Chapter 8: Funny Love Forever.

It was the saddest day Sooga had ever seen. The sky was grey and it was cold, as the villagers prepared for another funeral. The chefs arrived, early. People would bow their heads in mourning when they walked by. They were all dressed in black, and had tear stained faces. Ching and Abyo walked together, up to the front row, to mourn for their best friend. The casket, Pucca was placed in was small and a light soft pink. It was really shiny, and smooth. It had hearts engraved into it. There were pink and white roses on the top of it, and above her casket was a portrait of her, with a big smiling face. The crowd would walk up the little casket Pucca was condemned to be in forever, and with tears walk away. Nobody thought Pucca would of even thought about doing something liek this. She fooled everybody with her fake smiles, she was smiling because she knew she was going to be with Garu soon. But now, Pucca's life of suffering was over. No longer was she living her life without Garu. No longer did she have to live each day, without her true love. Pucca, was now living in peace with Garu. All she wanted was to be with Garu. And nothing would stop her from being with him. Not even death. Love's weakness, is more powerful than death's strength. And Pucca proved that nothing in the world, including death would keep her away from her true love. Then The crowd silenced as Master Soo rode in on a cloud to begin the service. He flew in front of the crowd, in front of Pucca's little pink casket and sighed. He could not believe he had to do this again. It was just too hard to handle. He looked at the shocked and disappointed faces of the villagers and he began to speak.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are here today, to mourn the loss of our beloved, Pucca. Pucca was a high spirited, happy and beautiful child. She was full of love, full of life, and always there for anyone who needed her. But three days ago, When the love of her life Garu passed away, that must of just been to much to handle. Because Garu was no longer in her world, Pucca ended her life so she could be in his world. It's tragedies liek this that really show us just how much Pucca loved Garu. Everyone knew that Pucca and Garu were inseparable and that Garu was the most important thing in Pucca's world, and she could not handle him being gone. And to make things even worse, she watched him go to the spirit world." He sighed. People in the crowd, wept and held each others hands.

"Now, today, we ask to heavens and gods to accept this child's soul into the spirit world, and allow her to live in peace with Garu. That's all she ever wanted. And now I ask that we have a moment of silence in honor of Pucca."

Everyone was silent...The world seemed to be in slow motion. Ching looked up at the casket Pucca was in and remembered how not even a week ago, she was playing with Pucca and Garu. She looked back down. The silence was chilling. Then everyone looked up. The moment was over.

"Thank you for coming to this child's funeral, even though this is the last place anyone would ever want to go." They all stood up to go to Pucca's burial site. The chefs, with tears in their eyes picked up their little girl one more time to go put her to rest. They walked in front of everyone with Pucca's casket over their shoulders. They walked across the village to where Garu laid. Pucca's place was right next to his. They slowly lowered Pucca into the ditch and for a moment the chefs stopped liek they weren't going to do it. Then slowly Pucca's casket was laid into the Earth. The funeral wasn't over yet.

"Now, Pucca is in eternal peace just as Garu is. They will continue their life of Funny Love, in the heavens above us, and nothing in this world will ever make us forget about them. They will be in the sky, they will be in the wind, and they will be in our hearts. But most of all, they will be missed. They will be missed so much."

The crowd lowered their heads. Then they looked up. Pucca and Garu's gravestones were right next to each other. The flowers around it seemed to make it a little less sad, and there stones being so close to each other made it seem liek they were gonna be together forever. Some people smiled. Suddenly, the sun began shining. People looked up shocked. The Earth began shaking. The places where Pucca and Garu lay were glowing. Then from each child's grave, up from the ground, a mist-liek dust came out. It flew around everyone. Touching every single person in the village, they looked around not knowing what was happening. The mist whent into the sky, it formed the shape of a heart. Everyone looked up. They knew what they were seeing. They were seeing, Pucca and Garu finally together. The dust flew down to the Earth really fast, then the grey grass, the dying plants, and the rainy sky suddenly brightened and the grass was green and the flowers were blooming with colour. The mist whent into the sky and a flash of light burst and then the mist disappeared.

"We'll always remember, you" Master Soo finished.

The villagers looked at each other.

"I guess that's it." Uncle Dumpling said. "Both of them are gone. Suddenly they've been taken from us."

"I wish there was something we could have done to stop this from happening, but Pucca seemed liek she was all better." Ho added.

They began to walk away when Ching jumped to them.

"No, don't you see? Pucca is still here" She started. People were looking at with confusion.

"She and Garu will always be here, even though they are gone, they have left so much memories here. They have brought so much to our world." People nodded in agreement.

"They will be chasing each other around our town, but we just might not see it. They will come sit next to us when we have troubles but we might not see them. They will always be here as long as we keep them here...its always gonna be...funny love forever!" Ching chanted. She sobbed but he was bringing hope and happiness to the people.

"Come on, everyone, Funny Love Forever!" Ching was chanting the 3 words and slowly but surely everyone else began chanting with her. They raised their fists in the air and let their tears hit the floor.

"Funny love forever! Funny love forever!" They chanted.

"Don't let something liek death, make you forget someone, death has nothing on us. Death cannot kill Pucca and Garu." She said. Her words of hope were chanted across the village. It made people a little more happy knowing that Pucca and Garu will live on, and they were responsible for keeping their memory alive and to keep Funny love forever.

Rest in peace, our beloved girl.
Nothing would separate you
From the boy that you loved...
We wish you a life of pure peace with him
In the world up above.

One that day...well, on those days, Pucca and Garu finally proved to the world, how much they loved each other. Pucca showed the whole world, that something as strong as death will not keep her away from Garu. They both showed them all that nothing in this world will keep them apart. Not even death. The people of Sooga know, that they are gonna keep on doing what they were doing at home, up in heaven. Now, the life they live will be a peaceful one. Now, they will never have to worry about a thing liek this again. Their love, is stronger than anything in the world. And they showed the world that. It May have had to take something as strong as death to prove it…but they did it. They showed them...They showed everybody.

And that's the End. :)