiful sapphire on it. "The sapphire represents his family, just like the rose on your necklace represents Endymion's. It shows that you apart of that particular family and should be treated as such, and if you're ever in trouble all you have to do is touch it and whoever has the matching one will know to come and rescue you."

"What about you, Ami?" I asked enraptured with all the information I had gathered.

Ami blushed, holding up her hand. "Zoisite gave me a ring as well." Her ring was silver as well but with a diamond instead. After showing it to me, she put her hand back down into her lap. "I'm half faerie. While exploring the forest, Endymion, Zoisite, Kunzite, Nephrite, and Jadeite stumbled upon the Fae Kingdom in which my mother and I resided." Her smile widened. "I remember all the fuss Zoisite had to go through to get the other faeries to agree to let me leave with him and the others. I was sad about having to leave my mother, but I still visit her all the time so it's okay."

"Wow, a faerie, really?" I asked excitedly. She nodded. "There are so many things about this word that I don't know, I wish I knew more."

"Don't worry, Serenity, we'll teach you everything you need to know!" Mina said happily. "You know, Mako-chan is half werewolf. I don't know that much considering her and Nephrite were together long before I met Kunzite, but imagine the shock that must've been. Vampires and werewolves are born to naturally hate each other, so I can't even began to comprehend what they went through. If you want to know more you'll have to ask them yourself though."

"What about Rei?" I asked.

"Rei used to be a human priestess." Ami explained. "She still meditates everyday and prays, and when she needs to, she can perform rituals." For another hour or so, Mina and Ami told me all about their world and the many creatures which dwelled within the forest. As another hour passed, I felt a feeling of dread pool in my stomach.

It was becoming darker outside and our talking had died down. Ami had brought a book with her and was currently reading it, while Mina had fallen asleep with nothing better to do. I couldn't sleep though; I felt as if something was terribly wrong. But, there couldn't be anything wrong, right? Haruka and Michiru were outside protecting us. Even as I thought this, the feeling didn't go away.

My head snapped up as I heard one of the horses cry. The carriage took a sharp turn causing me to be thrown onto Mina's sleeping body. Mina quickly jolted awake and Ami dropped her book. I screamed as a flaming arrow flew through the window on the right side of the carriage. The soft velvet immediately caught on fire and started spreading.

As we backed away from the fire, the carriage continued to go forward quickly, taking wild turns here and there. Suddenly, the carriage tried making an abrupt stop. I had the sensation that I was falling and realized that the carriage was tipping over. The carriage fell down onto its left side, barricading our way out.

'Oh god, oh, god, oh god…' I kept thinking, clutching onto my pendant out of habit. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing I was going to die, and wishing that it was quick and painless. I gasped, clenching my eyes even tighter as the intense heat reached me and then it was gone…


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