After the Fall

The world outside was ashen, the remains of the fallen ones filled the air. Only one of a remaining few, she stood shackled to the floor in the temple of the covenant. Her hair was a shadow upon her dirty face. The hunger within her churned and twisted her insides like never before. She was a vampire with nothing in her but pain and more insanity.

"Drusilla…the fight is over. All of your kind is on the brink of extinction. Yet you somehow managed to survive and thus are offered one last chance at this interpretation of life."

Her eyes trailed from the floor slowly to the robed figure in front of her. Wilder than ever they seemed to send a silent shudder throughout the room. Then she spoke silently swaying back and forth as far as her chains allowed

"The world is empty and all miss edith's friends have gone all away…even that's something so horrible to her that it brought a tear down my cheek."

The room merely remained silent as she muttered to herself. Only the words cake and tea were audible in fragments of what she was saying.

"The choice is yours…you will know your fate soon enough should you choose." The robed figure said.

Drusilla merely began to giggle and sob at the same time. Her rattling chains were becoming louder and louder until they halted to a dead silence. She began to click her tongue over and over almost so fast that it was almost impossible to comprehend that she was making the sounds on her own.

"CHOOSE NOW." The figured shouted, silencing her.

"I choose the present in store…" Drusilla finally squeeked.

Without any answer the guards in the back surrounded her. They held her arms down as another came and began to chant while placing an altar of bones and an orb of thelusah. Drusilla began to shriek in terror.


Then the third guard who had placed the altar down removed her hood. Her red hair flowed and then the words came forth.

"Hey Drusilla…been a long time. Nichi mort…nichie vie…te implorum….ensole. Not of the dead nor not of the living…spirits of the interregnum I call…"


Then it all went black. The sounds of rats are what she heard next. Things felt different for her suddenly. Her head was overrun with the screams and echoes of people. She woke up screaming. All of the voices, all of the pain.

"Don't worry love…things will be all better soon…"

Drusilla looked up and lunged at the person before her only to run smacking into the wall.

"Who are you?" She implored.

"Well isn't it clear…oh pet you really are a bit addle." The silent steps of her feet moving forward into the slight lighting echoed. There in front of Drusilla was another Drusilla. Her old self with perfect hair and everything she used to be.

"It will soon be all better…once you've died again…"