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Making Sense of the Illogical
Chapter Twenty

Klick- About One Earth Second

Breem - 8.3 Earth minutes

Cycle-One Earth Hour

Joor – One Earth Day

Orn - About Two Earth Weeks

Vorn - About 83 Earth years

"Prowl, I like you."

Prowl sighed at the words and leaned in as much as he could into the warmth that Jazz's body offered.

After orns and orns of run around, mixed emotions, constant doubts and fears and the voices in his head making him question his own sanity, he had finally (finally!) heard the words that he had been desperately hoping and longing to hear from Jazz.

After all, it was one thing to have mechs say that Jazz liked him but it was another thing entirely to hear the words come out of Jazz's vocalizer itself.

Letting the soft music that was permeating the room enter his audios, he shuttered his optics and let his processor wander back over various files, trying to pinpoint exactly how they had both come to this entrancing moment.

It had been twelve orns (four joors, two cycles, a breem and forty-six point two klicks) worth of spark-ache, frustration, hope and pent up longing as the two of them seemingly maneuvered around each other over, and over again.

Quickly skipping through his memory files, Prowl came upon one of the first in a folder that made him think back to that joor so many orns ago when he had first started actively questioning his increasing attraction to the mech who was currently wrapped tightly around him.

Why, oh why did he like Jazz?

His processor went back to that first joor and the traits that he had tried to assess in Jazz as he had walked down the corridors on his way to the mess room.

The fact that Jazz was kind and friendly and had a wonderful personality had been the first of the qualities that he had tried to appraise. Prowl could recall plenty of times over their vorns of friendship where Jazz had helped him and other mechs and that hadn't diminished over the last twelve orns.

And Prowl still held no doubts (and still nursed his small desire to emulate) Jazz's terrific attitude on life. He had seen plenty of examples of how Jazz's attitude had helped him scrape by virtually unscathed in chassis and processor) over the vorns.

And after having felt what he felt for Jazz every time he had seen him over the last orns; with his gorgeous body, his beautiful paintjob and his lithe, graceful movements…

Mentally shaking his head Prowl let out another low sigh at his thoughts. There was no way that he could deny that he was very, very attracted to Jazz.

And there was also no doubt in Prowl's processor that Jazz was one of the most singularly intelligent mechs that he had ever had the (mis)fortune to meet, especially after the sheer planning and processing power that Jazz seemed to have put into his movements. Over the last couple of orns he had had to push his CPU to the limit to stay ahead of the saboteur in this unintentional chase that they had fallen into.

So why did he like him? What besides Jazz's personality, his attitude, his looks and his smarts was Prowl attracted too?

Yes Jazz had a terrific personality, but if that was all that Jazz had to offer to him Prowl might be better off focusing his affections on someone like Hound.

And it was true that he might harbor some jealousy over Jazz's attitude, but lately that had dimmed in comparison to his growing attraction and absolute irreplaceable need to just be near Jazz (despite all of his actions and all of the things that had occurred lately).

After all this time even he could tell that he was supremely attracted to Jazz and after holding it all pent up inside he really felt like he was about to go mad with just the sheer amount of need that he had to restrain after seeing Jazz in any way, shape or form.

And smart. He could not (and never would) deny the fact that Jazz was smart. If the last twelve orns had shown him anything it was that Jazz was not a mech to take lightly when it came to determination, planning, and intelligence. He had always known that the saboteur was smart, but all of the recent events had thrilled him and got the tactician thinking in ways that he had never considered before, and that just made Jazz all the more attractive in his processor.

Closing the files and shutting down his train of thought, Prowl filed everything away and brought himself back into the present situation.

If there was one thing that the last twelve joors had taught him (at least according to Elita, Optimus and Wheeljack) it was the value of acting on his feelings.

Ultimately he didn't need to know why he liked Jazz just as long as he was sure that he did.

And he was sure. So sure in fact, that when he was planning how this night would go with his two comrades over the last few joors he had decided (after getting over his initial misgivings and most of his last lingering doubts and fears) that he would follow at least one piece of good advice given to him (not surprisingly) by the Femme Commander and just kiss Jazz senseless and see where it got him.

And like he had desperately hoped it had led to Jazz (after initially shocking the saboteur) giving voice to his feelings for him at last.

It was a relief to finally know how the saboteur felt for him (not that he had doubted Jazz felt something for him after hearing it from multiple times from multiple mechs, but it had eased him to hear it from Jazz himself).

Quickly, all the significant events and feelings from the last twelve orns started to play out in his processor like a cine-vid. Jazz's return from his mission, the terrifying battle with the Decepticons, his shock at catching Jazz and Trailbreaker kissing in the medical bay, all the moments where he had been forced to change plans, rearrange duty rosters and hack into the security system (the latter two of which he would never admit to doing) so that he could evade Jazz as he tried to figure out how he felt and about how he should deal with it.

Talking to Elita, talking to Wheeljack, falling offline again and waking up the medical bay. His orns worth of planning with Optimus and Wheeljack, and now tonight where he was (finally) wrapped in Jazz's solid embrace (his processor silent as the voices seemed to have dispersed completely with Jazz's admission) leaving him wholly content in the moment.

Though somewhere in his processor the irony of the situation was starting to sink in as well. Who would have thought that he would shut-down at the mere mention of Jazz in some circumstances, but now in a situation when his systems normally would have been going through stasis lock, he was absolutely fine?

This state of affairs was completely illogical, and to his complete surprise it suited him perfectly. It was as if, with Jazz's admission of his feelings, his life had been brought back into balance.

Shifting inside the hug Prowl readjusted himself so that he could look up at Jazz who was peering down at him anxiously, waiting for his response.

Examining Jazz's face Prowl couldn't help but call up more memories of the last orns.

Could it be true that he had ever been as anxious as Jazz appeared to be now?

Was there any chance that he had ever been as nervous or as fearful as the saboteur appeared to be about how Jazz would react when he became aware of his feelings?

Hoping to allay Jazz's apparent fear and anxiety Prowl smiled at the saboteur and squeezed Jazz around the middle reassuringly before bringing his hands up, leaning in, and cupping his hands around Jazz's faceplate.

"I know you do." He breathed lightly in response to Jazz's admittance, before rapidly dragging Jazz's face to his and kissing him once more.

He had clearly startled Jazz with his actions and words and like the last kiss that they had shared it took Jazz a klick to respond to his actions but when he finally did, instead of leaping away he leaned into the kiss, deepening it carefully.

Prowl took in the sensations of the kiss-the tingly feeling as energon heated up in his fuel lines, the pulsing frenetic energy of his spark, the wonderful friction as their lip components moved against each other, the delicate taste of the saboteur-and immediately decided that this was ten times better than anything that he had ever imagined in his head.

"Prowl…" Jazz murmured after quietly after they had both broken off the kiss due to multiple warnings on their HUD about a lack of oxygen in their intakes.

"Yes?" He answered back softly, not wanting to alter the moment.

Jazz absently ran his hands down the tactician's plating seams, stopping here and there to pay attention to particular spots. Prowl shivered at the sensations as Jazz took the time to formulate his question.

"You knew that I liked you?" Jazz finally asked hesitantly with a questioning lilt in his musical voice.

The question gave Prowl a moment to pause and contemplate the fact that he and Jazz had really seen and interacted with each other only infrequently over the last twelve orns and that, as such, they had both had very different experiences over that period.

Thinking about it almost caused Prowl to laugh out loud over the absurdity that the situation presented.

"Jazz." Prowl said while trying to hide the amusement that he felt. "at some point we really will need to sit down and talk."

"But not now" He muttered immediately after that and pulled a pleasing noise from Jazz as he leaned in once more and resumed kissing him passionately.


Bonus Scene 8

"How long have they been in there?" Sideswipe asked as he stood with the mechs gathered in the mess room and looked at the rigged view screen that showed the closed entrance to Prowl's office.

"Twenty breems and counting." Wheeljack said, his audio fins glowing brightly and signaling his happy amusement.

"So who won?" Cliffjumper asked aloud, causing the rest of the crowd to start echoing the sentiment.

"Wheeljack and Optimus." Smokescreen said in a surprised voice from the corner where he was checking the data-padd that held the betting pool results.

Optimus chuckled quietly and Wheeljack started laughing outright as the Autobots turned in their directions to gap at them.

"How much did they win?" Sideswipe said turning back to Smokescreen with curiosity.

Smokescreen sub-spaced his data-padd and shook his head.

"You don't want to know." He muttered while calculating his own losses. At ten-to-one odds he was going to be credit-less for a while.

Apparently others were in the same position because he could already see some mechs in the room digging in their subspace, trying to round up things that they could trade for credits.

Meanwhile, the two winners of the pool had congregated together and were whispering conspiratorially while looking up at the screen where Prowl's closed office door stared back at them.



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