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Only One

Chapter 1- comin' or not

Karin woke up same as any day except today was not just any day; she knew that better than anyone. Karin did her daily morning rituals and then headed downstairs for breakfast, though today was different.

As Karin walked towards the breakfast table she noticed that the air was thick with tension.

"What's wrong?" she asked, confused.

"Um, Karin....... well the thing is ….." stuttered Yuzu, unsure of how to put it. So Isshin was the first to speak.

"Karin-chan, as you know tomorrow is the…. Anniversary" said Isshin pausing before continuing. "And lately I've had a lot of sick and injured people, so……. I'm going to have to miss tomorrow."

Karin was shocked to hear this from her own father, and the husband of the one they were all supposed to be visiting. What Yuzu said next though really shocked Karin.

"Um Karin-chan, I have 2 tests and cheerleading practice tomorrow……and I can't afford to miss school……… I'm really sorry Karin-chan." Yuzu said, her voice filled with guilt and remorse.

Karin stared at her sister for a moment. Yuzu wasn't doing so well in school these days so she really did to be there for those tests. And even though she was only fifteen she had somehow become captain of their school's cheer squad. Yuzu was needed at school just as much as dad was to the clinic.

On the other hand this was Yuzu. The twin sister of Karin, a girl who also faced the same tragedy as Karin did. Losing mom. Yet it seemed now yuzu had become to busy for even their annual Kurosaki tradition. Karin, who was the soccer captain and ace player, should know about after school activities. Still it was very unlike Yuzu, very unlike all the Kurosaki family members.

Karin forced a smile and said "I'll send her your regards".

Yuzu smiled widely and hugged her sister thanking her for understanding. Soon the once tension-filled air became the same spontaneous atmosphere that she felt every morning. But deep down, Karin was hurt. She wished Ichigo were here then at least she wouldn't have to go to the grave all alone. But no, he was off being a shinigami captain probably saving the world or making it worse.

Ichigo sat behind his desk where a new pile of freshly done paperwork lay. Ichigo sighed it had taken him all night to do but finally he was finished. Ichigo then let his mind wonder.

It had a year or two since he visited the human world and his family. He missed them dearly, even his idiot of a father. Hmm, maybe it is time for another visit. I do certainly need some down time. Ichigo thought to himself, and the more he thought about the better of an idea it seemed.

Ichigo hopped out of his chair and went to 1st division while his idea was still fresh. Of course he knew he could have sent a hell butterfly but what was the fun in that, really. Just because he lived in the soul society for 4 years didn't mean he followed the rules, not in the slightest.

Ichigo knocked on the door before entering the room. He walked and stood in front of Yamamoto, who looks back at him slightly curios.

"Kurosaki-taicho, to what do I owe this unexpected visit?" said Yamamoto.

"Yamamoto-soutaicho, I would like to visit the human world to see my family" requested Ichigo.

"Hmm yes, I see that but I also see that no matter what I your going to leave anyway, correct?" questioned Yamamoto.

Ichigo was silent and Yamamoto took the silence as a yes. Finally Yamamoto answered "very well, Kurosaki-taicho but keep a look out while your there."

Ichigo smiled brightly and called a quick "yes sir" before leaving the building.

"Heads up guys, I'm coming home" Ichigo said to no one in particular.

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