Behind The Sea
[Panic at the Disco]


Rated K+ for the words 'wet' and 'dream' written together.


"Daydreaming on the job again?" echoed Matsuda's voice. Although the older police officer had attempted to sound menacing, he only managed to iritate the suspected Kira.

"It was just starting to get good, too," Raito mumbled.

The ditzy detective raised his ybrows and gasped dramatically. "You were going to have a wet dream in Ryuuzaki's office!" The darker haired male fell back a bit and stared. "You weren't thinking of soiling Misa-Misa already, were you?"

"Gods, no!" the suspect stated a bit loudly.

"Takeda?" The suspect only raised a brow as an obvious 'are you kidding?' "A guy?"

At this, Raito blushed profusely and denied it a bit too quickly. Matsuda'smouth created a knowing 'o' and patted the light-haired teen's shoulder. "I'm way out of your league Raito-kun, but thanks anyway."

Taito grit his teeth and shook slightly at the underlying innuendo. "I wasn't thinking about you," he stated angrily. Matsuda stepped back and went through a mental list of the guysthe younger woud be embarrassed about.

"Aizawa... No. Ide... Nuh-uh... It isn't Mogi is it?"

"No!" Defensively, Raito held up his arms and fought swiftly for his own side. "I wasn't thinking about a guy, and she's not even a girl you would know."

Matsuda grinned and held up his hand in a knowing fist. "I've got it! You were thinking about Ryuu--"

The dense detective never even got a chance to finish his sentence, as the blushing Kira suspect punched him in the face. The man fell backwards and Raito glanced up into the doorway. There stood the three greatest detectives in the world. Thus, embarrassment sank it's claws further into the teen's mind.

"I didn't realized you had wet dreams about me, Raito-kun."


I'd hate to drop off at this point, but the song ended. I'm beginning to have a feel for these memes. At first, they're quite difficult, but it's a lot of fun. Before I continue, I'll state the rules: Turn on the 'shuffle' option on your music player. Write a fic for the song that comes on. When the song stops, stop writing. Repeat as needed.
The rules I've stated are the ones that I've seen. I've seen others were it says 'repeat ten times', and well, I'm doing this in my spare time at my work, so I don't exactly have time to write out ten stories each being written about four minutes each. That would be blastphemy-- and I would get fired. So, I hope you enjoy the first of my song meme 'series'.