⌠Uncle Severus? What▓s Hogwarts like?■ she asked, looking up at him with bright, questioning green eyes. A girl of five foot four with long flowing black hair sat across from her uncle, Severus Snape, as they road towards the train station on the Hogwart's Express. She had been waiting for this trip for a long time.

⌠Now that▓s a hard question,■ Severus said as he read an old book on ancient Potions. Serena had heard her uncle tell her many stories about the students at Hogwarts. The things he said were anything but positive. He mostly talked about how the Gryffindor▓s were nothing but lazy troublemakers. The one story that stuck out in her mind most plainly was when the famous wizard Harry Potter and his friends managed to sneak the Azkaban escapee Sirius Black from Hogwarts.

⌠They denied it, but I know it was them,■ he had said. She wondered about the truth behind that story.

⌠You won▓t go easy on me in Potion▓s will you?■ Serena was already excited about potions. She always made top marks in the class at her old school.

Unfortunately the Beauxbatons School in France didn▓t have the classes she wanted to take, so she decided to transfer to Hogwarts and finish her school there. She wasn▓t too terribly bothered by switching schools, she didn▓t have many friends there. She mainly enjoyed spending her time alone and reading.

⌠Of course not, Serena. I▓m sure you▓ll do well,■ her uncle said sighing, still staring down at the book he was reading.

Serena looked out the train window and sighed. They would be arriving in London soon, and she would get to buy her supplies that she needed for school. She wanted to learn all about potions straight from her Uncle Severus.

Serena thought of what her mother had said before she left for London that morning.

⌠I can▓t believe you▓re going to be on your own soon, Serena. Write to me!■ Her father had also said a few words.

⌠Don▓t give your uncle too much trouble,■ he always tried to keep her in line. She loved her parents, but she sometimes wished she was somewhere else, other than stuck in a muggle environment during the summer.

Serena had visited her uncle with her family occasionally, but he didn▓t really seem to like company. He seemed so angry and distant with the world. He reminded her a lot of herself at times.
Serena was tempted to try and start another conversation with her Uncle, but the fierce look in his eyes made her stop. She didn▓t know much about him and felt a special connection to him, even if he was a little moody at times. Instead she got her things ready as the conductor announced their arrival at the station.
The train came to a slow halt and Serena was ready to go.

⌠Here▓s your list, I▓ll meet you back at the Leaky Cauldron at 6:30.■ Severus handed her a list of supplies.

⌠Now do you have the money your father gave you?■ he asked.

⌠Yes, Uncle.■ She started off the train and her uncle followed.
They entered the Leaky Cauldron, and it was already bustling with wizards and witches.

⌠Don▓t be late, I don▓t have time to go looking for you,■ he scowled, his eyes scanning the crowd in the pub. She nodded and headed over towards the back where her uncle had told her that morning to go to get to Diagon Alley. She tapped her wand against a brick and suddenly they began to shuffle and move. She stepped out into the crowd of people and smiled. She was glad to be back into her own world. Living in the muggle world was a bit irritating at times, considering how oblivious they were to everything around them. She looked down at her list and headed for the first store she▓d seen.

She entered the cauldron store and stood in awe. Her parents had given her extra money so she could get a good cauldron.

⌠Can I help you?■ a voice said from behind a rather large cauldron.

⌠I need a cauldron, pewter, size 5,■ she said, beaming at all the beautiful cauldrons.

⌠Would you like a collapsible one? We▓re running a special,■ he asked.

⌠Yes,■ she always wanted a cauldron she could fold up and carry it anywhere she wanted. The man handed her the cauldron and she handed him a handful of galleons.

⌠Thank ye,■ he smiled and Serena headed towards the potion shop.

Apothecary was in gold letters about the door and Serena walked in, looking at all the different bottles and flasks. After gathering the ingredients she needed for her class, and a few extra just in case, she paid for them and headed over to get her schoolbooks.
Now loaded up with a tower of books, including the ▒Standard Book of Spells, Grade 6,▓ and ▒Advanced Potions▓, she decided to finally go into Madame Malkin▓s Robes for All Occasions for school robes.

She entered the store and it was filled with mostly first years. She looked around and found some students her age and went over to ask where she could find the robes she needed.

⌠Excuse me, could you help me?■ she asked, breaking the conversation between the two boys.

⌠What sort of accent is that? You aren▓t from here are you,■ the larger of the two said as he stuffed a small cake into his gapping mouth.

⌠No, I transferred from the school in France,■ She said.

⌠Well, just because you came from there, don▓t think it makes you better than us,■ the blonde boy said. Serena rolled her eyes.

⌠Hey, Draco, who does she look like to you?■ the other asked the blonde.

⌠She kind of looks like Snape,■ he looked at her curiously.

⌠My last name is Snape,■ she said. Their eyes widened.

⌠You┘you▓re related to Snape?■ Draco asked.

⌠Yes, he▓s my uncle,■ she replied.

⌠Guess your not teacher▓s pet anymore, eh?■ the fat one laughed. Draco slapped him on the back of his head.

⌠Shut it, Goyle!■ Serena interrupted their feud,

⌠Um, can you please tell me where to find school robes?■

⌠Look around!■ Draco smirked.

⌠Apparently the French are daft,■ he laughed and walked away with his friend close behind. Serena rolled her eyes and muttered ⌠idiots■ looking for some robes that would fit her. She hoped no one else around here was that rude and ignorant. She was glad she could speak English well. It would have been terrible to show up in London without it.

She finally finished up her shopping and noticed she had some money left over. She glanced over at the clock and it said it was 6:00.

⌠I▓ll head back, I suppose, and maybe snack on something,■ she thought to herself. Maybe she could even get a head start on her Potions. She only wished she could make some new friends soon.