The Sweetest Debauchery

He was a fine match for her. Strong features, charming demeanor, and a dash of naughty mystery that had her hooked since the first time they met. Her mother would approve and that was something she couldn't say lightly about most. Her sister, Bellatrix, seemed mildly amused about her new interest in the fellow Slytherin, but mostly remained cool and indifferent. Her sister had other things on her mind these days.

He was right for her, which was why she allowed him to kiss her in the most atrocious places. Behind the greenhouse. In a dark alcove outside of Potions class. In the locker room after a Slytherin victory. It was tacky and completely below her, but he made her feel sexy. And each time he found a new place in which to debauch her, she promised herself she'd put an end to the ridiculousness.

But promises were meant to be broken. This is why Narcissa Black allowed herself to be pulled by the hand into a broom closet one afternoon before class.

"Lucius Malfoy, I swear this is the last time!" she said in a hissing whisper.

Lucius closed the door and shoved a broom up against the knob. "Not by my reckoning, Cissa. Not the first and definitely not the last. Now, come here."

Narcissa went to his arms willingly. When he pressed her against the damp stone wall and placed his lips to her neck, tracing the elegant line to her collarbone, Narcissa gasped. He spoke the truth and she broke her promise to herself. Again. And again. Narcissa didn't mind, not really. Not when debauchery could taste this sweet.