You and Me and One Spotlight


Disclaimer: I don't own Eyeshield 21. :) Or the list of 100 themes that someone came up with. Or the title of the Yellowcard song (You and Me and One Spotlight) that inspired me to write.

Author's Note(s): A series of 100 oneshots and drabbles about our favourite trigger-happy demon and creampuff-loving manager.


Untangling the Wires
(81. Pen and Paper)

Learning how to use technology is like learning a new language. It's irritating and just when you think you conquered it, it conquers you. Just like dealing with Hiruma.


Mamori was not technology savvy – everyone knew that.

The team had always been awestruck at the sheer efficacy of their manager's hand with pens and paper. Pages and pages of information would be written out faster than Sena's light speed dash, listed alphabetically with straight, neat letters. So when Hiruma entrusted Mamori his laptop to compile information, the brunette had a befuddled look on her face.

"How do you use this...thing?" She gingerly pointed at the laptop.

"Figure it out yourself," He said before leaving for practice, guns and rifles strapped to his body.

And thus Mamori stared at the heap of wires, chips, and plastic, let out a heavy sigh, and turned her attention to the bright screen. There was a collection of tiny pictures with labels below them – how would she know what to do? But something caught her eye – there was a little rectangle at the bottom of the screen with the words "use this". Mamori quirked an eyebrow but clicked it, and lo and behold, a program popped up with another message: "type in here".

A smile found a home on Mamori's face as she began her work. Eventually she learned how to save, name and rename files, and sort all the information she assembled into the appropriate folders. She finished in no time and with a sigh of relief, closed the program. There was other work to be done and she had time to spare – technology wasn't so bad after all.

Just as she was about to leave the laptop to do her other managerial duties, something caught her eye again. This time it was one of those little pictures with words underneath them – one of them read "Anezaki".

She stopped to stare. Then she blinked. Anezaki – there weren't any other Anezaki's in the school, were there? It couldn't really be her, could it? Hiruma normally called her by a rather rude name for one. But maybe it was her and the curious side of Mamori was invoked. If it was blackmail (a backup of his threat book?), she could finally delete it and be free of Hiruma's strings...or at least snip off a few strings. After checking left and right (the team was still at practice), Mamori clicked on the icon. After seeing what had opened, Mamori flushed red, slammed the laptop shut, and stormed off.

"Kekeke, I didn't know you were this nosy, fucking manager."

Shortly after practice, a sweat-drenched Hiruma returned to his locker to find a piece of paper taped inside. It was a poorly drawn caricature of him with an arrow pointing to it saying "pineapple head". He cackled. She was no better at using pens and paper than his laptop.

"What are you, in preschool?" Hiruma cast down his sneer at her as he strode into the clubroom. He threw her balled up drawing at her head and it dropped into the cup of coffee she was serving. She turned crimson in a mixture of embarrassment and irritation and threw Hiruma's laptop at him.

Mamori was not technology savvy – but she knew enough to put technology to good use.