The books, he'd accepted. The discreet videos, yeah, he accepted. The... items, as he only ever called them, he accepted with great reluctance. The personal advice – once they were good and drunk, he'd accepted. But then Saga had told him about a seminar and Sanji finally drew the line.

Saga didn't know why his panties were in such a knot about it. It's not like there would be any women there, or likely people he knew. But Sanji refused to sit in room surrounded by other gay men and have someone up on stage lecturing about the best way to have sex, probably with plenty of slide footage to demonstrate.

"You'll regret it! Once you finally give Zoro a break and go through with it-"

"Saga, if you utter one more word, I will barbeque you and serve you as a special. And believe me, I've seen Fried Green Tomatoes, no one would notice the difference."

It was Saturday night and the restaurant was surprisingly slow, so Nami thought it would be a good idea to call up everyone who either wasn't working, or didn't work there already, and have a big dinner. Sanji thought it was unlikely that anyone would want to come in on their night off from the place, just to eat, but a good 15 people ended up showing. It wasn't until the end of the night that he suddenly realized why.

He brought in rounds of tiramisu for everyone and Ace helped him, even though he was technically off.

Robin said, "It was very generous of you to waive our bill Sanji."

"Yeah boss, thanks!"

"Yeah!" and the cheers went all around.

He looked at Nami, who came over to comfort him. "Do you think anyone would have showed up if we said they had to pay?"
He sighed and simply consoled himself when Nami leaned her beautiful head against his shoulder.

When they were all gone and the kitchen was in decent order, he locked the cash in the office, grabbed his overnight bag and joined Zoro who was waiting for him outside.

"You bring your car?"

Zoro nodded. "Though a cab probably would have been warmer."

It was now late September and they'd been dating for a month. Without realizing it, he'd basically begun scheduling his life in terms of when he'd see Zoro next. They'd had a few nasty arguments – mostly about really dumb shit like why Zoro had failed to mention that Saga was not only Zoro's first kiss, but also his first everything, and why Sanji still flirted shamelessly with women when they went out to clubs. But they'd gotten over at least those two things, and Sanji wasn't worried about them getting over other things the future might throw their way.

A constant stress for Sanji, however, was this big build up over the sex. Zoro only felt it from a 'desire to be with Sanji' sort of standpoint, but for Sanji, there was a hell of a lot of pressure.

He'd finally accepted that it was going to happen – maybe even wanted it to happen. Then he went about educating himself on the details, which caused him to revert once again to the no-way-in-hell stage again. In the meantime, things had gotten a lot more physical between the two of them, and he was relieved at least in that respect to find that his physical attraction equaled (if not out-did) his emotional attraction to the man.

Once he finally found himself in a semi-calm frame of mind - as though he was ready to go through with it – Zoro got the job at the dojo. But the first two weeks on the job required an intense training regimen with the dojo's masters.

So Zoro found himself completely overwhelmed during the day still keeping up his classes at the rec and then all day at the dojo, and still bouncing a few nights a week (they'd agreed to let him stay on for one last paycheck before he had to quit completely). He was completely exhausted, and when he did manage to make it over Sanji's place for the night, or Sanji to his, Sanji couldn't blame him for only wanting to soak in a hot bath and then sleep.

He'd been there and done those 17 hour days, six days a week; he knew what it was like. So he did what he could for the guy – making sure his meals were nutritious enough, making sure he had plenty of spare snacks in the fridge ready for him to grab, giving him back massages when he was too sore to move.

It all amounted to a comfortable domesticity that had Sanji slightly frustrated. He'd wondered if Zoro was even still interested in going that far with him – a ridiculous notion, as Zoro and everyone else would have told him if he'd asked.

But Zoro's last day at Skypeia had been Friday, and he didn't have to go to the dojo on Saturdays. So even though Sanji had been working and up on his feet all day, he'd planned for tonight to be it. He hadn't told Zoro that or anything, but never mind that.
When they got to Zoro's apartment, Sanji shrugged Zoro's pawing hands off and threw him a look. "I'm sweaty and I smell like baba ganoush. I'm taking a shower."

Zoro sighed and muttered, "Fine," and promptly unbuttoned his pants, kicked off his shoes and threw off his shirt.

Sanji shook his head and warned himself fairly that that would not be as endearing when Zoro was fifty and had a beer gut. If that prospect didn't make him change his mind, then nothing probably would.

Once in the shower, he scrubbed at his skin until he couldn't smell The Baratie anymore. When he got out, he hesitated idiotically about what he should wear. Guys didn't care about that shit, he knew, but should he just wear his towel out or should he bother to put on his underwear, or should he put sweats on and a shirt because maybe Zoro would still be tired? And though they'd fooled around up until this point, neither of them had ever really been naked in front of the other. Even walking out there in his boxer-briefs would be a first for them.

That was it; maybe they needed to experience various states of undress with each other before they jumped into the whole completely naked sex thing.

No, that was probably crazy talk. It sounded like crazy talk. He went with his boxer-briefs, and decided that if Zoro said something, he could always just say it was hot in the apartment.

Hair still damp and feeling more self conscious than he'd felt since his first group shower in middle school after gym class, he threw the towel over his shoulder and walked nonchalantly past Zoro on the couch and into the kitchen for a glass of water.
Zoro's eyes followed him every step of the way.

He leaned against the sink and observed Zoro's walk into the kitchen with his eyes as he downed his glass of water.

Zoro leaned against the stove.

"Feeling comfortable in our surroundings, are we?"

Sanji put down the glass and raised an eyebrow. "Do you, Mr. Get-Home-and-Divest-Myself-of-Decency, have a problem?"

Zoro grinned. His slacks hung low on his hips and Sanji's eyes were once again drawn to the horrific gash across the other man's chest. That had been a shock, followed up by an interesting story. Since then he'd found himself fascinated by it, and even more fascinated by the man who bore it.

"No problem. But nudity at your own risk in this place."

Sanji raised an eyebrow. "Does that go for anyone who comes here?"

"No, just people I wanna fuck. And there's only one of those right now," Zoro shrugged.

Sanji snorted and pushed himself off the counter. He sauntered past Zoro and said, "That's all there'll ever be. And if you don't get me to the bedroom soon, they'll be no risk of anything tonight."

Zoro snatched his hand and unceremoniously dragged him to the bedroom, slamming the door behind them.

Sanji let himself be pulled and told himself to relax. Pheromones and adrenaline were rushing through his system and it wouldn't take much to trigger his fight or flight reflexes.

Zoro advanced on him and his knees hit the edge of the bed, buckling underneath him, and Zoro went down with him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Zoro-"

"Listen, Sanji," Zoro said, his gaze serious, "don't play around with me. No means no, and yes means yes. Nothing in between, you understand? You tell me yes and I will do it, you say no and I won't. So if you mean yes, don't say no, got it?"

"I got it, but-"


Sanji swallowed hard.

"Uh… nothing." He looked to his left to escape those dark eyes bearing into him.

He felt Zoro's body relax on top of him and felt the hot air of Zoro's sigh on his neck. "Alright," he muttered into Sanji's ear, as if he had changed his mind, "I'll go slow."

Sanji's heart beat slowed considerably, and he wrapped his arms around Zoro's neck. "Alright."

The green haired man captured Sanji's mouth and, even though he'd said otherwise, he wasted no time in claiming every inch of it, caressing that soft, hot place with his tongue. Then he broke the kiss and stood up, shrugging off his slacks and then encouraging Sanji to crawl further onto the bed.

He pulled Sanji close to him as they kissed again, and he ran his hands up Sanji's back, massaging lightly at the cords of muscle and then slipping down to grip the chef's ass firmly. Sanji sucked in a sharp breath – God it felt good to have Zoro's hands on him like that. He didn't even know why, but it did.

Sanji slid his hands down Zoro's chest, contemplating the terrain he found of muscular dips and raises, the knotted diagonal trail across the expanse. They slipped lower still to the elastic band of Zoro's boxers, slipping in teasingly then wrapping around Zoro's back to run one finger slowly up the man's spine.

Zoro hummed in approval and broke the kiss, only to trail more kisses down Sanji's chin to his neck, where Zoro stopped to scrape his teeth along his earlobe.

Sanji squirmed – he still wasn't sure if he loved that or hated it. But Zoro quickly moved on and swept his tongue across the skin of Sanji's neck, then down to his shoulder.

Zoro shuddered as Sanji's hand dove into his boxers and gripped his quickly hardening member. Sanji caressed it gently as he used his other hand to urge Zoro's underwear down further. He kissed Zoro again and then crouched lower, placing kisses on the man's chest as he stroked Zoro's member leisurely.

He could only watch and place his hands on Sanji's shoulders for balance as Sanji's mouth crept lower and lower, licking seductively down his scar – he always got tingles in weird places when Sanji did that – before flicking in and out of his navel.

Sanji was on his hands and knees now, and he looked up at Zoro once before he guided the man's member into his mouth.

Zoro hissed and gripped Sanji's shoulders a little tighter as he saw the head of his member disappear behind those warm lips. Despite a lack of experience, this was something Sanji had picked up on very quickly. He'd told Zoro at one point, "What can I say? I'm orally fixated."

But one thing Zoro had learned very quickly NOT to do was put his hands on Sanji's head. Their first time they hadn't been able to set up any kind of pace, so the green haired man had thought to help it along by encouraging Sanji with his hands and the thrust of his hips. Sanji had immediately pulled back, squeezed the base of his dick hard and said, "If you ever do that again, I will rip your balls off."

But Zoro found that after a few more times, Sanji did not need any help at all.

As for himself, Sanji found that the trick to this was trying to speak French with Zoro's cock in his mouth. Though he'd never admit it to Zoro, he'd gotten slightly bored one night when he was first getting the hang of this - the other man was taking a while to climax. He'd let his mind wander to what special he'd be serving the next day, and his thoughts had suddenly manifested in what he was doing.

Anis de Flavigny, Soufflé au Fromage, Soupe à l'Oignon gratinée, Mousse de Foies de Volaille.

That was about the perfect blow job right there. He rasped his tongue slowly up and down the length, letting his tongue roll with the words and taking in as much of him as he could, swallowing as he worked Zoro's hard length.

Of course, the unfortunate side affect of this was that Sanji could now never think of a single French recipe without first thinking of Zoro's dick. In his mouth. But that was neither here nor there.

Zoro's cock pulsed in his mouth and he tried to speed up, but Zoro pulled him up by the shoulders. He panted, "There's no better way to ask then to just say it so… Can I come inside? If you don't want me to, I don't care, but…"

Sanji's stomach clenched and he swallowed. "I-I don't… It's fine." Zoro nodded and kissed him before getting up and going to his dresser.

He'd informed Sanji sometime after they'd become official in a purposeful but casual way that he'd tested clean at his physical, which prompted Sanji to do the same not long after. He hadn't been with anyone since before that night at the Merry and Teach's attack, and he'd always had safe sex with women, but he did it just to be sure. He'd wondered previously if Zoro would want to use a condom – he guessed not. He didn't mind, since they were both clean.

He didn't think he minded anyway. It's not like he'd ever had cum up his-

Zoro crawled back into the bed with what Sanji assumed must be lube. He swallowed again as Zoro set the bottle aside and pushed him onto his back.

He told himself to relax again. No meant no, so if he needed to say it, he knew he could rely on Zoro to listen. He just didn't want to fuck this up. If he did need to say no, what would Zoro do? Would he get pissed? He'd had girls do that to him before. It sucked, but he was a gentleman and he'd never force a lady. But it did suck, and he didn't want Zoro-

"Sanji, your heart is beating like crazy." Zoro had his ear pressed to Sanji's chest. He looked up. "Calm the hell down, you're gonna have a heart attack."

Sanji released the breath he'd been holding. Zoro took one of his hands and locked it with his own. "Even if you said no right here and now, we'd just get up and go watch TV. Well, I'd have to go to the bathroom first, but you get what I'm saying."

Sanji snorted, but smiled. "I got it."

Zoro kissed Sanji's firm belly. "Good."

He continued to kiss further down and released Sanji's hand, slipping Sanji's underwear off slowly.

Lying naked against the rumpled sheets, as hard as Zoro was, Sanji looked like the best thing he'd had ever seen. All that pale skin and those long limbs, the hard abs and the soft skin of his thighs, the golden hair falling in his face… Zoro kissed his belly with no small amount of worship in the action, then sat back up on his knees, lifting Sanji's hips up so far that the chef's back rested halfway on his stomach and halfway nestled between his thighs. He hooked Sanji's knees over his shoulders and slowly kissed one thigh.

Sanji's chin was pressed into his chest; he gripped the sheets and closed his eyes.

Zoro smirked and lowered Sanji back down enough so that his chin wasn't pressed so hard into his chest, and this gave him more access to what he'd been wanting anyway. Hands still supporting Sanji's hips, Zoro took Sanji's hard length into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue.

And this was the part that ticked Sanji off. Zoro was very good at this, very good. Better than almost any woman he'd known. And that was just ridiculous, because then it made him question how many dicks a guy had to suck before he got that good, and just how many had Zoro done?

Saga had come to his defense, however, and reminded Sanji that it wasn't the quantity, but the duration of experience. Sanji had told Saga to go fuck himself after that.

Zoro took a breath and released it, relaxing his throat and going down on Sanji as far as he could. Sanji panted and gasped, but he had no leverage to do anything with his feet, and he wanted something to push against so bad. He wanted to thrust, and the feeling just wasn't fulfilled with Zoro holding his hips like that.

The other man could tell he was frustrated, so he released Sanji and had him turn over on his stomach.

"Thought you were gonna lose it there for a second," Zoro teased as he kissed his way up Sanji's back.

Sanji huffed. "Glad you're so proud to be a fucking tease."

"At least I'm not reciting French when I've got your dick in my mouth," Zoro countered, nibbling at Sanji's ear again.

"Saga is a fucking loud mouth."

"Yeah, can't trust that guy with anything."

"Mmm…" Sanji sighed as Zoro let the full weight of his body rest against Sanji. He propped himself up on his elbows and let his neck fall forward as Zoro kissed it.

"So did you learn a lot from the books Saga gave you?"

"Jesus fuck, I seriously can't trust that asshole with anything."

"Actually, I came across your stash at your place while you were in the shower. So did you go out and buy those, or…?"

"Everything came from Saga. It was all his suggestion, alright?"

Zoro laughed and it rippled from his body to Sanji's. "I don't care Sanji. I mean, it's kinda hot, imagining what you did with all those books and DVD's and-"

"'Items', I call them 'items'."

"Yes, what you did with all those 'items' by yourself."

Sanji sniffed. "You'll never know."

Zoro sighed. "Guess not. Suppose I'll have to make up for that." He slid his hips forward, his erection rubbing against Sanji's cleft. "Listen," he whispered low into Sanji's ear, "there are a lot of ways to prepare you…"

Sanji's stomach clenched again, but he found himself wanting to return Zoro's thrusting.

"Would you rather do it yourself, or do you want me to do it? I'd love to," he placed a kiss on Sanji's shoulder, "but it's your choice."

The chef squeezed his eyes shut and said, "You."

Zoro kissed him again. "Okay. There's something I want to do, and all I need is a yes or no from you. You learned from those DVD's and stuff about rimming?"

Sanji's eyes flew open. Yes, yes he knew about rimming. He'd finally gotten the guts up to ask Saga what in the hell people found appealing about this, and he'd only received this cryptic response, "You'll never know, because you have to do it to know. And I just can't see you doing it."

It had pissed Sanji off at the time, and he'd convinced himself that that was just Saga's way of baiting him into doing it if the opportunity ever came up. But now that it was being asked of him, he had no idea what to say.

"I did."

"Will you let me?"

"I don't-"

"Yes or no."

That was probably Zoro's way of making it easier on him, but in fact it made it harder.

"Yes," he muttered. His hands were tangled in the sheets and he was gripping the linens so hard he was starting to lose feeling in his fingers. If Zoro wanted to, there must be something good at least from his end.

He felt Zoro's weight shift and suddenly the warmth was gone.

Zoro grabbed a pillow, coaxed Sanji's hips up, and stuffed the pillow underneath. He ran his hands slowly down Sanji's back once more before they settled at his thighs, and slowly spread them.

It seemed now that walking around in front of Zoro in nothing but his underwear was a piece of cake compared to this. He had never, ever been so exposed to someone physically or mentally. All he could do was try and listen when Zoro murmured for him to relax and remember to occasionally let go of the blanket so blood could flow to his digits.

He gasped as he felt warm air blowing on his rear, and he realized that Zoro was causing it.

The green haired man started cautiously, then placed gentle kisses on Sanji's thighs, waiting several minutes for Sanji's rigid back to relax before he moved closer, and swept his tongue over the blond man's balls. Then he had to wait again for Sanji to relax as he took them into his mouth and massaged them. Finally, when he heard the heavy pants turn into a moan, he figured it was okay to move on.

He gripped Sanji's ass with both hands and spread him so that Zoro could see the dusky, quivering entrance. He wasted no time, licking at it longingly, running his tongue up from Sanji's balls up to the small of his back and then back again.

Sanji had made a noise and dug his knees into the mattress and told himself to breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Oh god, that felt so fucking weird. But, before long, 'weird' became something closer to 'hot' and 'good', and he'd pulled himself up on his elbows again to gasp for breath.

Zoro rubbed tentatively at the puckered opening, then pressing firmly, he held Sanji's hips, waiting for the reactionary jerk. And Sanji did jerk, and gasped, and said, "Fuck!"

Zoro reached for the lube and twisted off the cap, squeezing some onto his hand. He kissed Sanji's right cheek before he said, "I'm gonna put a finger in, okay?"

Sanji nodded, panting.

"Was it good?" Zoro asked as he pressed one lubed finger to the entrance.

Sanji didn't know if he wanted to admit that it had been. He didn't even know how he was going to look himself or anyone else in the eye again.

He settled for whimpering as Zoro's finger pressed past the first ring of muscle and slipped inside.

Zoro stilled and closed his eyes. So hot and tight, and he really needed to keep his control now more than ever. He twisted slowly, looking at Sanji for a negative reaction. He snaked his free hand underneath Sanji's waist and gripped his length – oh, still very fine. He pressed the finger in further, gently coaxing it in and out.

"Relax," he murmured again. He pulled Sanji's hips up and back so that he was on his knees. "I'm putting in another."

Sanji nodded, and his back dipped as he felt the digit invade him. There was a stretch, kind of like a burning. He'd tried it briefly before by himself, but had not been impressed or motivated enough to get to a stage where he might enjoy it. The toys Saga had given him had remained unused. Their size was too intimidating to handle.

But somehow this was quite a bit different. There was still the discomfort, but Zoro's fingers were touching places much deeper than he had, and he couldn't tell if it was just so good it was overwhelming, or if it was so overwhelming that he couldn't tell if he liked it or not. And then Zoro's fingers made a rubbing motion as he slid them in and out and Sanji's elbows gave out on him.

"You alright?"

"Oh God, do it again-"

"Found your good spot?"

"Shut the fuck up and do it again," Sanji demanded. "Oh God, oh God -"

"So you are a talker."

Zoro wrapped his hand around Sanji's length once again and felt it throb in his grip. He could feel the sticky trails of pre-cum as well.

"One more, alright?"

Sanji's only reply was a moan as Zoro pressed the third finger in and stroked his prostate, all in one motion.

He teased Sanji until he was panting and writhing beneath him. Then he stilled Sanji's hips, which he was sure Sanji hadn't realized he'd been moving, and said, "Turn over."

Sanji panted as he rolled onto his back and threw a hand over his eyes. He wanted to come so bad, he'd been so close until Zoro had removed his fingers.

Zoro lubed himself generously and lifted Sanji's legs until his knees were hooked over his shoulders again. He guided his cock to the man's entrance and looked at Sanji.

Sanji bit his lip and nodded.

Zoro kissed the inside of Sanji's calf and pressed forward.

"Ungh-" was the only noise Sanji made as Zoro entered him. The stretch was substantially more than three fingers, and he could feel his erection wilting rapidly.

Zoro stopped to let him adjust and rubbed consolingly at Sanji's hips.

Sanji forced himself to relax until the pain had subsided into a dull throb that pulsed throughout his entire body. Then he took a breath and nodded.

Zoro slid out a little before thrusting back in, and a few more times until he was fully sheathed. Then he bent over Sanji and kissed him passionately.

Using his hands to press against Sanji's thighs, Zoro lifted his hips and started slowly thrusting into the man underneath him. He buried his face in Sanji's neck and panted, trying to keep a slow rhythm. He was so tight, so hot, like velvet and silk and magma and he was taking him in all the way so sweetly, those muscles clenching as Zoro invaded them.

Sanji wrapped his arms around Zoro's shoulders and held on tightly, his entire body shaking with those thrusts, every muscle in his body clenching then releasing, his lungs barely dragging enough breath in. It was unbearable, it was hell, it was so fucking beautiful to have Zoro so deep inside of him like this. He wanted to cry. He was so full and Zoro was so deep and no one had ever, ever been there before.

"Zo…ro…" Sanji panted. "More…"

And Zoro obliged, removing another peg from his control, sitting back on his knees and gripping Sanji's thighs as he thrust faster and harder into that amazing heat. He was so far gone; there was no way he'd last as long as he needed to take Sanji as high as he wanted him to go.

He wrapped his hand around Sanji's slightly diminished length and stroked it into full hardness again.

"Sanji…" he panted. "Tell me when it feels good."

Sanji didn't know what he meant – it did feel good. He needed to come and he wanted to come and-

"Oh, there, yes, yes, there fuck-"

Zoro increased his speed and strength again, aiming for that same spot over and over again. The sound of their skin slapping against each other was loud and obscene, and he didn't care if anyone nearby could hear it.

Sanji couldn't talk anymore, his thigh muscles were quivering underneath the strain, and he felt like something was going to break, something was going to give under this extreme pressure.

Zoro put both hands on the mattress and said, "Touch yourself."

Sanji quickly took his cock in his hand and stroked it fast.

"I want to see you come, Sanji."

"Fuck!" Sanji wrapped his legs around Zoro's waist and squeezed, thrusting up and down as he rode out his intense orgasm, his cum splashing between them.

Zoro watched the scene unfold beneath him, watched the shades of pleasure wash over Sanji's face. He slowed his thrusts and rocked gently into him until Sanji's entire body went limp and he moaned. Zoro kissed him.

Sanji floated gently in the bliss as Zoro continued to stroke him softly from inside.

"Zoro," he whispered. "Oh god…"

Zoro smiled. "Good?"

"Oh… I don't even know how to answer that… It was so… much…"

Zoro slowed to a stop and started to pull out.

"What are you doing?" Sanji trapped him with his thighs. "Don't."

Zoro chuckled. "Alright. I just thought I should stop if it's too much."

"I didn't say 'too' much, I said 'so' much. Now are you gonna fuck me right or not?"

Zoro scoffed. "I think I just did."

Sanji squeezed his thighs again and glared. "I'm not an idiot. You still haven't come yet, and you're not coming anywhere but inside me, got it?"

Zoro stared at his lover. "God, Sanji… I think I'm gonna get that tattooed on me somewhere."

Sanji slugged him in the shoulder. "Shut up."

"Alright, alright," Zoro smiled and moved his hips forward.

Sanji's expression went from annoyed to pleased. "Mmm, yeah. Like that."

He was still clenching erratically around him from the previous orgasm, and Zoro didn't waste any time. He picked up his pace quickly and thrust into Sanji repeatedly, listening as Sanji's pleas washed over him.

"Zoro, yeah, right there, mm, ah, yes, unn… ah, hah!"

Harder and faster, he lost himself until it was a flurry of motion and the lightning pleasure concentrated in his loins, and he flew apart.

He came hard into Sanji's tight heat, holding the blond tightly as he gave himself up to Sanji completely.

Somehow they'd ended up out in the living room watching TV anyway. Sex made Sanji very hungry, apparently.