"Japan, aru,"





A kiss.

A phrase.

A slap.

"No, Japan, aru. You stop, aru."

A struggle.

A fight.

A loss.

"Don't talk to me that way, China-kun."

A pull.

A push.

A shove.

"Please stop, aru…"

A cry.

A tear.

A bruise.

"But you're enjoying this."

A rip.

A touch.

A thrust.

"No, Japan… please stop, aru…"

A sting.

A moan.

A cut.

"Be quiet."

A slash.

A scratch.

A graze.

"I love you, Japan, aru…"

A cling.

A nip.

A caress.

"I love you too, China-kun."

A lie.


I've never written anything like this. XD It's short, but can mean a lot. I did use some synonyms. I think you can obviously tell what it's about.

It's ChinaxJapan, only an abusive relationship. In WWII, Japan invades Manchuria (Northern province of China) and slaughters millions.

I hope you liked it.