"Hey, you're sure about this?" She asked once they were standing on the passenger side of Gus's car.

"Absolutely. Now in with you." Shawn said as he opened the door for her. "This carriage." He closed the door and walked over to his own side. "Ok."

Abigail gasped as a hand from the back seat reached up and grabbed a handful of popcorn. "That's what I'm talking about." A voice said.


"Hello Abigail." Gus said, popping the popcorn into his mouth.

Abigail turned and looked questionably at Shawn.

"The thing is, it's- it's his car. It's a company car, and he's very protective of it. So just pretend that he isn't here."

Gus grinned slightly in Abigail's direction and Shawn turned to give Gus a look that meant 'Thanks for being here'. Gus nodded slightly in a 'You're welcome' way.


Shawn had sent a quick text to Gus telling him that Juliet had asked him out and to get in the car. He didn't want to do anything with Abigail that might jeopardize any relationship that the future may offer with Juliet, so he figured that if Gus was there, he'd be safe. He hoped that his friend would simply follow his instructions and ask questions later.


The three all settled themselves and began watching the movie.

"Are those Necco Wafers up there?" Gus asked.

"Yes they are." Shawn replied.

"Pass them back please."