Serena was running so fast all she could see were trees and the occasional flash of light. There were still questions she wanted answered, questions only her new father could answer. But there was no time. Dumbledore had told them to flee and that was exactly what they were doing. Harry was reluctant to leave Lupin and the other's behind, but after much persuasion he finally agreed to go back up to the castle.

They now emerged from the Forbidden Forest and Ron collapsed onto the ground. "Can't…move," he mumbled. Serena pulled him to his feet.

"We're almost there, Ron, we've got to make it to the castle," she winced as he grabbed her ripped up arm.

"Sorry," he said slowly standing to his feet and putting a hand to his side. Her sides were splitting from the run as well, but Dumbledore's orders were to get to the castle and not to stop.

"Weasley, get a move on," her father said pushing him urgently forward. Serena stayed behind him to make sure he wouldn't stop again.

They finally made it up to the doors to the entrance hall, which burst open just as they hit the stair. It was Professor McGonagall and Filch, the caretaker.

"Oh dear, what were you thinking! Going into the forest at this time, you could have died! You should have left the situation up to us," McGonagall was yelling.

"Argus, take the children up to the Hospital Wing, quickly. Severus, help them, then go to Dumbledore's office and wait there," he glared at her, but obeyed, helping Serena and her friends up the stairs to the Hospital Wing. Once inside, Madame Pomfrey rushed over to Serena first.

"Oh my! Look at you! Just have a seat right here and I'll get something and bandage that up immediately," Serena sat down on the bed she had been pointing to and the others did the same. Ron fell onto his and looked like he would pass out from exhaustion. Harry and Hermione were still winded from the run and just looked at each other.

"Take care, Serena, I have to go," he was standing beside her. She didn't say a word, she just watched him leave, his robes billowing behind him. Madame Pomfrey returned with a bottle of red looking potion. She poured it onto her wound and it stung so badly Serena jumped.

"Sorry, it will sting a bit, but that means it's healing," she said pointing her wand and her arm. Bandages flew from it and wound themselves around her arm comfortably. She then went to check on the others. She also poured some potion onto Hermione's leg, and bound it up as well.

"All four of you need you're rest, so you will have to stay in here tonight," Madame Pomfrey said.

"How can we sleep when we don't know what's happening out there in the forest? Something terrible might happen to them," Harry said.

"Don't fret now, just lie down and get your rest," she said.

Harry sat down and looked at the three of them. Serena got into the bed and sat up on her side, watching as the others did the same reluctantly. Ron was lying in the bed beside her and she watched as he got into the bed and lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling. She was soon wondering what was happening out in the Forest as well as the others. Would Dumbledore be able to ward them off?

Serena was soon slipping into sleep when the doors to the Hospital Wing opened and Lupin and two others entered with him.

"Harry! You all right?" Lupin said walking over to his bed. Harry sat up immediately.

"What happened?"

"The Dark Lord and his followers fled. We don't know why, but we know they will be back eventually with another plan," Harry nodded at this and tried to get out of bed.

"Harry you need you're rest," he said.

"Hermione and Serena are the one's who got hurt, I'm not the one you should be worried about," he said. "I'm fine, Harry," Hermione said.

"I'm all right too," Serena mumbled as she sat up in her bed. The two other's looked at her strangely.

"Is she? Doesn't she look like…"

"Snape, I know,"

Serena heart skipped a beat and she sighed.

"Yes, he's my, Uncle," she said quickly. Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at her when she said this.

"Yes, I can see the resemblance, I'm Tonks," this woman had strange, bright pink hair and she smiled and held out a hand. Serena took it and shook.

"I'm Serena," she said.

"And this is Mad-Eye Moody, and Remus Lupin," she pointed to the others. She smiled.

"Yes, we've met before," Lupin said. He had also looked at her in that same strange way when she said Severus was her Uncle. She wasn't quite sure he wanted her to be telling anyone just yet, considering neither of them had come to grips with it.

"Where is Professor Dumbledore?" Hermione asked.

"He is with Snape at the moment," Moody said sitting down on a bed, his magical eye spinning madly.

They sat there in silence for a while, and then Dumbledore entered and asked Harry and Serena to come with him. They followed him up to his office and up the rotating staircase and into a room filled with moving pictures of past Headmasters.

"Please have a seat," he said motioning to the chairs that were in front of his desk. Her father was standing next to a giant red and gold bird.

"That's a beautiful bird, sir," she said.

"Yes, his name is Fawkes," he went behind is desk. Harry and Serena sat down in the chairs.

"Now, I believe I have a bit of explaining to do," he wiped his specs off with his robes, put them back on, then continued.

"Harry, Serena, Voldemort was indeed telling the truth in the Forest. You have the same mother. I know this is quite a shock," he said. They both nodded.

"Did, this happen before she got together with my dad?" Harry asked.

"Severus and Lily did indeed meet with each other while she was dating James, but James never found out. See, back then, Voldemort wanted Professor Snape to prevent the prophecy from ever coming true. His main goal was to kill Lily, but instead he fell for her," he said. Her father mumbled something in the corner.

"Lily never told James about what happened, she hardly wanted to believe it herself, she used concealment charms until you were born, then you were sent to live with you're uncle," Serena nodded.

Dumbledore continued.

"If Lily had told James what had happened, then Harry would not be with us today, this is what I believe," he said. Serena looked at her half-brother, staring at his eyes, her eyes.

"However, in spite of these events, I believe Professor Snape would like to keep it a secret, for now," he said.

"But, why? Are you ashamed of me?" Serena asked.

"Don't even think like that, it's not about you. You have any idea what this news could do to me? If people knew what I did? What could have happened?"

"He's right, Serena, its best if you keep this secret too, Harry as well as Ron and Hermione," Dumbledore said.

"What about this?" she held up the stone that hung from her neck.

"I can explain that, Serena. When you were born, Lily and I place a powerful protection charm on that amulet. It used to be mine," her father said. She looked down at the two S's and understood. That was why she always felt so safe with it.

"Now, if you will excuse me, I would like to get some sleep," Dumbledore said hurrying them out of his office.

With their meeting ended Harry and Serena headed back to the Hospital Wing. Ron was asleep and Hermione was sitting up in her bed, reading a book.

"Where'd you get that?" Serena asked.

"Madame Pomfrey let me borrow it," it was book on medical potions.

"You're not even taking Potion's," Harry laughed.

"Who says I still can't learn a few things?" she said. Serena laughed and went over to the bed she had been staying in. Harry was telling Hermione about their conversation with Dumbledore when she lay her head on her pillow, falling asleep rather quickly.

A few months passed by quickly and soon they were entering their final days at Hogwarts. Hermione had made top marks on all her exams, and the others had done pretty well for themselves. It was the night before their trip back to King's Cross Station and they were busy playing chess beside the fireplace.

"Are you going to be staying with you're uncle, Serena?" Harry asked looked over at Fred and George who were goofing off now that they had finally finished school.

"Yes, it'll be nice actually. He won't really be there very often since he'll busy with the order and all. He's letting me stay by myself for a week," she said moving her rook forward.

"Then what?" Ron asked.

"Then I'm going to stay at the headquarters for the Order," she said.

"Dumbledore says I only have to stay at the Dursley's for two weeks, then I can meet you there," Harry said.

"I'll be there with mum a lot, but I won't actually start staying there until later in the summer," Ron said.

"My parent's are taking me on a vacation trip, so I won't get there until the last minute," Hermione sighed.

"Cheer up, we won't have a single ounce of fun without you," Ron smiled.

"It's all right," she laughed, looking down at the chess board. Hermione was loosing to Serena, and rather badly. She reached over and cornered a knight with her queen. Serena in turn got rid of her queen with her last pawn. Eventually Serena won and they stopped playing.

"It's getting late," Harry said stretching.

"Yeah, better get to bed," Serena stood up and went up the staircase saying goodnight to her friends.

Lying down in her bed she had the most wonderful dream. Her mother and father were standing in the pond she had seen before and were holding a baby girl.

"I wish we could keep her with us," Lily said. Her father was leaning over her shoulder looking down at her.

"I know, but it's too dangerous, if Voldemort find's out…"

"Shhh, you'll wake her," she said rocking her.

"What should we name her?" he said quieter this time.

"Let's see, she's very calm and serene. How about, Serenity?" she suggested.

"How about just Serena," he said.

"Sounds great to me,"

Serena stepped out and watched as they talked the child in her arms. The child she knew was herself. She smiled as they began to talk more and more. She never knew them like this, and she wanted to cherish it forever.

The Hogwart's express loaded up rather quickly the next morning, and Serena and the other's shared a compartment with Fred, George and Ginny. Fred and George were bragging about graduation.

"It was amazing. Now we can finally start out joke shop," Fred said.

"I'm surprised you have the money for it," Ginny said.

"We have our ways," George said smiling rather widely.

"Anyone for a game of exploding snape? I mean snap? Fred said. Serena laughed.

"Sure," she said as George shuffled the cards. They played for a little while longer, then Harry came over to sit next to her.

"Serena, would like to see a picture of her?" he asked pulling out a photo album.

"Sure," she knew of course he was talking about their mother, but he couldn't say so out loud. He opened it up to reveal a moving photo of her mother and Harry's father at their wedding. She was smiling brightly and waving up at her. She smiled and he turned the page. It was a picture of her by herself spinning in circles in a large field of flowers.

"Would you like a picture?" he asked.

"You keep it, besides, I can always see her when I close my eyes and dream," she said quietly.

Harry smiled and watched as an explosion caused Ginny to jump. Everyone laughed, and Serena turned her head to look outside. She sighed deeply, knowing finally who she was.

For a long time she never knew why she was the way she was, why things were so awkward, why she wasn't sure of who she was or where she belonged. She sighed deeply, looking at her friends.

Now she knew exactly where she belonged.