I thought this was a dead cert for what would happen at the end of this "series" of Torchwood! Oh well.

Stephen stood rooted to the ground, mouth open and paralysed, the ultrasonic waves stemming from the wide gaping hole that he would have once called a mouth. The blood trickled down his face in black, inky trails. His grandfather wished so desperately to be able to wipe it off, to give him a little dignity before he fried.

Jack had to close off his mind to allow himself to do this, to murder his own flesh and blood. He ignored the animal screams of his daughter, pounding on the glass until her fists were raw; how else could he keep on pushing those buttons and dials?

In a climax of screams Stephen crumpled to the floor in a lifeless lump, his arms swinging uselessly like those of a ragdoll and for just a moment, there was complete and utter silence - the calm before the storm, a second of peace before the pandemonium.

Noise, flashes, people shouting and calling. His mother cradled his dead body, tears no longer streaming from her exhausted eyes.

And all Jack could do was stand there and watch.

Suddenly Stephen gasped and his eyes flew open. He coughed twice.

And then came the calm again.

"If you think, for one second, that everything's all right now ... what you did before, I will never forgive you." Alice's eyes are a storm, not only because she now realises that maybe all those "lucky escapes" from her childhood were something more akin to immortality.

"I know."

"He may have lived ... but you never knew that. He very easily might not have done. He might forget this, but I never will."

He couldn't even look her in the eye as he ran along the corridor, out of sight.

He didn't stop running until he reached the sea.