Rated K for simple kissing and, perhaps, an overwhelming cuteness.


"I think we're taking this too far, L-sempai," Raito stated, staring down at his costume for the school play.

The upperclassman stared at him blankly and rearranged the tip of his hat. "Raito-kun, you were the one who wanted to be the star in the Christmas presentation."

"I did not! I wanted to be Mrs. Clause!"

L stared hard at him and shrugged. "A girl had already been selected."

"So what? Misa has no talent. I should have gotten it." Raito pouted.

"No," L stated firmly, "because then Raito-kun would have to kiss that new student, Aiber. I want to save Raito's kisses for only me." With that, he kissed the 'star' and adjusted the point on the hat once again.


I like the thought of L in a school uniform and Raito in a school play. I don't think I can ever get around the fact that if they were in an all-boys school, Raito would get picked for all the feminine roles. I believe that since he wouldn't want them if he had to take them, he would want them if they were unavailable to him. Which is why I wrote Raito wanting to be Mrs. Clause in their play. Because what effeminate male wouldn't want to be Mrs. Clause.