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"In a time not so unlike this one, there was a great tournament, in which many unwilling participants never returned. Funny, though, no one has ever witnessed this tournament, unless they survived through it. The participants could be anyone, anywhere, and doing anything, at any given time. Who says life is fair?"

"Oi, are those ears?"Renji questions looking over at the half-demon.

"What's it to you, Ponytail?" Inuyasha snarls in response.

The group in the cave consisted of six very confused people. They were all evidently from different time periods and different worlds. It was clear just by the difference of their clothes. They had remained there for less than ten minutes and it seemed the conversation was going to start with arguments.

"Do you really want to start something freak?" Renji smiled almost sure he'd back down.

To Renji's surprise it was the exact opposite reaction. Inuyasha lunged at Renji's throat so fast that he barely has time to react. Renji parried Inuyasha's attack by mere inches. Inuyasha turned around swiftly in what little area there was and attempted another near fatal blow. This time Renji was ready and he took out his sword and forced Inuyasha to draw his in defence.

"Oh, so you have a sword, do you Mutt?" Renji comments with a slightly sarcastic smirk on his face.

"You bet I do, Ink Face," Inuyasha growled in reply.

Then they were back at it again. Renji and Inuyasha both getting more and more pissed off, as they found out how equally matched they were in physical strengh. Out of nowhere appeared Kenshin, and both men stopped.

"What the hell do you want, woman?" Renji shouts in aggravation.

"Oro?" Kenshin questions.

"I asked what you wanted, dwarf!"

"There's no need for name calling."

"Who the hell asked you to interrupt?" Inuyasha replied through clenched teeth.

"This one won't allow fighting in such a enclosed space where innocent bystanders could be harmed. If this one did not interrupt then blood, either yours or theirs, would have been shed and this one could not let that happen."

"Well you need to mind your own god damn buisness! This is between the Mutt and me."

"I'm not a mutt, Ink face, the names Inuyahsa"

"Good, I can engrave it on your tombstone."

"That is enough from both of you!" Kenshin glares.

"Fine, have it your way" Inuyasha huffs and sheaths his sword as he takes a seat arms folded across his chest. Renji just sheaths his sword and also takes a seat.

"Thats better" Kenshin states as his face went back into a mask of calm idiocy.

There was a long silence around the fire, no one knew if something was going to break out again or if they could relax. After a few minutes everyone started to look around, Renji saw a boy who looked around the age of 12 with red spikey hair and was wearing a school uniform. He doesn't know it yet but the boys name is Daisuke. Kenshin, a former meiji assassin, once know as Battosai, now a Rurouni, notices a young uncomfortable looking girl. The girl had sholder length blonde hair and angry looking eyes. Inuyasha, a half-demon from the fuedal era, finally acknowledged the youngest member of their assorted team. She had ankle length blonde hair, a mysterious aura, and unatural violet eyes, not that his were a natural colour either being gold. Within the next 24 hours they will get to know eachother more than intended."

Authors Note: Thanks for reading, I most likely won't have another chapter up for a long while, because I'm still trying to decide the next turn of events and try to get this going. Don't hold your breathe. Till next time.