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"That's what she said."

Ryoko paused, soggy tempura halfway to her mouth. "Beg pardon?"

Her friend giggled, "You said, 'It got wet,' get it?"

The confused Data Entity frowned as she tried to "get it," but in the end, she shrugged and popped the rest of her bento lunch in her mouth. She concluded it must be one of those human errors.


They were ordered to exchange their homework with the classmate behind them, instructed the authority figure, more commonly known as a "teacher."

She dutifully swapped papers with the flustered boy behind her, flashing him a quick smile. Said facial expression immediately slid off her face as she examined the overachiever's work. Instead of the required half-page, he had expanded it to two pages.

"His is so long," she moaned quietly to one of her other friends sitting in front of her. To her consternation, she erupted into a fit of giggles at Ryoko's innocent complaint.

"T-that's what she said!" she choked out before getting yelled at by the teacher.

Ryoko's frown deepened.


After school, Ryoko had accompanied Yuki to her apartment. They had a tradition of eating dinner together almost every night.

But now, they were stuck outside as Yuki's key refused to unlock the tumblers. Her partner frowned slightly—an intense sign of expression for Yuki Nagato. Of course, why both of them forgot about their Data Manipulation powers is a mystery.

Ryoko exclaimed, "Don't ram it in! Just push it in and wiggle it around a bit."

Molten eyes turned to her, sparkling with an uncharacteristic mirth. "That's what she said."

Ryoko screamed.

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