Chapter 1: A day in his new Life.

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That word has become a dire warning for many civilizations, and even more terrifying for the soldiers of the COT. These things, these monsters were once ordinary people but have captured, tortured, and transformed by insidious inhuman monsters. They were called Assimilates, once ordinary species now slaves to the evil Nojaren race, and Impurities was the word they would pronounce when they spot enemies. Lazlo, and a large number of COT soldiers were crouching behind cover as hordes of assimilates came at them. Lazlo was always scared whenever he went out into the battlefield. He was always deployed with his two best friends Raj and Clam. They were also scared. Why shouldn't they. They were in the middle of a fierce and bloody-battle. They saw Humans, Fishfolk, and anthromorphic animals fall beside them, their fellow soldiers. Then they heard the wicked voice of possibly the most evil living things in the universe. It was the voice of a Nojaren. "You puny impurities have lost. Surrender and you shall be cleansed on the spot". The evil Alien bellowed. Lazlo has always feared the Nojaren. That evil Alien race has destroyed countless worlds and trillions upon trillions of innocent life. Lazlo then remember something. He remember the day he joined the COT. It was the day the Nojaren came and destroyed Camp Kidney! Lazlo then felt an emotion. An emotion he had never felt before: anger. It was an emotion he had never believed in, but the thought of seeing Camp Kidney destroyed in front of his eyes has cause the emotion to flow through his body like anthrax. And with all his anger Lazlo quickly burst from his cover and started running towards the evil Alien gunning down any of the Nojaren assimilates along the way.

By the time he reached the Aliens Over-Stool he was surrounded by Elites, Hunters, Tetramands, and Petrosapiens. Lazlo look like he was doomed until Raj and Clam came and started blasting them with their weapons. Clam was armed with an energy-cannon, while Raj used a pulse-staff. Their weapons quickly fell the disfigured mutant aliens and they quickly started to make their way up the massive alien war-machine from which the Nojaren Field Commander was pointlessly threatening and insulting the defending COT soldiers. Lazlo and his friends used Magna-Claws to climb up the Over-Stool, a massive War-Machine which Nojaren used to bark orders at their slaves and threaten enemy armies. The Nojaren didn't notice Lazlo and his friends making their way up his War-machine. By the time Lazlo reached the top he let out a hell of gunfire from his Assault rifle which quickly, and brutally, felled the Evil-Alien. The sight of the evil Alien dying filled the remaining COT soldiers with courage so great that they burst from their cover and quickly ran at the assimilates, gunning them down in a hell of gunfire. Eventually they quickly destroyed the massive Over-Stool after Lazlo and his friends got off. Lazlo then lead the charge towards the Nojaren command tower which was giving all Nojaren forces command over Zcloris VI.

The battle was long and brutal but the brave COT soldiers manage to make their way towards the tower. They quickly stormed the place, felling any assimilates in their path. During the assault Lazlo gun down an elite. Lazlo stared down at the elite ignoring the rushing soldiers beside him. Raj and Clam walked up towards him. "Lazlo what's wrong". Asked Raj. "I… just… killed Raj". Answer Lazlo. "Ah yes. We have all killed here". Replied Raj. "I know, and even though killing is wrong, unfortunately it is a necessary, an EVIL necessary." Replied Lazlo. "Necessary". Replied Clam. "If only we could end this war without killing, life would be perfect. But sadly some people, and sometimes entire species, can't be reason with and just simply kill for pleasure, or for some sick twisted dream of theirs". Said Lazlo in a depressed voice. "Right now we have to kill in order to stay alive. In order to protect others. In order to make the future a brighter place for everyone!" Said Lazlo. "Everyone except the Nojaren". Replied Raj. "Oh. You're right. But still we will win this war, and bring peace to everyone, except the Nojaren, and after that we will rebuild CAMP KIDNEY!" Answer Lazlo in a great tone of voice.

The COT soldiers had breached the command center of the tower, and the Nojaren commander was just standing there, bolstering how great and pure he was. He was so busy boasting he didn't notice Lazlo come up towards him and blow his head to bits. After that his body fell, and the COT engineers who were still alive quickly rig the Command Tower to explode and send out a shockwave which would disable all Nojaren War-machines on the planet, and any ship in orbit. The engineers were almost done, but a few remaining assimilates charged at them. Fortunately Lazlo and his friends, and several COT soldiers quickly gunned them down. The engineers were done rigging the tower, and every COT personal in it quickly made their way out. When they were out of blast range, the tower exploded, sending out a massive shockwave that shut-down all Nojaren machinery, including the life-support systems of assimilates!

After the fierce battle COT dropships showed up, bringing in reinforcements, and bringing in wounded soldiers. Although Lazlo thought he and his friends were going to remain to finish off all remaining Nojaren forces a familiar voice was heard behind them. "Good work Lazlo". Said Slinkman. "Oh Sergeant Slinkman. Its good to see you sir". Said Lazlo. "Yeah you too. Good work here soldier. With Zcloris VI under our control will be able to set up those spell towers which we could use as a temporary shield from Nojaren assaults". Replied Slinkman. "If only all battles was this easy". Said a familiar voice in a grumpy tone. "Oh. Hi Private Edward. How was the mission". Answer Slinkman. "Mission? How was the Mission? I almost got vaporized by a twisted mutant cyborg Alien for crying out loud!". Answer Edward in an angry tone of voice. "Oh why did I sign up to be in the COT anyway?". Said Edward. "Because Lumpus forced you". Answer Slinkman. "Oh. Why that dirty rotten MOOSE! How did he got to be a Field Commander in the first place, he was a lousy Scoutmaster?". Ask Edward angrily. "I don't know. Possibly the same reason I got the position of field sergeant. But anyway the reason I'm here is because you 4 won't be remaining to finish off any lasting Nojaren forces here on Zcloris". Said Slinkman. "Oh Thank GOD!". Said Edward. "You have all be assigned, along with all your former fellow scouts and squirrel scouts, to go on a special mission". Said Slinkman in a serious tone of voice. "And when you mean special you mean 100% chance of dying really Painfully!". Said Edward. "Actually the mission hasn't been given yet. We're all supposed to see Commander Krabs in the conference room on the New Hope! He said he has a special plan, and he wants the best of the best to be there". Said Slinkman.

"Wow. The best of the best! Does that mean the… the… Vanguard will be there!". Said Lazlo in a excited voice. "They sure will be there Lazlo. In fact this mission is so important you also see that very special squad which most of the troops are talking about". Replied Slinkman. "You mean that squad of misfits who are second compared to the Vanguard". Said Edward in a mean tone of voice. "Edward this squad was the same squad that took down 2 Nojaren Grand Emperor Titans at the same Time!". Said Lazlo. "Yeah, well I heard the vanguard took down 6 Nojaren Grand Emperor Titans at the same time". Said Edward in a mean voice. "All right that's enough soldiers. We can discussed which squad is better when we get to the New Hope". Said Slinkman. Soon all 5 of them along with a handful of other COT soldiers, who were really Lazlo's fellow bean scouts turn soldier, all board the nearest Dropship, which took up and head towards the nearest ship. What's this special mission that requires the Vanguard, and that special squad. Lazlo thought to himself. All he knows is that he was probably going to be thrown into the most dangerous part of his life!

Meanwhile, at the bottom of The Pit of GLOOM! "Oh Boy. Visitors are coming! I should make them fell welcome. With lots and lots of fun! I don't want them to leave, so I guess I'm going to have to make them stay… FOREVER!". Said an excited (and loud) female voice that sounded a lot like a mixture of Eureka's and Spongebob's voice!

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The end of Chapter 1.

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