AN: Hi. Well I've never really posted on Transformers before, though I am a big, BIG, fan of Prowl and Jazz and have been reading some terrific stories about them on this site for a long time. This story really developed out of wanting to see more of Prowl's point of view and to see their relationship develop slowly but meaningfully. Not that I don't like stories that aren't like that, but I just wanted to see how my take on their relationship would go. Sorry if this makes no sense or has horrible errors. Feel free to point them out. KG.

Making Sense of the Illogical
Chapter One

Klick-One Earth Second

Breem - 8.3 Earth minutes

Cycle-One Earth Hour

Joor – One Earth Day

Orn - About Two Earth Weeks

Vorn - About 83 Earth years

It was late in the cycle when Prowl irritably placed his data-padd onto the desk with a soft clack, finally able to admit to himself that he wasn't going to get any work done.

And the reason that he wasn't able to concentrate on his work? Jazz.

Prowl had been thinking about the saboteur all joor and had been tangling up his processor with unnecessary data and figures in his constant worry for the bot.

He had already run three hundred forty-six…three hundred forty-seven…three hundred forty-eight…

Prowl let out a growl through his vocal processor and forcibly shut down the line of thought and the scenarios that accompanied it.

Throwing himself away from the desk Prowl stood up, and looking once more at the pile of data- padds stacked three deep on his desktop (he hadn't been able to work at all since Jazz had been sent out on his mission) Prowl turned his head, resisted the urge to grab some of them to work on later in his quarters, and forced himself to leave his office.

It was illogical, the tactician told himself as he made his way to the mess-hall, to be so distracted by one mech.

Sure Jazz was kind, and friendly, and had a pleasing personality (the tactician could remember numerous times where Jazz had extended a helping hand component to his fellow Autobots and assisted them through tough times in their lives).

And Jazz had an excessively laid-back and spontaneous attitude on life for one in his position (secretly, and buried deep in his sub-processes, Prowl held a fervent wish that he could live as 'in the moment' as his fellow black and white did).

And yes, Prowl conceded to himself, Jazz wasn't an unattractive mech.

While you couldn't say that he was as attractive as Elita-One (now there was one beautiful femme. Optimus was a lucky mech to have her on his side), or that Jazz was as careful with his looks as say Sunstreaker (the frontliner had only been on the base for two orns and he had already been to the wash racks more times Tracks had, and Tracks himself was one vain mech), Jazz did have something about him that attracted the tactician to his physical form.

And it wasn't a consolation to Prowl that Jazz was intelligent either.

That wasn't to say that Prowl preferred dumb mechs over smart ones (far from it, he actually liked it when mechs could keep up with his thoughts and see his reasoning) but he just had to hold on to the faint (and fading) hope that if Jazz couldn't meet him plan for plan, discussion for discussion, and argument for argument (like he had been doing quite regularly for vorns) that he wouldn't have him on his processor all the time. It was unlikely Prowl could now admit to himself (especially since he had been thinking about Jazz constantly since he had been gone) but he could hope.

So what, besides his personality, his attitude, his physical attributes, and his intellect was driving Prowl's thoughts into knots?

Yes Jazz had a terrific personality but one could say the same thing about Sideswipe (when he wasn't pulling pranks on the bot's stationed on the base, which he had already done numerous times in the two orns that he had been on the base, much to Prowl's constant annoyance).

And Jazz's attitude on life was rather catching, but didn't ten other bots exhibit the same attitude everyday as well? (especially the ones who liked to throw parties with illegally spiked high-grade?)

As for attractiveness…

Prowl would be the first to admit that he usually wasn't into looking at a mech's physical form beyond evaluating physical capableness. That he had noticed Jazz's at all was a mere coincidence of being right behind him as he had bent down to retrieve an object off of the floor which had thus consequently given Prowl an uninhibited view of his (nicely shaped) aft.

And smart.

Oh yes, Jazz was smart (one didn't get to be third-in-command and the head of special operations without a certain amount of processing power) but he was not as intelligent as bots like Wheeljack or Perceptor (though, he supposed one could argue that nobody was as smart as the two scientists, even Cliffjumper if he wanted to try).

So what was it about Jazz that was making him take over Prowl's mental processes to the point of absolutely distracting the SIC?

What was it about Jazz that caused him to want to spend all his joors talking to the mech and admiring his form?

What was it about the saboteur that caused his spark to start fluttering every time he was near?

What quality about the mech took over his processor and made him think constantly (and irrationally) for his happiness and safety?

Why, oh why, Prowl thought despairingly as he walked into the noisy mess-room, did he like Jazz?!

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