Well, here we are. This really will be the final chapter. Sorry if I got your hopes up – it just didn't seem to fit with the whole tone to add in the sixth sense.

On a slightly more random note, I am uploading this dressed as L. I went around in character all day to raise money for Comic Relief. It was most awesome.

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His blood. Everywhere.

The cigarette filter is stained red as Matt takes one last wheezy drag. Mello's been on at him to quit lately. Says it'll kill him. Ha ha.

He coughs up smoke and blood, the rich copper tang filling his mouth. His whole body is numb, the fiery agony having blessedly long since burned out. But Matt doesn't care about the pain. All he can care about is Mello, if he had managed to get away, whether Matt's diversion was enough to save him.

How did that idiot talk him into this, anyway?

"So that's your plan?" Matt asked incredulously.

"You got a problem with it?"

Mello was glaring at him so ferociously that Matt decided it would probably be wise to approach this very gently. "Well, you've clearly got this all worked out, and I'll do whatever you want me to do, but seriously? We could both come out of this dead."

Doubt flickered across Mello's face before quickly being replaced with anger. "Don't be so fucking ridiculous. I know exactly what I'm doing. We're going to be fine, we're gonna take Kira down, and we're going to beat that son-of-a-bitch Near, too!"

Matt could tell that even Mello didn't believe those words. Maybe that was why he always ate chocolate – to take away the bitter taste of lies as they slid smoothly off his tongue. Matt sighed sadly. He knew there was no way he could win this argument. Part of him didn't even want to try, wanted so much for this to work.

"You know I love you, but you're gonna be the death of me."

Matt coughs again. His whole mouth tastes sour, like decay. He is fairly certain he hasn't got much time left. He hopes that Mello isn't in a similar situation somewhere. Mello can handle himself now. He could get through this on determination alone.

As his mind starts to cloud over, Matt smiles. Yes, he is sure. Mello will not fail.

He can taste something else now, something glorious, something worth dying for.



It may be better to die never knowing than to live and know you failed. That's how I feel about Matt's death, anyway.

Here ends the senses, as we truly have no way of knowing what we can still –seesmellheartouchtaste– after death. Thanks for reading.