... "At least your boy is relatively human." Orpheus glowered at Izanagi, setting his cup of sake down on the table carefully. "And he does speak, on occasion."

"Yes," Izanagi muttered. "Sometimes he says my name when summoning me. I believe yours speaks more, however- does he not say "Persona"?"

"It was once. A fluke. He grunts and screams a lot, though," Orpheus conceded, before narrowing his eyes at the other Persona. "Doesn't matter. Arisato's head is still a worse place to be. Nyx is in there. She's awful. Never stops with the wisecracks... and they're not even funny. Her humor is horrible."

"... Seta's mind is comfortingly neutral. The other Personas know to leave me alone, lest Izanami have their heads."



"Wanna make out?"

There was a long pause, in which Izanagi managed to calmly choke on his sake, and Orpheus carefully looked away, stroking his scarf.

"I'm married," the darker of the two finally said. "As are you."

"My wife is dead. Your wife... well, obviously you're hiding from her. In a teenage boy's head. Hormonal teenage boy."


"Shut up. He thinks of things, alright? Normal teenage boy things. It gets to me sometimes."

"We are going to forget this conversation happened."

"Right. Ah, damnit. The rapist child's back tonight. I gotta go, before he decides to send all of Arisato's other Personas out looking for me."

A soft sound came from Izanagi's helmet. It sounded suspiciously like 'Snrk'.

"Shut up."

"After the next full moon then, Orpheus."

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Bring vodka next time."

"As you wish."


Don't ask, seriously. It's almost 1 AM and I was in a chat with Souji-kun and Naoto-kun and and and IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT.