A soft groan from the bed awoke Draco from his rather uncomfortable slumber and he looked to the pillows, where Hermione's head was rested. Her eyes fluttered open and she mumbled his name.

"Hermione," he breathed, keeping his voice low in case she had a headache. "Are you alright? Was it Voldemort? I gave you some dreamless sleep potion just in case."

Hermione smiled at him, as he rambled on about her welfare, waiting for him to realize that she was fine.

"If I had known that getting my memories back would hurt so much, I might have considered a different charm."

"You mean-?"

"Yup," replied Hermione. "I was right all along. Why would I have ever doubted myself?"

"But it didn't work before."

"That is because I wasn't in love with you before," replied Hermione simply. "It says that a kiss performed in love will get the memories back. That means that you have to be in love."

"Well then," said Draco with a grin, "now that you have your memories back, lets make something clear. I'm not going to let you out of my sight. And I am most certainly not going to give you up to another person. I'm much too greedy to do that again."

"Well I guess that it's a good thing that you wont have to."

Dear Harry,

It's a good thing that this special paper was packed in that box that I found in Draco's attic. Now, I can write to you and nobody else can read it. I didn't know that I had this kind of paper…

Draco and I are happy together, and im thrilled to have my memories back. I miss Ron terribly. You must tell me everything. How? When did it happen? How bad was he when I was captured?

As much as I'd like to continue talking with you about trivial things, I have much more pressing business to discuss with you. Draco and I were betrayed by Blaise
Zabini, who has since died. The reason why I was so sure that I would escape is because while I was reading an old history book, I came across a map of the area before it became Voldemort's fortress. The entire thing is riddled with underground caves and passages. He probably didn't know about them, or else he would have taken measures to secure them. I barely escaped in the form of a panther (In case you didn't know, I'm an animagus.) The best defense that he has as far as guards go is Dementors. As you know, you can get past them in the form of an animal. I was only pursued because I was not careful in my escape. I was, after all, the most heavily guarded prisoner.

Anyone that goes to fight Voldemort, or at least to sneak in, must be exemplary at occlumency, because Voldemort can read your thoughts, even if you're in the form of an animal. The best place for you to enter would be 1.5 kilometers southwest from Draco's house (If I'm not mistaken, I told you to have him hide here. I knew that he would rescue me.)

I must thank you again for keeping my secrets from me, and I have one more favor to ask of you. Kill the bastard.

With Love,


With her letter written, Hermione sealed it carefully in the envelope with Harry's name already marked on it and gave it to Draco's dark owl, Jade, watching out the window as she flew away.

The time had come for the order to fight back, and Hermione had no doubt that they would win. Then, she could live once more in happiness, with Draco by her side. Always.

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