Heroes Rules of Engagement

Chapter 7

As The World Turns

Daniel stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Angela call out his name. He sighed as he heard her footsteps approaching. He turned around, not in the mood for this conversation. "We have to stop him," She said immediately.

"And we will," Daniel said softly as he watched her approach.

"I have heard that before," Angela said walking past Daniel. She stopped a few feet from him and then turned around abruptly with a cold look on her face. "You realize Arthur promised that same exact thing and look at what happened to him."

"My brother was sick," Daniel said walking with Angela down the dimly lit hallway. Most of the doors were shut and locked for securiy purposes. He was never in the right mind and his rise to power polluted his judgment."

Angela looked at Daniel briefly. "I can't do this anymore," She frowned. "I lost my husband already, I can't lose my first born."

"You already lost him," Daniel said stepping into his office. "Peter, on the other has is not lost yet."

"I want my family whole again," Angela said softly as she scanned the office. There was a couch on the far end, next to a lamp on one side and a small bookshelf on the other. Next to the lamp was a small fridge. She sat on the couch and crossed her legs, "It will be the only way to end this."

"Our family has been broken for far too long and it can't be fixed," Daniel said shaking his head in dismay. ""Far too much damage has already been done."

"So then what are we going to do now?" Angela asked leaning farther back into the couch. She suddenly felt tired and wasn't sure the last time she had a good night of sleep. She watched Daniel search through files that were scattered on his desk. "We can't let either Peter, Sylar or Nathan come here."

"Right now, no one knows where they are," Daniel said pulling out the correct folder. He handed it to Angela and said, "Right now our objective is to find her."

"Molly Walker," Angela said softly as she read through the file. Her ability was far too dangerous and if Nathan got his hands on her, than everything would be lost.

"She is essential to our survival," Daniel said leaning back against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. He eyed Angela skimming through the file. "We have to get her before anyone else does."


Alex pressed on the brakes as Clair cursed under her breath. He turned off the car when it came to a complete halt and looked at Clair briefly watching step out of the car. Clair paused and took out her gun in case she needed it. She quickly glanced at Alex, who was staring at the car in front of them that was flipped over in a ditch.

Clair slowly approached the car, a nervous feeling growing inside her. She looked at the front of the car and saw that front window was covered in blood. The driver's door was ripped off and Clair noticed it was on the other side of the road. She looked inside the car and her heart did a flip. The victim's head was horizontally cut open and his eyes were wide open in shock. Blood dripped down from is incision and down the victim's face and shirt.

Alex approached the car and looked inside. He gasped when he saw the driver and turned away coughing. "Who did that?" He asked feeling nauseous as he walked away.

"It could have been Peter or Sylar," Clair said making a fist. She punched the car window smashing the glass and cutting her fist. Blood oozed out of the cut, but it healed quickly. She looked at Alex who was leaning against their car. She turned and began to walk back to the car. "We have to find them."

"Where do you suggest we go next?" Alex asked watching Clair approach.

"I'm not sure exactly," Clair said shaking her head as she stepped into the car. "I just to want to find him already, before he does anymore damage."

"I understand that," Alex said turning on the car. He drove passed the car on their left as he continued, "I am going to continue on this road, hopefully we will find something."

"I can't believe this happened again," Clair said unhappily as stared at the gun in her hand. She traced her finger over its smooth and sleek trigger. She chuckled and exhaled heavily, "It was painful enough the first time."

"The first time?" Alex asked looking at her perplexed, "That must have implied it has happened before?"

"Sadly yes," Clair said putting the gun in the glove compartment. She sighed and continued, "Peter as I keep on saying is the only person I can trust." She pasued and looked at Alex who had his eyes on the road. "Peter is too god of a person to get stuck with Sylar's hunger."

"How did Peter get cured last time?" Alex asked thinking about thinking about the conversation he had with Peter before her had gotten the hunger. They had spoken about Nathan and what he was like before the whole ordeal with all the abilities.

Clair chuckled as she looked out the window at all the trees whizzing by. "Peter was never cured," Clair said shaking her head as she thought about the events that took place durning that time. "All his abilities were stripped from him."

"I don't understand," Alex said glancing at Clair perplexed.

"Peter's dad had the ability to steal someones abilities," Clair began, "He manipulated Peter and stole his powers, once Peter got close enough." Clair paused and took a deep breath. "I am sick of all the petty schemes that people come up with to try and save everyone."

"What do you mean?" Alex asked extremely confused, but listening to Clair.

"My dad had his schemes in controlling people with abilities to try to take down the ones he thought were dangerous," Clair said as she looked at the scenery outside. "Then there was Arthur Petrelli and his plan. Plus Angela had a little thing for herself that didn't pan out."

"So then why don't you go on your own?" Alex asked stopping at a red light. He looked at Clair and continued, "Why did you come to the base if you are sick of all the schemes people think of?"

"I came for Peter," Clair said looking at Alex who now had his eyes back on the road. "As I keep on repeating, Peter is the only one I can trust"


Molly held on to Micha's hand tightly as she looked at Danko terrified as he slowly approached. She knew who he was and how dangerous he can be. "Hello Molly," Danko said with a fake smile as he closed his cell phone and place it in his pocket. "I have heard so much about you," Danko pasued and kneeled next to her, "It is such an honor to meet you guys."

Molly didn't answer as Micha glared at him. "What do you want with us?" He asked angrily.

Danko chuckled and looked at Molly briefly, before he turned his attention to Micha. "I find the both of you extremely intriguing." He paused and then looked at Molly, "Actualluy it is Molly whom I am interested in, Micha came in the picture because, well he as a packaged deal." He paused again and stood up, "Molly I know of your ability and I want you to locate al my suspects, so I can finish my mission. I need you to start by finding Kata Nakamura."

"Do you honestly expect me to kill innocent people?" Molly asked finally finding her voice.

"No not at all," Danko said coldly wit ha strained smile. He walked to the door and opened it up. "The decision is yours Molly. Help me out, or watch everyone you care for die."


Kata was silent as she poured herself a cup of tea. She placed the kettle back on the stove and took a small sip as she walked back to the table, where Hiro and Ando were sitting and eating. "These are great," Ando said swallowing loudly.

"You will have to compliment the chef then," Kata said looking at Ando briefly. She sat next to Hiro and asked, "So Hiro, how long will you be in town for?"

"I don't know," Hiro said shaking his head as Ando chewed loudly. "Ando and I came here in search for something and I believe we have found it."

Ando looked at Hiro and shook his head "We haven't found everything yet," He said swallowing loudly. "There is still one more important thing."

Hiro knew exactly what Ando was talking about, but something told him not to fully trust his sister. In fact, he only trusted Ando, although Ando could be a little crazy sometimes. "What are you talking about?" Kata asked taking another sip of tea.

"Should we tell her?" Ando asked looking at Hiro who shook his head.

"Come back to America with us," Hiro said looking at his sister as he changed the subject. "You can help us there."

"Are you crazy?" Kata asked looking at Hiro in disbelief. "What would I do there?"

"You could help us," Ando repeated thinking about not only how she could help them defeat Nathan, but also he could try to get with her. He knew he wasn't a bad looking guy and she was one of the hottest girls he has ever seen. "Something big is happening there and you can help us."

"I know what is happening there," Kata said giving Ando a stupid look. She paused and took another sip of her tea, that had gotten cold. "But I can't go to America."

"Why not?" Hiro asked feeling frustrated. He knew how stubborn she can be, but he also knew with enough motivation, Kata would eventually cave in and help them. "I don't thin you really know what it is like there." Hiro paused and leaned forward in his seat. He looked at Kata and said, "I don't think you know what it is like to be on the run."

"Or to fear to go outside," Ando continued, "You are here in this big mansion safe from everything that goes on in America."

"But because you have been spying on us all this time," Hiro said noticing the look in her eyes that showed she was contemplating in going to America to help them "You are very much a part of this."

"Maybe I am," Kata said softly after a moments pause that felt a longer than it actually was, "Before we go though," Kata paused and exhaled as Hiro and Ando looked at each other and smiled. Kata winked at Ando and said, "We need to pick up a few things before we go."


Tracy made a fist as she watched it turn blue and icy. When she let go, her hand returned to its normal color. She sighed and turned, facing Matt and Mohinder. "I'm sorry about Peter," Matt said shaking his head in disagreement as he crossed his arms over his chest. But it is way too risky."

"I tend to agree with Matt," Mohinder said watching Tracy pace back and forth.

"We can't just stay here and do nothing, while Peter is out there with Sylar," Tracy said concerned, looking at Matt.

"What can you do to stop them?" Mohinder asked leaning against the wall. "Sylar is nearly impossible to bring down and I guarantee Peter will have a number of abilities the next time we see him."

"So then what?" Tracy asked raising her voice slightly,"We are going to wait here sitting on our asses, while Peter is forced to kill innocent people?"

"Tracy don't let your personal feelings for Peter cloud your judgement," Matt said feeling nerdy that he was quoting Star Wars.

"This has nothing to do with my feelings for him," Tracy said, "Peter saved my life on more than one occasion and I am here to repay the debt," Tracy paused and began walking out of the rom, "And if you guys won't help me save him, than I will go alone."

Matt and Mohinder both looked at each other and both knew how dangerous this was. They knew Molly was in trouble, but they weren't going to let personal feelings get in the way. "She will get killed going out there," Mohinder said with a sigh, "We must help her."


Peter smiled as he made a fist and watched the red static flow through it. He felt powerful again and just as he knew from personal experience,it felt good. Plus, he couldn't wait to get more abilities. The more he had, the easier it would be bring his brother and Danko down. "Oh stop it," Sylar said with half a grin, "You get one ability and you already feel like you are the king og the hill."

"Now that isn't logical is that?" Peter asked with a playful wink.

"I don't get it," Sylar said shaking his head as he stopped at a red light. "Is that supposed to be a joke, because I didn't laugh."

"Forget it," Peter said with the wave of his hand as if dismissing the whole idea. He paused and looked at out the car watching the people walk up and down the sidewalk. They were in a small and yet busy town South of Minnesota. "So what is the plan now?"

"The plan is just as we discussed," Sylar said turning into a gas station. "I will repeat myself though," He paused and stepped out of the car. "We need to fatten you up before we go back there. I am going inside to get some Pepsi and donuts, while you are going to talk with the cute cashier who has something unique to give you."