Spyro's Love
(A two part Spyro Romance)

Part 2 of 2

(Read at your own risk. Highly M rated. Bad language and all is in part 2.)

Spyro stared deeply into Cynder's face before him. Taking in the shear beauty of it as she laid on him. Her tail wrapped around his dick. Pleasure pulsed out from his new found body part as she squeezed it with her muscular tail.

Spyro drew back his head slightly and emitted soft whimpers of pleasure. Spyro felt a strange feeling come from deep down within his manhood. It caused him to pull it out away from his body involuntarily with a muscle that he didn't know existed. Cynder suddenly stopped her wringing and her face was illuminated with a shining smile.

"Was that it?" he said, all ready knowing the reply.

"No, you were almost at your masturbation point though. Mere seconds away from the full pleasure of love. I want to be able to share that moment with you though" she said dropping her head onto his and nuzzling him. Their smooth, youthful scales sliding seamlessly over each other.

"You know that we'll have to wait a few minutes for your manhood to recover to it's normal composure so that we can start."

"Ok" Spyro said. His shaft itching severely for more action remained erect. Spyro reached to relieve himself momentarily with his tail but on his way he landed upon Cynder's tail.

Cynder jumped suddenly but then regained composure. "Wow you're that horny?" she said her face instantly flushed.

"Yeah. If that's what this is called"

"It is" she murmured raising her upper body and turning around to hide her reddening face from Spyro. In doing so she inadvertently got a glimpse of Spyro's dick. Suddenly her body began to shake violently, as though she was cold.

Spyro thought that this was the case at first but a quick scan of his body told him that this wasn't so, his body to was shaking.

"It must be part of the having sex"Spyro thought

Spyro watched as Cynder turned back around and laid flat on his stomach; her toned chest upon his. Down her back the sun shone in from the mouth of the cave. A dim glow reflected off of her black scales as she set her head once more upon his.

"Oh Honey," he whispered gently "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't know what I'd do with out you Cynder. I know that this was going to happen sooner or later but this experience has hade my mind up, and I know that things are happening way too fast but will you be my mate... For all of time.. Until the last star in the heavens is no more. And even after that... Forever..."

Cynder never even lifted her head off of his chest. She simply laid there; her ear hole up against his chest. Listening to Spyro's heart beat as far as he could guess.

She whispered her reply in that position "Yes, Forever"

"Forever" Spyro echoed.

The two stayed there like that, absorbed within each other, for well on over five minutes. Spyro began to wonder if his proposal had ruined her sexual drive. He was to be proved dead wrong.

"Well love," Cynder said finally "If we are to be mates we'd best get mating!" she said excitedly taking one long look at Spyro's thick manhood before deliberately sliding down Spyro's body slowly. Rolling over Spyro and giving him a short period of pleasure before it suddenly slipped into a slit in Cynder's body. At first Spyro panicked but when Cynder looked up at him and smirked he knew all was fine.

"Remember. I'll do it all only this one time"

"Ok" Spyro said. Wondering what they could possibly do next.

Suddenly Spyro felt Cynder's hips drop down upon his back pelvis. He gasped from the unexpected movement but the sensation was incredible. Cynder on the other hand emitted a soft growl as Spyro ripped into her. His large shaft making it's way deep down into her carving a path in her soft internal flesh.

Cynder pulled up from Spyro and quickly dropped back down onto him. Cynder's pain was less this time and Spyro's manhood slid into the hole once more and the both of then released a whimper of pleasure.

Cynder grinded on Spyro for a few more pumps before she stood upon her hind legs and straddled Spyro's stiff dick. This time when she dropped Spyro went deep down inside of her. Twice as deep as before. So deep that Cynder nearly screamed but she pulled up and plunged back down again. This time the pain was much less and she only moaned a deep lustful sigh. Spyro did the same.

Spyro felt that involuntary muscle movement in his shaft and the pleasure suddenly began to increase in intensity with every drop of Cynder's beautiful hips. The spreading feeling from within his dick continued to rise up higher and higher. Until Cynder stopped.

"Hun? What is it?" he said. His face running with sweat as he panted. Cynder doing so, so violently that her out line in the dusk sun gave a glare even in the front where there was hardly light.

"I was almost had my climax too soon." She gasped, out of breath.

"As was I" Spyro exclaimed.

"Oh" Cynder sighed. She dropped upon Spyro and Spyro felt the liquid within him get pumped to the very edge. He took his tail and ran it up into Cynder quickly. It went deep into Cynder. Far beyond the reach of him cock; So far in fact that his tail went entirely up into Cynder. The whole length of it.

The thickness of Spyro's tail tip gave Cynder great pain as it delved deep within. She emitted a huge sigh of sexual release despite. Her whole life dream had just been realized. She had been given a huge climax by the 'Dragon of Destiny'. She had became the mate of the sexiest nonevil male to ever be. Her life was now complete. Should she have died the next second she would not have cared. Spyro would be right there beside her for her eternity, together; nothing mattered now.

She pushed her body down upon Spyro's manhood with all of her might as her 'lips' came out of the slit at long last. She felt her 'pussy' contract rapidly and squeeze Spyro's tail which was rapid being removed from her with an overwhelming pleasure.

When she came down upon Spyro for the last time the two of the screamed their pleasure in unison the loud sound reverberating around the cavern as the liquid that had been building in Spyro sued out into Cynder. The pair panting and moaning in pleasure as the minutes passed by at least a gallon of the sticky white substance had filled Cynder's inside. The excess that was slowly building up oozed out of her and dripped onto spyro's golden belly as the two lost them selves to the other. Their lives complete. The ones that they had left behind underneath Warfang didn't matter at that moment.

The world that they had saved could continue on with out them. Their destiny for filled until their lives were all but forfeit. Then the world would call upon them once more. That was in nine generations though. They were busy trying to bring about the first of the next. Whether or not they would was yet to be seen, but if the sperm that covered their bodies had anything to say about it they would. Their lives intermingled... forever.

Some where there was Sparx, Volteer, Terrador and Cyril. At this moment they were looking about the world reborn to find them, arguing about their survival. They knew of this, but there was something more important. Something that would make this one last day that they could spend alone together the uttermost perfect day imaginable. They lied there while the last of Spyro's fluids oozed from him. The contractions of Cynder's slit stopped and the experience was over. The celestial moons light now shone into the cave. The outline of the other was all that was to be seen.

"Cynder, about what happened yesterday."


"Well it's just that I couldn't have done it with out you"

Cynder nodded in affirmation; Spyro still inside of her 'pussy'.

The two fell asleep later that night. In the morning they would set out to find their friends and have many happy reunions and recount the events of the previous day many a time.

They would call upon the two to resolve petty disputes often from that day on, but this day they could not take away. It was the Dawn of the Dragon. The day that never should have even happened. How could they steal this from them?

Later once the two settled down Cynder rolled off of Spyro and playfully licked the excess sperm from her and Spyro's bodies before collapsing. Cynder fell asleep not long after having done all of the work. Spyro soon followed, but right as he drifted off he heard Cynder whisper in her sleep.

"I love you"

The End

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