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Only One

Chapter 27- The wedding

"You look beautiful, Rukia" said Karin as she stared at the Bride.

"Yeah" said Yuzu, putting on the finishing touches.

"Thanks you guys, I couldn't have asked for better bride's maids" said Rukia. Rukia knew it was customary to have only one bride's maid but she couldn't choose between the two. Besides, it was her wedding and she was going to have it the way she wanted it.

"Well this is your day, Rukia. Your last day of being a Kuchiki" said Yuzu.

"Yeah, I'm sure Byakuya's thrilled about that" said Karin sarcastically. Rukia and Yuzu laughed at the comment. Then suddenly the said man walked in.

"It's time" said Byakuya. Rukia took a deep breath.

"I'm ready" she said as she stood.

"Guess that means it's time for you and me to go first, Karin" said Yuzu excitedly. Karin nodded and the two left. Yuzu was the first to walk down the isle, but Karin was right behind her, and Orihime behind Karin. As Karin walked down the isle she saw the groom's men standing in tuxes: Abarai Renji (A/N The best man), Hitsugaya Toushirou, and Uryuu Ishida. Karin had to admit that Toushirou looked really good in a tux. Then Karin's eyes fell on her brother. He was wearing his own tux, and to the say the least he looked nervous. Well to her, he did, because to others he could like his normal, goofy, happy self, but Karin knew better. As she was now in line on Ichigo's right side, Orihime stopped next to her and the 'here comes the Bride' music began to play. Everyone stood as Rukia walked down the isle, her arm laced with Byakuya's. As they came to a stop the preacher spoke.

"Who gives this woman to this man in holy matrimony?" he asked. Byakuya looked at Rukia.

"I do not give this woman" he said. Rukia's eyes widened as everyone in the room gasped. Byakuya, keeping up his noble demeanor, continued "I give away the most valuable thing in my life. I give away a precious jewel to an enemy, only knowing it's what will make that jewel shine even brighter".

"Onii-chan…" said Rukia as she nearly cried when Byakuya let her go. Byakuya nodded towards Ichigo before sitting down and Ichigo nodded back. Rukia walked up to stand next to the love of her life. The ceremony continued. Karin could feel the joy radiating off of Rukia as the vows came.

"The groom would like to speak his vows" said the preacher. Ichigo turned towards Rukia.

"Rukia, I don't know much, that I'll admit. But I do know that when you're with me I feel happier, when you're with me I fight stronger, and when you're with me I'm annoyed to death that you make me feel so vulnerable. But when you're not with me, everything's gone. My strength, my joy, heck even my sanity sometimes. You are my everything. I vow to never loose you" he declared. Rukia smiled brightly at the man, trying to keep her tears from coming to her eyes.

"Now the bride" instructed the Preacher.

"Ichigo, you are an idiot… because I vow to never leave you" she said as Ichigo chuckled lightly.

"Do you have the rings?" asked the preacher. Ichigo turned to Renji and Renji then gave him the ring. Ichigo turned back to Rukia.

"Place the on her finger and repeat after me 'with this ring I thee wed'" directed the preacher. Ichigo placed the ring on Rukia's finger.

"With this ring I thee wed" said Ichigo. Rukia then smiled and turned towards Yuzu, who gave her the ring and the Rukia turned back towards Ichigo.

"Place the on his finger and repeat after me 'with this ring I thee wed'" directed the preacher once again. Rukia placed the ring on Ichigo's finger.

"With this ring… I thee wed" said Rukia.

"Do you, Kurosaki Ichigo, take this woman to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, till death do you part?"

"I do" said Ichigo.

"Do you, Kuchiki Rukia, take this man to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, till death do you part?"

"I do" said Rukia as she didn't look away from Ichigo.

"Then with the powers vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" the preacher declared. Ichigo and Rukia then kissed passionately.

Everyone cheered as the newly weds walked back down the isle. And thus, to the reception they went.

The Reception

Karin sat at a table with her sister, sister-in-law and her brother. Also at the table was the best man, Renji, and Ichigo's new brother-in-law, Byakuya. There was their father sitting at the table as well. Soon the sound of metal on glass was heard. Everyone looked towards the sound to see it was Renji. Some were surprised that Renji tapped the glass instead of breaking it.

"Alright, I guess it's time for me to make a toast" said Renji and everyone lifted their glasses.

"Look, if you want mushy crap about love don't come to me, but I will say this. I've known Ichigo for about five years. It wasn't a very good first impression. I was sent to take Rukia back to soul society. He tried to fight against me to save Rukia. He may not have loved her then like he does now, but even then he knew he had keep her with him. If that wasn't bad enough he went to soul society, which to him was new territory. He had no idea of how he was going to save Rukia or whether or not he would live to save her. Of course that didn't stop him from putting Soul society into complete havoc. Look, what I'm trying to say is that Rukia has been my best friend since we were kids in the rukongai and I know if theirs anyone I can trust her with, it would definitely be you, Ichigo. So cheers to the happy couple of my two best friends" said Renji as everyone took a sip of their wine (A/N or water for those under 18). Karin looked at Yuzu and nodded. As Yuzu saw that everyone had taken their first sip Karin tapped her glass getting everyone's attention. She stood.

"Hey everyone, well I guess it's time I make my own little speech as the bride's maid" said Karin as everyone raised their glasses yet again. Karin took a deep breath.

"Well, you all know Ichigo as the stubborn, strong-willed shinigami, but I know him as the protective, kind-hearted, scowling teenager upstairs. Ichigo always had this problem with showing others what I saw, and I know him better than anyone, but one day that all changed. It surprised me how he changed so quickly. You would probably think that it's because he took on the responsibilities of being a soul reaper, but I knew better. I knew it was because he had someone. Not just someone to be friends with, he found someone exactly like him. He found someone just as stubborn as he is, someone who knows what he'd been through, and someone jumping the same hurdles that he was. I could see it in his face when he came home: no emptiness, just content and fullness. Later I found out that it was Rukia who did that to him, I was thankful. Finally my brother wasn't alone anymore. Rukia, you make him a better person. I'll help in anyway I can to set him straight because even an ass-kicked Ichigo is better than an empty one. Besides, even if he does get his butt kicked when your there he'd still be happy. So thank you, Rukia, and may your years with my brother be pleasant" said Karin before taking a sip of her water and everyone else followed. Soon after her speech the music began and Ichigo decided to dance with Rukia. Karin, however, remained in her seat and watched. She just couldn't help but stare. They looked so happy and after all Ichigo's been through, he deserved to be happy.

"May I have this dance?"

Karin didn't even have to look to know that it was Toushirou. She turned to him and smiled as she put her hand into hand. He brought her to the dance floor where a slow song began to play.

"I liked your speech" he said as he looked down at her.

"Thank you, I was just spur of the moment thing" she said.

"Could have fooled me" he said coolly.

"You? Fooled? Now there's a surprise" said Karin sarcastically. Toushirou rolled his eyes and looked back down at her.

"You look beautiful" he said as twirled her to get the full effect of her dark blue bride's maid's gown. Karin stopped twirling and put her arms back around his neck.

"You don't look to bad yourself" said Karin before she kissed him. When they separated they just stared into each others eyes, thinking about what they'd been through to get to the way they were now. Suddenly they were interrupted by Yuzu.

"Karin their tossing the bouquet, come on" she said before dragging her twin away from her boyfriend.

Toushirou just sat down and watched the girls get so hyped up over flowers. He had practically everything he'd ever wanted. He had Karin as his girlfriend, Hinamori as his best friend, and gotten all his paperwork done before the wedding so he wouldn't have to worry about it. Yes, he was completely content and at peace.

…Until Karin caught the bouquet.

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