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This story takes place right after the most recent episode that aired this past week; Building 26.

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Rules of Engagement

Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

Angela walked down the long and dimly lit hall. She approached the first door on her left and found it to be locked. It didn't surprise her the least. Every door in the building was locked for security purposes. Angela looked through the window on the door and saw man she didn't recognize chained to a chair. He stared at her coldly, which sent shivers up and down her spine. Angela turned and bumped into Nathan. "What are you doing Mom?" He asked putting as arm on her shoulder. He led her away from the room.

"You scared me Nathan," She said feeling herself calm slightly, "Who is in that room?"

"No one that concerns you," Nathan said quietly as he opened a door that led them away from the hall. He walked out and began walking up a flight of stairs. "You never answered my question. What were you doing there?" Nathan paused and loosened his tie. "You know outside access is strictly prohibited."

"I know that," Angela said looking at her son with a smile, "I came to visit you and I must have got lost."

Nathan gave his mother a fake smile, not believing a word she said. If there was one thing he knew and had learned from personal experience was how manipulative and destructive his mother could be. "What do you want?" He asked opening the door of the lobby. He let his mother in first and then he followed her. A guard nodded as they walked passed. Nathan ignored the guard ans continued, "This isn't your project anymore."

"I can't visit my son anymore?" Anjela asked reaching for her son's elbow. She held on to it tightly, "I am worried about you."

"Sure you are," Nathan said with a frown. He paused when the lights in the lobby shut off. He heard Angela gasp and tighten her grip on his elbow to the point it bean to hurt. He then heard shots being fired and cursing as a body crumpled to the floor. The lights flickered back on and Nathan saw all the guards he had stationed in the lobby, laying on the floor. He saw blood splattered on the walls by each guard.

"Oh my god," Angela gasped pointing to a pair of glasses on the floor.

Nathan bent down and picked up the glasses immediately recognizing who's they were. The glasses belonged to Noah Bennett. One of the lenses were cracked and there was blood on other lens. Nathan dropped the glasses on the floor and approached one of the fallen guards. He reached for the gun. As he did so he heard someone say in a chilly tone, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Nathan stood up and saw Sylar walking up to him, with Peter following closely behind. Nathan stood up slowly and returned to his mother's side. "It is you," He said grimly. Nathan glared at Sylar and then at his brother who had a dark and angry look that he didn't recognize. "And with Peter. I know my brother is reckless, but to join you?"

"It took a lot of convincing," Sylar said taking a few steps toward Nathan. Angela took a step back hiding behind Nathan. "But Peter and I finally found out we have similar points of view and objectives."

Nathan was about to do say something when Peter stepped up to Sylar and said, "We came here to do something, let's get it done and get out."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Sylar said raising his hand as he picked Nathan up.

"Don't do this," Angela said looking at Nathan.

Peter placed a hand on Sylar's shoulder and said, "Let me do this, you how much I would enjoy it."

"Be my guest," Sylar said with a smile as he let Nathan fall to the floor.

Peter stepped in front of Syalr and pointed at Nathan. Nathan grunted as he was raised in the air. Angela gasped and looked at one of the guards. "Dont be a party pooper," Syalr said raising his hand making her unable to move, "We are just getting to the best part, the presents."

Nathan grunted in pain again as blood began to leak out of his nose. "Don't do this," Nathan gasped his whole body felt like it was on fire. "I can help you."

"You are so full of shit Nathan," Peter said glaring at his brother as he took another step toward him.

Nathan began to breath loudly and painfully as blood dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin. Nathan clenched his teeth and couldn't take it anymore. "I hate you," Nathan gasped before passing out.

Peter let Nathan fall to the floor. He turned to face his mother. "And now for you," He said pointing at her.

Angela held her breath and closed her eyes waiting for the pain. When the pain never came, she opened her eyes and actually found herself in her bed back at home. She sat up quickly breathing heavily. She swallowed nervously and reached for her cell phone. She called Nathan and heard it ring twice before he picked up. "What is it?" He asked.

"It happened again," She said slowly wiping away tears, "We need to find Peter at all costs."