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A junior in high school, only sixteen years old and yet, I've interfered in a 30 year old man's love life. Yes, I know, he could be my father, but there's something about him that makes me feel things. Things I've never felt around any other guy before. I was like I was a magnet, and he was a piece of metal that collided with me. I wasn't so into him at first –trust me, he was the farthest thing from my mind. But ever since I moved to Florida, ever since that one night at that house party, it seemed like he couldn't get away from me. Hell, I even got it in my head that he was stalking me.

Ever since me, my mother, and father moved to the small town in Florida, I felt there was something missing. My life was too bland, too boring, and too... typical. I wanted something exciting, something reckless, something I could fuck up and regret. I needed something someoneto get me out of this danger-proof bubble I was trapped in. With my father being the strict asshole he was and my mother being flimsy and diligent, doing every little thing he ordered her to, I craved attention. Not parental love, or friendship love but a bad guy's affection.

And that was Adam Copeland.

I could still remember that night, that balmy Florida night when I wasn't in the mood for partying, but my best friend, being the careless, wild teenager she was, made sure I was at that party.

"Kelly, stop!" I whisper-shouted, trying to shove the blonde off me as she hauled me up the stairs to what I believe was the house of the party.

"Come on," she said, making her grip tighter on me while I tried to run back down the stairs. "You're the one who agreed to this, Lexi. You promised me that you were going to this party... so you're going."

I shrieked in frustration, finally tearing my arm from her grasp. "You can't make me go. Have you looked at the time?" I asked her in disbelief, lifting my hand, to show her the time on my digital watch. "It's late! And it's a school night. Do you know how much trouble I would be in if my mom, or worse - my dad woke up to find me not sleeping in my room?" She just laughed.

"Ah, Lexi, what am I going to do with you?" she said, chuckling once more. "Weren't you the one that said you needed a change in your life? I thought you wanted something exciting. This is a party, how can it get more exciting?" I shook my head in disagreement.

"I know I said that, but come on! Its way past midnight, and I don't think I'll be so excited once I wake up with a hangover tomorrow morning. If I wake up, that is." She groaned in annoyance. But I didn't care. My father would literally kick my ass if he found out I was gone, I couldn't risk that. It only takes so much to get him pissed. And me at a party, this late? Oh no, he'd be way past the pissed stage.

"Must you always be so negative?" she asked. "Take a chance, okay? Life's all about taking chances and you trying to live up to perfection isn't going to work. Nobody's perfect, Lexi, no one. Your dad's just going to have to realize that."

Like hell he'd realize that. There were only three people my father listened to: He, Himself, and Him.

I just stood there, with my hands on my hips, waiting for her to give up, and just let me be. She didn't budge.

"You promised," she repeated. I was still silent.

"Okay, fine," she scoffed. "I thought you were my friend, but since you're just going to leave me at this place all by myself, with absolutely no friends whatsoever "

"For fuck's sake, Kelly, you have way more friends than I do! I'm sure you can find someone." I said. "I however am going to sneak back home, since knocking on the door certainly isn't an option."

As soon as I was proceeding to walk back down the stairs, I heard the door creak open, and I could hear the music of the party blazing, and I could smell the whiffs of alcohol and sweat mixing with the air.

"Are you ladies coming in or what?" I heard a deep voice ask. I turned back around, and saw a pretty old guy - well, not old, but older than me of course. I took my attention off of him and looked back at Kelly. She was staring at the guy like she had just died and gone off to heaven.

"I am," she said brightly. The guy smirked before addressing me.

"What about you?"

"Um..." I stammered. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt like I had to do it.

"Come on!" Kelly cried. "Do you see how dark it is outside? You'll probably get raped or something!"

And I was the negative one, huh?

"She's right," the dark haired man said. "It's pretty late, and you don't know who could be lurking around." Great, so he was negative too? Oh, he and Kelly would be such a great couple.

I looked back out into the darkness once more, before making my decision. When I turned back to them, they both had expectant looks on their faces, both waiting for my answer. I sighed before speaking.

"I'm in," I said warily. My eyes flickered over to Kelly to see a beaming look on her face. I rolled my eyes at her before walking back up the stairs, grabbing Kelly by the hand, and slowly but surely, I entered the party.