Never alone

A new day

I grabbed my bag quickly and rushed downstairs to get some breakfast. I was already late on my first day. My Dad, Charlie grinned at me probably thinking how much of a mess I was. "Late already Bells?" I ignored him as I wolfed down some toast, grabbed my car keys and headed out. I pulled up my hood as I felt the instant cold rain on my face, seriously though, where do you get cold rain? then I realised. Only Forks.

My life wasn't tragic really, you could say almost normal. My Mom had died in a car crash three weeks ago so I had to move to the rainy town of Forks in WA with my Dad. Yeah, I should have been a crying wreck but I was improving slowly. My Dad didn't help much but I couldn't blame him. They had divorced when I was only one but I knew deep down he had always loved her.

See my Mom, or I should say as I called her, Mum was English. To cut it short, she was an exchange student from London, met my Dad, fell in love with him and his accent and eloped straight after Graduation. But as some short summer loves go, it didn't last very long. I was born just nine months after then the both of us headed straight back to merry old England. So technically, my feet haven't touched American soil for sixteen years. I knew as soon as I called my Dad after the Police had left, leaving me in the cold depressing hospital after the accident, he would be there in a heartbeat, well, technically twenty hours but I was grateful he kept some of his emotions to himself. The good thing about Charlie was, he didn't hover.

I didn't worry about directions, the town was so small it only took ten minutes to find it. It was nothing like my old school back home. This school was tiny with only five buildings and gloomy looking ones at that. Oh and the other thing I dreaded the most was…my accent. I wasn't foreign but to these Americans I knew I was. I knew they would pick up on my English accent as soon I said the dreaded word of "hello."

I pulled my mini into a space and reluctantly got out looking for the main reception. A few students were there in the parking lot already and I felt their eyes boring into my back as I quick-walked to the office. A friendly looking woman was typing away at her desk but looked up as she heard the door close behind me. "Bella Swan?" she looked at me with a smile.

"Er yeah." I didn't feel too comfortable with this but then again, I wasn't used to people knowing of my arrival, especially in a new country.

"These are forms you need for your teachers to fill out, your timetable and a map." She handed me a handful of paper and went back to her computer, simple and short I guess. I was about to leave when I heard her call out my name.

"I almost forget. The principal has arranged a student to help you around the first week. She'll meet you at your first class." She gave me another smile as I left. I had to inwardly grimace at what she had told me, I wasn't brilliant at meeting new people.

I managed to find building three noting I had English first. I was pleased at how easy my timetable looked, I hated complicated ones back home. I spotted a small looking girl waving me over with a friendly smile on her face. She had unusual short, spiky black hair and from what I guessed, a brilliant sense of fashion. I smiled back at her, she looked friendly enough. She bounced up and down as I came up to her.

"Hey you must be Bella!" I nodded at this. "I'm Alice Cullen, I'm so excited to meet you, we're gonna be the best of friends I can tell!" she said this so fast I had some trouble catching up but I felt a little glad I already had a friend, I wasn't so good at the whole friend thing, bleh, that was a long story.

"Thanks for showing me around Alice." I returned the smile.

Her eyes instantly widened as soon as I spoke. "You're English!" and grabbed my hand although I have no idea why, I didn't mind it though.

"Um, yeah I am." I blushed a little, my worst flaw about me I had to admit. I didn't like being this different though. I knew as soon as I came here people would pick up on my accent and I didn't want to stick out like a bloody sore thumb.

Alice though seemed to pick up on this and her smile faltered a little. "Oh I'm sorry, I bet you must hate that."

I shook my head, not wanting to lose a friend so quickly, particularly on my first day. "It's alright Al. My Mum was English so I'm all new to this American thing." She nodded, seeming to understand already. She then grinned again and her eyes flashed with an all knowing look which confused me.

"Al. I like it."

Ops, that's a wrong move calling her a new nickname. "God I'm sorry. I have this stupid habit of just nicknaming people." She just grinned all the more.

"No no. My siblings and friends call me Ally all the time so it's fine. In fact, I really like it." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. "You'll meet my family at lunch, let's go get a seat." She took my arm gently and led me into the small classroom grabbing a seat towards the back. I wanted to know more about her so I asked her about her family. She took out her books and looked back at me.

"I'm adopted really but I consider Esme and Carlisle to be my parents now. I was a baby when it happened so I'm quite glad I don't have to compare them or anything. Um, Esme can't have children so after me they decided to adopt others so I wouldn't feel lonely. Emmett is the best brother in the world but don't let Edward hear you say that!" she giggled and I couldn't help but laugh a little, her humour was oddly infectious. She must have seen my look of confusion at the new introduction and continued. "Oh, Edward was only adopted four years ago though. He's er, quite troubled you could say." She looked away at that and I felt suddenly curious at this, a man with mystery. I had to laugh at myself at that, there I go again with "Mr Darcy" syndrome as my friend back home had called it.

See, I love the classics. Bronte, Austen you name it, I've probably read it. Ever since I read about the elusive Mr Darcy I couldn't help but dream about meeting such a man, with a meaning to him, a different boy who wasn't the same as all the others. Who weren't in the same mould so to speak. Coming back to reality I took out my books as the teacher walked in.

"Mrs Stratford is a pretty cool teacher." Alice reassured me. "A fan of the classics." She grinned at me as if knowing my thoughts. I looked at my reading list and found all of my favourite novels written down. I spotted Romeo and Juliet and groaned. Alice turned to me giving me a questioning look.

"I'm not a fan of this." I pointed to the title. Alice giggled.

"Neither am I much. I prefer classic novels myself." I giggled back and couldn't help but feel that I was going to like this girl very much.

Alice left me at my French class as she had history, promising to meet up for lunch. I sat down next to a friendly looking girl with long dark hair. I found she was very laid back and easy to talk to. Shy enough just like me. Her name was Angela, she pointed to a few, well, geeky-looking boys and said she normally hung out with them and offered a seat for lunch with them. I politely declined telling her about Alice. Luckily she just smiled and gave me more of a low down of the Cullens.

"Carlisle's a doctor at the local hospital and their mom is an interior decorator, she decorated our house. She's very good and kind". She smiled at me. I couldn't help but ask more about Edward inwardly cursing myself for feeling an idiot. Her smile faltered a little at the mention of his name and found myself feeling more intrigued than put off.

"Edward keeps himself to himself really. He used to be such a player with the girls but nowadays he prefers hanging around with his brother and friends." She shrugged her shoulders. "No one really talks to him." I had to restrain from asking why but frowned a little, I hated players.

We worked after that only talking for a few minutes before she led me to my Trig class. I hated maths too, especially when a Mike Newton introduced himself and I couldn't help but get a golden retriever vibe off him. Sure he was alright looking but so reminded me of my old dog and it irked me to no ends.

Alice was waiting for me outside with an excited gleam in her grey eyes. She took my arm and we headed out towards the cafeteria. "You'll love Jazz and Rose." I looked at her wondering what she was on about. "Jasper's my boyfriend and Rosalie's his twin sister. Jazz is Edwards closest friend." She explained and once again, I had to stop myself from asking more about Edward.

We walked into the bustling cafeteria and she led me to the furthest table. Sitting there was the tallest guy I had ever seen. He had short dark hair, huge muscles and if it weren't for him making, which I can only describe as, 'googly' eyes to a stunning blonde than I would have been scared shitless to be sitting close to him. The blonde was stunning to say the least. Golden curls cascaded down her back and I noted, like Al, she had an impeccable sense of fashion. Alice sat down next to Jasper, I assumed. He was a little darker blonde than his sister but had a look about him that calmed my nerves instantly and was damn right handsome in his own way.

As soon as I took my seat next to Alice someone banged their bag on the table causing me to jump. Alice tutted to herself and I heard a bark of laughter from the person who sat down next to me. I peeked through my dark hair to lay my eyes on the most handsome boy I had ever seen, ever dreamt and ever imagined. Yeah, a pretty much over-statement but to me, he was pretty something. He had the oddest and yet, most attractive shade of bronze hair imaginable and as he turned to look at me with a quizzical look my eyes locked onto his. The most darkest shade of green orbs looked straight back into my dull brown ones and I instantly blushed, on cue and turned back to my lunch knowing I just royally embarrassed myself in front of this complete stranger.

Way to go Bella, blush like a stupid idiot in front of a pure, handsome, perfection sex god on day one. Boy was I in trouble.


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