Hey everyone. Here I am again, starting another story without finishing any others. But to be fair, my computer broke, so I can't get to the other chapters I wrote. And I actually have worked out the end for this, so do not fear! You will see the entire fic!

I had originally intended this to be one chapter with five parts, but I think it works better with individual chapters for each sense. And I don't own DN, surprise surprise.

EDIT: It has recently been brought to my attention that it is not entirely clear how much time passes between each chapter. I wish to emphasise that this is not shota and that Matt and Mello do not engage in any sexual activities before they are of legal age.

This is a vague timeline of the chapters: Sight - 1 year - Sound - 2.5 years - Smell - 2 years - Touch - 3 months - Taste

Of course, this timeline may have some discrepancies with canon, but I was trying to keep it in line with the tiny information we are given about the pre-Near arc lives of this pair. END EDIT


The first time Matt sees Mello, the blond is hanging upside-down, his legs tightly wrapped around a tree branch. Matt is sat at the base of a tree in the garden, intently mashing buttons on his Game Boy, when an angelic face swings into view.

Understandably, Matt jumps about five feet in the air. The apparition laughs merrily at this.

"Your face! You didn't even see me coming!"

A hot blush spreads across Matt's cheeks, and not only from embarrassment. At the age of twelve, his hormones are running riot, and this marble-skinned Adonis hanging tantalisingly in front of him is more than enough to send his mind into a dizzying haze of confusion. Feeling blue eyes boring into his mind, Matt desperately tries to come up with something, anything, to say in response.

"W…why are you upside-down?" Oh yeah. Real witty. How could the boy possibly resist him?

"I like the world better when it's upside-down. Chaos seems more appealing, don't you think?" Matt nods dumbly, unable to do much else than stare. "It's about perspective. You need to turn everything on its head to see how fucked up it all really is. Like this place."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, just look at it. We're all packed up in our little boxes, given our special names, told we're supposed to achieve all these great things, but what really happens? We turn into these desperate neurotic little freaks, scrabbling like pathetic dogs for attention. This place doesn't help child prodigies reach their potential; it breaks us."

"Who are you?"

"You mean, what name did they give me? Mello. I hate it already."

Matt has seen this name, watched as it rapidly ascended the ranks on the scoreboard. He gazes in awe at this boy, this beautiful oddity.

"So you don't care? You don't want to be the best, or beat all the others?"

Mello just swings from his perch, his crazed grin sending sparks up Matt's spine. "Nope."

Matt sits for a while, thinking. Eventually, he puts his console on the ground and clambers up the tree to join Mello.

"I think I like the world better when it's upside-down, too."

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