Memories of that past day came into Shawn's mind as 'Mr. Yang' was driven away. A brunette behind a computer screen at the station, a brunette maid at the hotel, a woman taking pictures at the pier, a woman reading a newspaper at the restaurant.

"She was there. Gus, she was there the whole time." This revelation was chilling to the psychic.

"You got her Shawn, end of story." Gus reassured, at the same time surprised.


Although that was true, Shawn couldn't shake what he was feeling. He was freaked out. There was no other way to describe it. He felt relieved, that was easy to understand. He'd caught a 'notorious' serial killer in a day! His fastest work, most definitely. He was upset that he hadn't figured it out faster. Mr. Yang, he hadn't considered the fact that he could have been a she! And he'd almost lost his mom. That was probably what shook him up the most. The thought of losing someone he cared about scared the crap out of him. The fact was, this whole case had really bothered him.


"Congratulations Spencer." Mary said, his voice level.

"Don't be too excited there Mary, it's not like we just apprehended Santa Barbra's most notorious killer or anything." Gus stated defensively.

"You're right Gus. I'm sorry to fly off the handle." Both men looked up at him.

"I've spent the last, 13 years of my life with this person. I have to find a new hobby." He said sadly.

"Two words," Shawn began, trying to lighten the mood. "Racquetball."

"That could work."

"Thanks for your help man, and uh." he trailed off.

"Gus, you play racquetball?" Mary asked hopefully.

Gus immediately dismissed that thought "Good bye Mary."

Mary looked the pair up and down before awkwardly holding his hand out to shake Shawn's.

"'Till next time."

"Okay, okay." Shawn said, at a loss for what else to say.


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