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Chapter 26: Happy Ever After

By Slavedriver2008

NURIKO KNEW THE EXACT PLACES that drove her off the edge. He knew where to touch her, the spots she wanted to be touched, the places that brought her moaning, clinging to him. He palmed the heat between her legs and was rewarded with a heavy moan.

"Nuriko… We should go to the room—" she voiced out and he laughed.

"No, I want you here. We've never had sex in the living room before," he whispered, voice deep and full. He resisted the urge to slam into her and release the building tension between his legs. He was never the direct no-nonsense guy when it comes to sex. Foreplay was something he was always fond of doing especially with his beloved. "Hotohori did it with Houki—"

"Do you discuss our sex life with him?" she asked, stifling a moan as he caressed her. Nuriko sniggered.

"We talk about it once in awhile." He moved his fingers along the folds of her wetness and teased the nib, making her arch back, breathing getting heavier by the minute. He pushed her further to the couch, spreading her legs wide before him. He bit her lobe and continued to nip the soft skin of her neck. He was throbbing hard but he wouldn't finish it yet. He wanted to drive her crazy, return the favor she did to him last night.

Never in their five years of marriage had Yui given him such a wonderful blow job as last night. It was probably because she made him wait for too long that when she finally put him in her mouth, the sensation drove him out of his mind. He wanted to return the favor, drive her off the edge, and make her scream so loud her throat would hurt afterwards. Sex had always been wonderful between them and it was because they understand each other's needs perfectly well.

Nuriko trailed kisses down the valley between her breasts as he inserted a finger inside her. Yui twisted, her fingers digging into his muscled shoulder. "Do you want me to insert another finger, sunshine?" Yui whimpered. "Or you want me to move it around?" he crooked his finger inside and she leaned back, groaning. "Or you want my tongue instead?"

"Nu-Nuriko… Stop asking!" she hissed, twisting uncontrollably underneath him. Yui was not the type to tell him how she wanted to be touched but he can always tell if she liked something or not. She was always too transparent in bed, too expressive, even without words. And he liked it that way. But still, he wanted to tease her a bit.

"Fine. I'm using my tongue then." Wide blue eyes watched him as his lips moved down, kissing the soft supple skin of her shivering body. Yui was never comfortable with the idea of him going down on her. She always moaned louder but would never admit wanting him to devour her down there. Nuriko kneeled on the floor and in heavy breathing, licked the streaming wetness between her legs. Yui covered her mouth to keep back a long guttural moan, but it left her anyway. She was never good in quiet sex.

Nuriko pushed her legs up and with a forceful shove, entered her musky sweet opening. "NURIKO!" Yui called as pleasure filled her body. She held tightly on the couch. The sight of her husband licking her looked so erotic she ended up moaning louder. "Nuriko—your tongue—" she gasped, arching toward his hot mouth. She burst inside and pleasure whacked her body, streams of liquid flowing freely into his waiting mouth.

After a good lick, Nuriko moved up to loom down on her. "You came like a 16-year-old virgin, you know. You should have hold it in longer, I was still enjoying—"

"Nuriko! Why do you have to detail everything?" she asked, her face crimson. Nuriko laughed at her blushing face.

"Because I want you to know how you make me feel…" Nuriko leaned his forehead on hers. Talking while having sex was a thing Yui found hard to do. She was always too ashamed to say what she feels, too abashed to give him instructions. "I want you to tell me how you want this done," he told her for the hundredth time and it always made her blush hard.

"But Nuriko…"

"That's it, if you don't speak while doing this, I'll file a divorce."

"WHAT?" Yui's eyes widened. What in Seiryuu's name…? She really married such a childish man. Even though Nuriko was literally a brooding serious President of Japan's biggest car manufacturing and distribution company, he was the exact opposite when they're together, especially when they're in bed.

"I'll say you're not satisfying me enough—"

"You always come hard when we do this," she cut him, slightly frowning. The tingly feeling left by her earlier explosion was disappearing and she had to find a way to get off him or else he'll end up teasing her into submission again. They were not supposed to have sex, she was just about to cook food!

"See! That's the kind of things I want to hear from you, Yu-chan!" Nuriko leaned down to kiss her and she was swept away—again—by his lips. "I like hearing you resist too, sunshine. Either way, I like every sound you make…" Yui flushed and she closed her eyes when Nuriko put a hard nipple into his mouth. He's good in bed, but he's so wild—he makes them do the craziest things! She laughed lightly as he played with her breast, moaning in the way he held her. He always knew where to touch her even though she had not said much when they do the deed.

Nuriko parted her legs and with a groan, slowly slid himself inside, causing her to open her mouth and let out a satisfied moan. Her favorite part in all the crazy lovemaking positions they did was whenever Nuriko first penetrates her. It was always wonderful and filling and exhilarating. Nuriko was panting loudly on top of her and she cupped his face.

"Nuriko…do you really want a divorce?" she asked, troubled by what he said. Had she really been unable to satisfy him enough? He pushed deeper and she arched, moaning heavily. She was always satisfied with their lovemaking but if Nuriko… "Do you still love me?"

"OF COURSE I DO!" he bellowed and he looked at her intently. He stopped moving and kissed her very softly. "I was just kidding about the divorce, sunshine. I just want to hear how satisfied you are when we do this… that's all…"

Yui smiled and pulled him close. "I thought you wanted to leave me and you're looking for a reason…" Yui said sadly. She had been thinking on a lot of things lately and it was interfering with their nightly ritual. Yeah, Nuriko kept up to his promise of trying various positions every night just to keep her from boredom. She was never bored and actually liked his aggressiveness in bed.

Nuriko made a face. He grabbed her leg and turned her around and she ended up facing the couch and kneeling on the carpeted floor. Yui moaned loud and clutched the couch with both hands, shivering from the sensation of his manhood inside her. The doggy style was Nuriko's favorite position and she must admit liking it too. He always does that position when he wanted to go rough and right now, Yui knew he wanted her badly.

"Yui…" he called in a coarse voice, his mouth close to her ear. He intertwined their hands together and clasped it hard. He started to thrust and she can only let out punctuated moans, sounds to show how wonderful it felt like to be penetrated by the man she loves. "Come to think of it, you always moan louder when we do this position," he teased and Yui flushed, pleasure filling her as Nuriko continued to thrust harshly behind her. "Hmmm…Yu-chan is so warm and moist inside…"

"Nuriko! Shut up and just—"

"Just what?" he asked, slowing his pace, tightening his hold of her hand. Yui bit her lower lip. "Say it, Yu-chan. What do you want me to do to you?"

Still red, Yui turned to him. "Ryuuen, fuck me hard please…"she whispered shyly. Nuriko smiled wide and bit her ear.

"So cute…" Before Yui could react, Nuriko moved faster and started to thrust harder. Yui closed her eyes, moaning louder, coherence mixing in wild sensations of his manhood sliding and sliding and sliding inside her. Nuriko's hand snaked around her waist and moved between her legs, fingering the folds and rubbing a certain nib in her open legs.

"Ryu-Ryu-chan!" she arched back and Nuriko bit her lobe, still thrusting into her.

"Yui…You're so fuckin' sexy," Nuriko whispered seductively on her ear. He continued hitting a spot inside her and she closed her eyes, clutching the couch as a big impressive orgasm came to her.

"NU-NURIKO!" White filled her vision and the only thing she felt was the wonderful sensation of them moving together and Nuriko's labored breathing on her ear.

Nuriko could not take it anymore, he was too hard his stomach hurt and release was the only option. With a groan, he closed his eyes and let himself explode, still thrusting deep into her tight and warm cavern, calling her name in ecstacy. Together, they moved in a steady rhythm, satisfying their needs. When it had come to pass, Nuriko slowly slid off her and covered her into his arms, brushing her long blonde hair with his fingers. Yui leaned on his chest, listening to the palpitating beat of his heart with a satisfied smile on her lips.

"You're getting fat and heavy, Yu-chan…" he whispered and Yui angrily looked up to him.

"I thought you said I'm fuckin' sexy?" she bellowed, eyebrows creased. "You're really impossible, Ryuuen Chou. Why did I even marry you?" She angrily stood up and picked up his shirt, annoyingly buttoning it on her.

"Hey, I was just kidding sunshine." Nuriko wrapped his arms around her waist and she shoved him away. "Yu-chan…" he said, a little troubled at her behavior. He pulled her and captured her inside his arms. His brows were creased at her reaction. "We're a little sensitive today, huh?"

"Nuriko, am I ugly?" she asked in a low voice and he ended up raising an eyebrow.


"I'm ugly, ain't I? My body's starting to bloat and I'm getting heavier and heavier—" Nuriko cupped her face and kissed her.

"You're beautiful, Yui. Come on, what's troubling you?" Nuriko asked. Yui don't usually go around asking him how she looks after a wonderful round of sex. Her actions were disturbing; she was never this sensitive and conscious of her looks before.


"Liar. Say it out," he commanded. Yui looked down and sighed. After a few seconds, she looked up and frowned at him.

"You'll get mad… I mean, we didn't plan this…" Nuriko rolled his eyes.

"Yui, just say it." Nuriko's brow creased and Yui swallowed hard. Now she has to really be honest with him. He wanted to keep the secret longer but Nuriko always knew if she's hiding something. She sighed, not feeling relieved.

"I'm pregnant."

"WHAT?" Yui covered her face and made a sound. Nuriko blinked countless times. Yui was what? His eyes widened and he wanted to bang his head on the wall just to make sure he's not dreaming.

"I'm sorry, I knew you'll get mad—" A quick kiss silenced her and she was once again in Nuriko's strong arms. She looked up and found him laughing sheepishly. "Nuriko?" He laughed louder and carried her.

"YES!" He laughed like a madman and Yui looked at him with concern. "It finally worked—" Yui eyed him suspiciously and he immediately stopped laughing.

"What do you mean it finally worked?" Nuriko smiled wider, putting her down.

"Well…I've been meaning to ask you the same thing… We've been married for five years, Yui. Hotohori and Houki already have a little girl and so are Miaka and Taka. You're done with your studies and well… I'm not getting any younger." He sat down on the couch and pulled her into his lap. "The reason I'm making love to you anywhere, anytime is because Hotohori said if we do it in a spur of the moment, we'll forget all those condom stuff."

"You believe Hotohori too much." She eskimoed their noses together and Nuriko laughed lightly. "So you're not mad?"

"Why should I be mad? I've wanted to have one ever since we got married!" he said excitedly. "Now what are we going to name him?"

"Him? It's genderless yet," Yui told him in a soft voice. Everything fell into place after she told him about the baby. She never expected him to want one and she smiled because it was partly her fault. When they saw Miaka's baby a few weeks ago, she was so envious she threw her birth control pills. She should tell Nuriko that, or probably let it rest for a few weeks.

"Nah, it's a boy. I know it's a boy." She kissed him and Nuriko smiled after their lips parted. "Now you have another reason to stick with me, sunshine." Yui smiled and kissed him again. The thought of having a baby suddenly seemed thrilling and she silently berated herself for even being wary of it after the pregnancy test kit showed two lines. Now, everything was perfect. They'll finally become a family.

"I love you, Ryu-chan…"

"I love you too, sunshine…"

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