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Chapter 12: The Cousin

Well, with Marta's new weapon in hand, and the agreement going on, Emil could finally teach Marta how to find and or fend for herself in case he was never there! The next morning, before anyone else could get up, Marta had sneaked off to Emil's room to wake him for early morning training! She tiptoed through the hollowed halls of the castle, finding the room in which her blond haired knight had slept. She slowly opened the door as it let out a tiny creak, seeing the boy rest in bed. She slowly made it over to him as she came over. She put her mouth close to his ear to whisper.

"Emil…wake up…I want to train early this morning!"

She said doing her best to keep in any excitement and or giddy sounds she would make. She would learn something cool, how could she not be excited? Unfortunately, she didn't have time to think about how exciting it was, because her voice had woken up the sleeping beast! Emil had accidentally grabbed Marta, pulling her into the bed with him, as he caught her in a tight hug, almost like a teddy bear hug. Now this was really awkward for Marta! She felt an immense pink rise in her face as she felt the warmth of Emil's body wrapped around her.

Wh-What do I do?! He's hugging me in bed! This…this…this is so comfy…

Marta thought to herself as she laid there in Emil's arms. She had to admit, although she did want to train, being in Emil's protective yet gentle grip was really comforting and soothing. Adding how warm he was, it was a really soothing feeling. She simply gave a small smile.

"Maybe…I'll rest like this for a minute or two…" She said with a tiny yawn, as she made herself comfortable, resting in Emil's arms.

Before Marta knew it, morning had come by, and the soldiers were already outside training and preparing. Brute had his breakfast placed in front of him, wondering why Marta was sleeping in so late. He knew that kids these days had habits of sleeping in late, but for the most part Marta would at least wake up for breakfast. He was about to go upstairs to check up on his daughter when suddenly a soldier came running in, out of breath and looking afraid.

"Y-Your majesty! Urgent news! Y-Your…your niece is coming! She's coming to the castle soon! She'll be here any moment!"

Upon hearing this, Brute immediately wondered what was the big deal about it all. His niece was an all right girl, why were the guards so scared of them? That's when the guard handed him a letter, as he read it over. Reading it, he let out a laugh, as he patted the soldier's back.

"Oh, so you're afraid of THAT huh? You're willing to fight in a war and yet my darling niece scares you!"

He continued to laugh heartedly as he walked away from the breakfast table, as the soldier looked over at him. He really was scared, were all the rumours true about the lord's niece? Suddenly he came back as the soldier looked at him.

"Your majesty, did you forget something?"

Brute immediately nodded seriously, as he walked past him. "Yes. I forgot to eat breakfast." And insert typical anime style fall from the guard here.

Once the news spread throughout the castle about the king's niece, all the soldiers were whispering about in fear. They were not ready for something like THIS to occur! Not ever! Suddenly, a loud knocking on the door could be heard, as Brute let out a laugh.

"Aha! That must be her, now men, stand at attention! This is my darling niece we're dealing with!"

Suddenly, the grand doors opened slowly, as the silhouette of some horrible beast could be seen on the ground. All the soldiers gulped as they looked at this shadow, but as they moved their heads upward, they saw…! A young blond haired girl! …How threatening. Upon seeing this girl, Brute ran up to her to welcome her, as he shook her hand.

"My darling niece, welcome, welcome! I did not know you were coming today, I would've set up more properly for your arrival. Is the letter true? Are you really here to assist my soldiers in their training?"

The girl let out a small laugh, as she cracked her flail on her hand.

"Of course uncle Brute~ And by the looks of it, they really could use the training. But don't worry, after my intensive training, they'll be the strongest bunch of men ever. Oh by the way, where's cousin Mart Mart and her new pet, I mean knight?"

NOW that she had mentioned it, Brute's interest was peaked. "Now that you mention it…Marta hasn't been up in a while now…Ah, since you wish to see her, why don't you go wake her up?"

Hearing this, the girl smiled brightly as she nodded. She went upstairs to all the bedrooms, as she peaked into each room one by one. However, she suddenly heard the sounds of…some kind of rustling and slight movement from one room, and breathing. Walking in, she saw her little cousin in the arms of a boy, as she smirked.

"Well well well, I would've never imagined cousin Mart Mart would be in the arms of a man. Kind of hard to believe, and yet at the same time, not that surprising."

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Marta's head immediately shot up as she escaped Emil's grip, wide eyed. "A-A-ALICE?!"

Upon hearing Marta scream and wake up, Emil woke up groggily as he rubbed his eyes, yawning and looking up.

"What's all the commotion abou…WH-WH-WHAT?! M-M-M-MARTA!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?!"

Upon realizing that Emil was awake, and crap, noticed she was in his bed, Marta blushed and flailed.


"Oh? So cousin Mart Mart is in the perverted type? I wonder how Uncle Brute would feel about this, knowing that her supposed knight was all over his precious little girl. I'm sure he'd ring your little neck and kick you out 3*"

(A/N: *When I use symbols like that, it means she's in a playful mood type ordeal. Like emphasis in a way and not breaking the 4th wall)

Hearing this little girl's…disturbing talk of language, Emil just stared wide eyed at her, wondering what sort of demonic things went through this cute little package's mind. Marta's eye twitched at Alice as she looked back at Emil with a sigh.

"Emil, this is my cousin Alice. She's what I consider the dark seed of the family. She puts on the sweet act for everyone but is unbelievably evil."

"Aw, Mart Mart, you hurt my feelings~ You know how sad that makes me, sometimes I get so upset I can't control what ever I do! I may kick and scream, or even break an arm or two."

Emil could already feel the dark tension between these two, as he sweat dropped, looking at them. He wanted to intervene, when suddenly the two of them were at it again.

"It depends Alice, can you even reach up to my arms with your scrawny body?"

"I don't need to, I could just snap your legs and reach up to your arms. Besides, its better being short then having a double wide bottom like yourself."

"Its better then having nothing, flatty!"

"Oho, says the walking talking ironing board herself?"

"S-Stop fighting you two!" Suddenly, Emil had stepped in forward to stop the two from quite possibly killing each other. Alice simply walked over to Emil, using her flail to tilt his head upwards, forcing him to meet her eye to eye.

"Now now, you may be Mart Mart's knight, but that privilege doesn't mean you can talk back to me. If anything, I should break your fingers one by one for even trying. Besides, I'm going to be staying here for quite a long while. So why don't you just do what you do best, and stay out of my way~"

And with that, Alice walked out, as Marta screamed, pulling at her hair. This was going to be long…

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