Our Lips Are Sealed

Revised: April 26, 2009

Chapter One: Rock 'n' Roll Boy

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or Stephenie Meyer. Expect some lemons...they may occur.

BPOV - November 21st, 2005

I watched as my best friend, Alice, gave Jasper feather soft kisses on his lips for good luck; ever so cautious to never actually say the hopeful words. We were at the Wise Fools Pub off of N. Lincoln in Chicago to show support to Jasper's band, "Cult Classic" (I know...how utterly original). Jasper's band has been playing shows throughout Illinois for the past 5 years and even though they gained a strong fan base, I have not once had the desire to see them live. Sure, I'm a fan of listening to the music, but only in the safe confines of my room at Alice's and my apartment. I am not a big fan of crowded spaces full of sweaty, drunken bodies. Not my scene at all.

However, tonight was different. Alice basically begged and guilt tripped me into going out. Since Alice started dating Jasper two years ago, she has been hell bent on me going to at least one for CC's shows.

"Please, Bella!" She pleaded with those sad, puppy dog eyes and Monroe pout. "I swear I'll do anything you want....for a week...no, a month! That includes not setting foot near the Woodfield Mall or 900 North Michigan! I'm totally giving up Bloomingdale's for you, Bells! Please...this one time! Jasper would be so happy to see you!"

With such a declaration and the intense sadness in her hazel eyes, how could I say no to her small request? One night couldn't kill me...right?

My attention remained affixed to the affectionate exchanges of Alice and Jasper with embers of envy burning in my eyes (or perhaps it all the cigarette smoke wafting through the club's dark interior). Sure, there were times that I wanted what they had together. My music production classes at Columbia College of Chicago kept me occupied sixteen hours of the day, but those remaining eight for sleeping left me wondering what it would be like to be loved. How it would feel to be held in the darkness of night...the loneliest hours of the night. I was never at rest.

Then I saw him.

His thin but muscular build seemed to glide across the backstage like a panther. His vibrant bronze hair that contrasted with his pale skin stuck out in every direction as if he woke from a fitful sleep...or just had some REALLY rough sex. I bit my lip and blushed at the very thought. Trying to regain my mental balance I focused on his sparkling green eyes and his firm biceps as he hoisted the black leather guitar strap over his head to rest on his left shoulder. I focused on his hands and how they grazed the neck and strings of the shiny silver Fender as he did a last minute tune-up. I watched as his hands abandoned the body of the guitar and cup the black leather clad hips that seemed to magically appear in front of him at a close proximity. My eyes turned upward to find that the leather clad hips were those of the strawberry blonde that gripped tightly to the guitar god's neck as they began to kiss.

"Hey! Edward! Quit mackin' and finishing tuning! Damn..." Emmett, CC's drummer barked out as he finished off his fourth beer in a half-hour.

Guitar God pulled away from Leatherface and began tuning. He looked up through his long lashes and shrugged at her, "I guess we'll hang after the show, Tanya."

So Leatherface's name was Tanya. Suited her, I suppose. Only a beautiful temptress would be named Tanya...ugh. God sure could be cruel.

Tanya sighed with a slightly irritated stance, "Fine. Have fun."

My eyes stayed glued to his chiseled face as he took a drink from a black hip flask that he had tucked away in his back pocket. After tightening the lid on the flask and hiding it away again, he snuck his tongue out from between his blushing lips; curling upward to devour any remaining substance. He then turned to look my direction. He caught me staring and I quickly bowed my head, but my eyes continue to peer at him through my thick lashes. He gave me a lopsided grin that caused my heart to speed up like a hummingbird's wings. I felt heat crawl up from my feet, up my legs, my stomach, my neck and finally my cheeks. I finally got the nerve to look back up. His grin grew some as my plain brown eyes met his dazzling emerald ones. He started toward my direction but was stopped by Jasper. "Hey man, we're up."

I watched as the Guitar God named Edward gave me one last glace before turning around and going out onto the stage.

Maybe tonight will not be as bad as I originally predicted.