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Chapter 1. Introducing the Princess

The morning broke free, as the sounds of birds could be heard from outside a window. The sun with its bright rays shone through the window of a large castle. Rubbing her weary eyes, and looking outside with a smile, a young, brunette haired girl yawned, as she saw that another day had passed. Princess Marta, of the Kingdom of Luin, had awoken up from her sleep, as she saw how bright the sun was. She quickly slipped on a simple silk dress, and adorned flower accessories onto her long flowing hair, when a knocking could be heard on her door.

"My little angel! Wake up!"

A hearty man could be heard from the other side, as Marta ran to the door, opening it up to see a large, bald man with a happy smile on. King Brute, Marta's father, picked up Marta, hugging her.

"I see you're already up! Hurry up and get ready, I have someone I'd like you to meet!"

Marta's smile for her father soon died down as she heard her father speak of someone she wanted to visit. She looked at him with an annoyed look, as she finally spoke.

"Let me guess. Another man you assume you want me to marry. Am I right?"

King Brute put down his daughter, and met her at eye level, trying to have a serious talk with her.

"Now Marta, I know this may be uncomfortable, but I'm only doing this for YOU! I only want the finest man for my daughter, and when I pass away, I need this man to be the King of his land, and you to be the queen! It was what your mother would have wanted, for you to be as happy as possible."

Marta simply turned away from her father, crossing her arms, pouting.

"If mother really DID want me to be happy, she would have stopped you from trying so hard to find so many suitors for me!"

King Brute simply sighed, as he stood up, looking at her.

"At least MEET the young man! Just have a chat, and don't forget, if you don't like him, I'll find someone else! Besides, your 18th birthday is coming in only two months, and by then, once you get married, you and your husband will have full power to the kingdom!"

Marta turned around swiftly, as she pointed to the door, an angry look on her face.

"OUT!" She screamed, as King Brute left Marta to be alone.

Marta sighed, looking out the window, as she rested her head against the window sill, seeing the birds flying, so free, so happy. She wished she could be a bird. To stop having all these fancy treatments, being locked away from everyone else. Just to have fun, and be free. But she knew she couldn't have that. Her father had done so much for her, and if she didn't like the boy, she could just say so. But then her father would go out of his way to find another man for her. She sighed, as she looked through her wardrobe. Replacing her simple dress, with a more elegant, pink one with light frills along the bottom, as well as puffed up shoulder sleeves, and long, smooth sleeves. Marta sighed, as she looked in the mirror. She hated this dress with a passion, but she knew it was inevitable that it had to be worn. She came downstairs to see another prince of another land to see her. King Brute stood up, clapping for his daughter's appearance, as he laughed.

"This is my pride and joy, Marta! Meet the young man, shake his hand!"

Marta forced a smile on herself, as she gracefully walked downstairs, shaking the man's hand, doing her best not to look like she was angry beyond all hell.

"I-its nice to meet you sir…" She said, as her mouth twitched a bit.

After a few moments of talking, the prince left, as Marta and Brute were left alone, Brute looking over at Marta.

"Well?" Brute asked, looking at Marta.

Marta simply walked back upstairs, forgetting the whole ordeal. "I didn't like him, don't tell him to come by again, I'll be in my room."

Brute looked shocked, as he caught his daughter, grabbing her by the shoulder. "Now wait just a moment! Why don't you like him? He had good manners, he was very polite, he seemed quite interested, and he seems like quite the man!"

Marta simply pulled away from her father in an elegant manner, as she continued to walk upstairs.

"My interests in my man differ from what you think. If you can't even see what I like, then maybe I should just find my own man."

When Marta got back upstairs, she quickly discarded of that old dress, as she put on her regular, white, plain, silk dress. She laid down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, sighing as she dreamt of her perfect man. The boy that would whisk her away on a white horse, and protect her from all evil. He would be cute, sensitive, and everything Marta ever hoped for. She knew her father would do his best to try and find someone like that, but she would probably turn them down as well. She wanted to pick on her own, she wanted to pick the "one". She could tell the difference. She simply continued to have her love sick fantasies, as the day passed on.


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