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Minutes turned into hours. Edward stood there, staring blankly into my eyes. Alice touched my arm and I turned to her, worry etched onto her face.

"I think you two should go back to our house, I'll cover for you."

I hugged her briefly and thanked her. She made her way towards the reception and I then turned back to Edward. I gently grabbed his arm and pulled him along to my car, opening the door for him. He seemed to wake up a little and got in as I did the same.

It was silent as we drove to the Cullen's house, I didn't know what to say and nor did Edward. I parked beside the garage and we got out.

Edward let us in and we made our way up to his bedroom. I got out the photograph and handed it to him as I sat next to him. He touched the image of his Father lightly with his finger.

We must have sat there for half an hour before he looked at me.

"Keep the picture," I whispered to him, taking his hand.

He squeezed it and mumbled a thanks to me. It was silence once more. I felt a loss for words, whatever came up in mind sounded empty and hollow.

Edward grabbed his stereo remote on the bedside table and pointed it to his player. The quiet sounds of Debussy filled the room and I instantly remembered him telling me the music helped him relax. I edged forward slightly and placed my hand on his thigh.

He looked up from the photo, straight into my eyes. I noticed a lone tear trickle down his face and I scrambled onto his lap, my arms closing around his waist.

We must have sat there for an hour as the CD ended and changed to the next one. It was our favourite pianist, Yiruma. The music helped me calm my nerves as I ran my hand through Edward's hair. He sighed and I looked down at him, silently asking him what was wrong.

He cupped my cheek and kissed my mouth softly. He pulled away before I could even linger. "Do you know you're the fucking best?"

I chuckled quietly and brought my hand down from his hair, to stroke his neck slowly. "No one has ever told me that before," I answered him truthfully.

He smiled sadly at me, "well it's fucking true Bella." He suddenly grabbed me tighter, burying his face into my chest. I blushed realising how close he was and I willed myself not to say anything.

"You know," his voice was muffled as he spoke, "your chest blushes too."

Shit. Damn Alice. I will never forgive her insistence on me wearing a v-shaped top. It didn't help matters either that with his mouth being so close, it sent vibrations through my body with his deep, rumbling voice.

I finally managed to find my voice. "That's not funny Cullen."

He had the audacity to laugh. He looked back up at me and gave me his crooked smile, which didn't help- at all. "Oh I wasn't making a joke Bella; I find it rather...irresistible."

I smiled at that word again and I couldn't help but lean forward to capture his lips with mine. He groaned and pushed my lips apart with his tongue. My hands went back onto his hair, gripping ever so slightly onto his thick locks. His hands stroked my waist and I jumped a little as they then started to creep upwards right onto my breasts.

Edward, feeling my jump, broke the kiss, his eyes widening on realising what he had just done.

"Shit, I'm sorry Bella. I didn't mean to do that." He looked so upset that I couldn't help but laugh a little. He turned to me, shock on his face to find me laughing.

I shook my head. "Edward, we're eighteen next year. I think a little second base isn't going to kill us."

He ran his hands through his hair and looked away. "We've only had one date though, and it's only been four days, how could you want this so soon?"

I bit my lip; I had to admit he was right. The serious Bella would look upon this and frown and say, "What are you doing silly Bella? Hussy is not in your vocabulary."

I grazed his cheek with my finger and kissed his forehead. "It just feels right, you know?"

He nodded, as if not trusting himself to speak.

We both watched, as if both feeling our nervousness as he slowly placed his hand just below my breast. He let out a breath of relief and I refrained from giggling. This was the guy who was supposed to be experienced around girls. Although, I had to admit, maybe I was the first girl he actually wanted to treat with respect.

To try and calm his nerves, I kissed him once more, my hands on his neck. Spurred on, his hand came to capture my breast and it was my turn to moan in his mouth. Wow, I had never moaned around a guy before and I felt really embarrassed. Okay, for about a second.

Edward moaned in reply and took me by surprise as he flipped me onto my back, lying us down onto the bed. He leant onto his elbows, obviously keeping his weight off me as he pulled away for a brief second and started to give me open-mouthed kissed on my neck. His hands were now on my breasts, gently squeezing and then, oh god, he gently touched my nipple with his finger.

My lower stomach, as if on a highly strung coil jumped into release. It travelled up my stomach, up to my throat and I moaned loudly.

Jesus, was that my first orgasm? Edward leaned back to look at me, shock in his eyes.

"Was orgasm?"

This man can officially read my thoughts. I could feel my blush starting to spread as I nodded. Edward smiled down at me and stroked my cheek.

"Baby, don't be embarrassed. It's natural," he told me.

I sighed. "It's my first proper one, yes. If you must know, no guy or even myself has come that close." I reddened further as I admitted that to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and, shocking me once again as he didn't even wait, plunged his tongue into my mouth.

Now of course, he was always. It had only been four days...technically but you have to hand it to me, no guy had ever made me feel like this before. I mean, we had our first kiss over a month ago so a big part of me was screaming that this was right, normal even.

So I didn't mind at all that my fingers automatically went for his shirt and started unbuttoning it, nor that his hands had gone down south to start creeping up my top. And god they felt good, he didn't push too far and just let his fingers dance along my stomach as he kissed me deeper and further.

I wanted to see his lean, hard chest as I finally found the courage to place my hands on it. His skin was soft and yet hard and I could have sworn I felt a six pack there.

Edward pulled away gently after a few minutes and flashed me his crooked grin. Then I saw his

He was thin but not too thin, not too much muscle either but just enough. I caught sight of that gorgeous 'V' on his lower stomach and his happy trail leading down into his pants. Wow.

"Like what you see?" he cheekily asked me.

I giggled and nodded as I leant up on my elbows to kiss him chastely. He then looked at his watch and cursed.

"It's almost four baby, you better get home for Charlie," he said as he kissed my forehead.

I groaned as he pulled me up off of his bed and he chuckled. I collected up my stuff and then noticed the photo that started this all. I suddenly felt guilty, instead of talking about his anguish we had ended up with second base.


I nervously handed him the photograph. "I'm sorry Edward," I whispered softly. He looked at me and pulled me into his embrace.

"Why are you sorry?"

I looked up at him, "because we never talked about our Fathers'."

He kissed my forehead. "Yes but you made it better, that's all I needed," he told me.

I suddenly had an idea. "Do you want to come over tomorrow night and talk to Charlie about it over dinner?"

Edward grinned. "That's a good idea Bella." He stroked my cheek. "Thank you baby."

I couldn't help but kiss him again.

Five days had flown by and it was nearing Halloween. Or "All Hallows Eve" as Alice liked to call it, waving her hands around and trying to mimic a ghost every time it was mentioned. She was planning a huge party and had gotten permission off Esme to make the Cullen house into a haunted one. Oh, did I mention she got all of us to help her decorate?

Hah, forced more like.

So that was how I spent my Saturday, hanging up countless of fake webs and party lights around the living room which was going to be the dance floor. Alice was on the sofa, sitting amongst hundreds of CD's and squealing ever so often when she had found a good one.

Emmett was on pumpkin duty and laughing endlessly, no doubt trying to make rude ones if it was possible. Although, I had learnt, anything was possible when it came to him.

Rosalie was on food and drink and had been out for hours, roaming the stores of Portland and possibly trying out her fake I.D. for alcohol. I must say I have no part of this, at all. My Dad would absolutely freak if he ever found out. Luckily for us though, Esme and Carlisle were planning on leaving town this weekend for a Hospital conference in Seattle so at least the Cullen's had no parental issues.

Edward was helping me hang up the lights; he kept trying to distract me though by tickling my ribs and telling me rude jokes. Alice kept tutting at us whenever we stopped which made us laugh even more.

Looking at him I was pleased he was in such a happy and infectious mood. I suppose it was due to what had happened Tuesday.

It had gone good all considering. He had seemed a little bit wary of meeting the chief of police once more yet Dad had promised to be on his best behaviour after what I had told him. Luckily for me, he was and it was quite funny to see the look on Edward's face as Charlie had offered his hand to shake and insisted on him calling him Charlie instead of chief.

I had let the two of them talk in private in the living room, as I cooked dinner. After all, I thought Edward needed a bit of privacy and space due to the fact he was meeting, for the first time, a man who had known his Father and grandparents. Charlie was his only link in the world and I knew deep down it was only right to respect this instead of pressuring him by my presence.

Once the two of them had returned to the kitchen I could instantly tell, due to Edward's red eyes that he had been crying. Instead of pressuring him, like I had told myself earlier, I simply rubbed his arm as we sat down for dinner. I was very surprised to see Charlie so laid back, especially because I had told him only the previous day that Edward and I were dating. Albeit we hadn't actually labelled ourselves yet, he still had a right to know. Dinner was nice, we talked about school and a little of colleges and it felt so laid back that it was great to feel so relaxed.

Edward brought me back to the present day by chastely kissing my cheek as he nudged past me to help me hang the last string.

We strung up the last of the lights and flopped onto the sofa. Edward turned to me and gave me his crooked smile.

"Whatcha wearing tonight?" he asked me, a hint of humour in his voice.

"Oh no you don't mister," Alice answered, "you're not getting it that easy."

Edward turned to his sister, a frown now on his face. "But she knows who I'm going as."

I swear he pouted just then. He turned back to me, yep, one adorable pout on his face.

I giggled. He was going as the cowardly lion. Not by choice, obviously. Yet Alice had all paid the boys to have a joint "dress up" as she liked to call it.

See, it was Alice's favourite dress up. She had watched 'The Wizard of Oz' ever since she could remember, and yep, you guessed it, she always dressed up as Dorothy.

And yep, she had roped in Edward, Jazz and Emmett to be the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. Although Jazz had to be the scarecrow because Dorothy met him first, how cliché can you get?

Picturing this again, I burst into laughter making Edward's pout into a frown again.

"It's not funny Bella," he warned me, his arms crossed.

I ruffled his hair, "oh come on Lion, at least you're getting fifty bucks for it."

He glared at me for using that nickname, which by the way, I had been using for a week now and I burst into laughter all over again.

"Alice!" I yelled from inside her walk in wardrobe.

"Yeah Bells?"

"I can't do this fucking corset up."

I waited a few minutes before sexy Dorothy walked in. I rolled my eyes looking at her outfit. Instead of a young, virginal Dorothy, Alice had insisted on wearing a slutty-short skirt dress complete with a little Toto picture stitched onto the skirt.

I tried to breathe in as Alice tightened up my corset causing my breasts to almost fall out. I huffed.

"What is it now Bella?" she sighed at me.

"My tits are falling out."

Alice giggled, "that's the whole point my dear. You wait to see Edward's face when he sees you."

"The last time I checked, pirates weren't sexy...neither was Dorothy," I added as an afterthought.

Oh yes, she had dressed me up in a ruffle-netted deep red and black pirate costume, complete with a red and black laced pirate hat.

She had the grace to giggle again "Oh Bella, you look gorgeous."

Now that she had finished, I looked back at the mirror. Okay, so I have to admit I looked kinda even. Um, maybe I did want Edward to see me like this after all.

I turned to Alice and grinned, "I have to agree with you there Allie."

She squealed and hugged me tight then left to get her makeup bag.

I had to sit there for half a bloody hour as Alice put make up on me. She went for a dark, smoky look for my eyes and a slightly dark lipstick.

As she was finishing up, Rosalie walked in. She was dressed as the Red Queen from 'Alice in Wonderland'. It was very short dress, with a ruffled petticoat underneath and ruffled sleeves complete with playing cards decorating her red skirt.

"So you're not going as Toto then?" I teasingly asked her.

She rolled her eyes, "no thank God."

We all laughed as I got up to grab my pirate hat. We then put on our finishing touches; Rose had a cute little black hat whereas Alice had her cuddly Toto in her basket. Whereas I had borrowed Rose's high suede boots to wear, which were gorgeous on.

As the girls were grabbing their things, I sneakily made my way to Edward's room. Call me sad but I hadn't seen him in two hours and yes... I was kinda missing him and I only hoped he was missing me too.

His door was closed so I gave it a knock. Edward grinned at me as he opened the door.

"Can't keep away from me then?"

I rolled my eyes at him as I went to sit on his bed. I looked back at him to see his mouth wide open, his eyes staring at me intensely.

"Is that what you're going as?" he managed to choke out, "one sexy ass pirate?"

I giggled and then immediately stopped. What did he just call me?

Edward slowly walked over to me and sat next to me and then gently ran his finger over my bare shoulder. I shivered at the contact.

"You think I'm sexy?" I asked him.

His smile turned into my favourite crooked grin, "oh yes, definitely sexy."

Our breathing deepened as we felt the atmosphere suddenly turn intense. We stared into each other's eyes and my hand crept around his neck and started to slowly run my finger under his black shirt and drew lazy circles on his skin.

His mouth suddenly crashed onto mine and we both moaned on contact. His tongue licked my mouth and I granted him access and both our tongues entered our mouths.

Like before, Edward gently laid me on his bed and kept his body off from mine. I was suddenly filled with this need to just feel him and I knew it was up to me to make the first move.

I tugged on his belt loops, hard, causing him to fall on top of me. He let out an 'oof' and pushed back on his hands to look at me, surprise in his eyes.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I just want to feel you against me," I admitted to him.

He chuckled softly and kissed my forehead. "All you had to do is ask baby."

I smiled up at him and tugged on his jeans again to remind him what I wanted. Instead of kissing me, his mouth went to my neck and started to use his tongue on my skin.

His hands went to mine and tightened his hold on them.

I let go, wanting to feel his body more and instantly went to his waist gathering the courage to go under his shirt to rub circles on his waist. He moaned at my contact and he mirrored my actions, going to mine and doing the same.

He returned to my mouth, kissing me passionately. His fingers felt like they were on fire against my skin, I was starting to love his touch and what it could do to me. I moaned at the mere thought and Edward took this as a good sign as his hand slowly crept up to my breast.

He broke the kiss to look back into my eyes. Never breaking our stare, his hand cupped my breast and I closed my eyes feeling the intense pleasure.

On impulse, my legs wrapped around his waist and I jumped a little feeling his sudden erection on my thigh.

Edward moaned deeply at this new feeling and went to stroke my cheek. "This is new baby," he said to me, his voice deep and filled with lust. I froze for a minute thinking I was being a little bit too forward. Yet my worries vanished as his free hand went to my bare thigh and gently squeezed it.

He peppered little kisses along the top of my chest and up to my neck, and then back down again. Before I could capture his plumped, red lips for a kiss, someone banged on his door.

Edward cursed.

"Bells!" it was Alice. "I know you're in there so you two better stop making out and be downstairs in exactly ten minutes!" She did not sound pleased.

We both looked each other and burst into laughter. I swear that's what I loved most about him, most of the time we were on the same page and he just seemed so open and relaxed about everything.

He grabbed my hand and gently pulled me up.

I instantly wrapped my arms back around him and breathed him in. Edward chuckled and tightened his arms around me.

He looked down and searched my eyes. "You ready for this party baby?"

I grinned up at him and then suddenly realised what he was wearing.

"Erm, Edward?" I asked, "I thought you were going as the cowardly lion?"

He was wearing all black and nothing remotely 'lion' about him.

He groaned and turned away from me, retrieving lion-paw gloves from his wardrobe and waved them at me.

I giggled. "Is that all you're wearing as a lion?"

Edward frowned. "Alice bought me the whole costume. No way am I dressing up like some American football mascot."

I then noticed a huge lion head peeking out of the wardrobe and burst into laughter. I could have sworn Edward growled at me before putting his paws on his hands and crossed his arms as if trying to hide them.

"I won't get my fifty bucks now."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't you think it's wrong to take money off your sister anyway?"

Instead of answering me, he held out his fuzzy hand and I took it as he led me downstairs to the living room, me laughing all the way.

The party was loud and I mean thumping, ears hurting kinda loud. Alice had dragged me onto the dance floor more than I could count and I was starting to feel a tad uncomfortable as I couldn't dance, at all.

When I wasn't being dragged against my will, I remained by Edward's side watching him, Emmett and Jasper fool around mainly due to the alcohol that was in their system. I was surprised to see Edward drink so much. Particularly shots and I mean a lot of shots. He was now dancing to "I love Rock 'n Roll" by Joan Jett and Emmett soon joined in, his arm around his brother singing way out of tune.

At first, I was amused to see a drunken Edward but after he had literally begged me to take one shot as well I was starting to get way out of my comfort zone. Especially after Lauren had sauntered by, fluttering her eyelashes at him. It didn't help at all either when Jessica soon followed, showing no shame and stroked his crotch right in front of me as she passed by.

To my sheer horror, Edward wasn't fazed at all. He just kept dancing with the guys and then started jumping up and down like a monkey when Limp Biskit's 'Rollin' came on. I had had enough by then. Part of me was scared shitless that if I left, Jessica would do a lot worse and yet the other part was screaming at me to just leave.

I took the latter. Alice was also starting to get just a little too drunk for my taste so instead of telling anyone I grabbed my things from upstairs and without a glance backwards at my drunken boyfriend... I left.

I woke up with a sudden start. My head was reeling from images of Jessica last night and it didn't help matters that I dreamt of her and Edward doing a lot worse... it made me suddenly feel sick. Tears started to fall as I lay back down on my pillow willing the images to go away but they didn't. Luckily, my phone started to ring bringing me back to the present day.

It was Edward.


"Bella, baby?"

"Yes?" I didn't want to bother with pleasantries.

"Fuck Bella, what happened last night? You just disappeared."

He sounded so... bereft I almost felt sorry for him...almost.

I wasn't going to bother explaining to him what had happened but the images of Jessica came back and I suddenly felt more than anger. I wanted to hunt down the bitch and pull out her eyeballs.

"Well Edward," I sneered, "after what happened with you and Jessica last night I felt it was only right to leave you and her to it."

Silence, it echoed through the room. I didn't know what else to say and from the sounds of it, nor did he.

"Shit Bella, I don't even remember Jessica being there."

Now a large part of me was telling me that it was true, he was so off his head that naturally he wouldn't remember anything. Yet a small nagging part of me knew that one, I was his first girlfriend, ever, and shouldn't he be looking out for me when we're at such a large party? And two, did he really think I would allow such a thing to happen right in front of me and actually stay after something like that?

I moaned at such a rush of thoughts and buried my face in my pillow.

"Bella?" his voice grew worried now and he sounded so lost, I didn't have it in me to scream at him anymore.

"Edward? Can you please just listen to me for a second?" He was silent now so I took that as a sign to continue.

"Look, what happened last night just wasn't right. I mean, I'm not having a go at you for getting drunk. I mean, we're eighteen next year so it's only natural for us to get drunk. But when your boyfriend, who has had sex with god knows how many girls, and that girl in question touches your fucking dick right in front of me and you do fucking nothing! How do you expect me to react? Huh?"

My voice had started to grow louder so I took a deep breath to try and control it. There was more silence and I was starting to get sick of it.

I sighed. "Aren't you going to say anything Edward? Or are you actually going to try and fight for us?"

"One," he choked out.

Say what? "What do you mean one?"

It was his turn to sigh. "Sex with one girl," he admitted in a quiet voice.

I was officially confused. "What do you mean just one girl? I mean, you used to hang around with Jake for fucks sake."

"Jesus Bella," he snapped at me, "it was a fucked up time. I was in my car with fucking Jessica, high, might I add and we just fucked. I regretted it ever since because she was a fucked up, whiney bitch who never left me alone and she just took advantage of that shit okay?"

Whoa. I wasn't expecting that. Okay, I admit, it was pretty fucked up especially now I can never look at his Volvo the same way again but just...whoa.

We were both silent this time, for five minutes as I was on hands free and kept looking at the time. I knew he was waiting for me to speak, or even yell at him but I just couldn't. I mean, he had never just snapped at me before and it kinda hurt.

"Look Bella, can I just come over?"

Um, luckily Dad was out fishing for the weekend as I so did not want him listening in to our conversation.

"Yeah sure," I answered him.

We both hung up. I then saw on my phone I had thirteen missed calls of Alice, five frantic voice messages off her, seven from Edward and six text messages off the both of them asking where I was and why I had left.

I quickly text Alice explaining what had happened and wasn't surprised, as I was brushing my teeth when she started to ring me. I spat out the toothpaste and answered it.

"What the fuck Bella"?

Damn, I hope that anger wasn't directed at me. "What do you mean Allie?"

"I'm gonna kill that Jessica. I mean, I didn't even invite her. She just arrived with Mike, the little skank."

I sighed and headed to my bedroom to get dresses. "Edward's on his way Al, can I ring you after?"

"He better beg for forgiveness on his knees," she mumbled.

I didn't have it in me to agree with her as we said our goodbyes. I then frowned wondering what to wear. Ever since we started 'dating' I always tried to look nice for Edward, even in school. Yet after what happened last night all I could think was 'fuck it' as I grabbed my favourite blue sweater and my nicest pair of black jeans.

I heard the door being knocked so I rushed downstairs to answer it.

There stood Edward, his eyes filled with sorrow and worry. I didn't say anything, just led him into the living room and we both sat on the sofa.

I looked at him, worried of what he would say. Would he defend Jessica? To have heard what had really happened between the pair of them made me feel sick. To realise how close she had gotten to him, to have felt him in that way and all we had covered was second base.


"Bella?" Edward gently touched my shoulder and it took everything not to shrug him off. I had never hated his touch more than this, even when we were friends. I looked away instead because I knew if I looked at him again it would probably break my heart. God, when did I become so deep when it concerned Edward?

"Look Bella, you have to understand," his voice was filled with pain and regret, "it didn't mean shit okay? I am so sorry about what happened last night. I should have looked after you and I'm sure as Hell that I wasn't the biggest jerk ever."

He took a deep sigh. "God Bella, I shouldn't have gotten drunk. You were wrong as was I. I just feel like I'm drowning, trying to be a good guy again and I fucked up. I fucked up bad and I really need you to forgive me."

I turned back to him and my heart lurched at the sight.

Edward looked like a little lost boy, lost and alone.

His eyes started to fill with tears. I suddenly threw my arms around him. He buried his head on my shoulder.

"You're the only girl to care about me Bella, the only girl who's looked at me like I'm worth someone," he choked out, his arms tightened around my waist.

I knew then that this was all new to him, new and raw emotions. I tightened my grip in response and I was reminded of when I first comforted him back in his bedroom. I leant back slowly and looked deep into his eyes.

"It's not your fault Edward," I reassured him. "I should be the one who's sorry. I should have talked to you instead of taking the easy option and running."

He didn't say anything, perhaps he was too frightened of what I would say in reply. So instead I started kissing him gently, from his forehead to his neck. Back and forth I led a trail of soft kisses. Actions speak louder than words so they say so I wanted to try and show Edward how much I cared about him.

He didn't respond at first but when he did, he did with passion.

As if he couldn't take anymore, he moaned deeply and kissed me with such fervour I then knew how much we truly needed one another.

Edward laid me on the sofa and enveloped me with his strong arms.

We lay there for hours, simply just kissing and holding each other. I felt a sudden calm wash over my body as he held me there on top of his warm body and I couldn't help but snuggle up onto his chest, my arm wrapped tightly around his waist.

The door knocking made me jump awake and I felt fuzzy as afternoon naps can do that to you. I looked down at Edward to find that he was still asleep and looked so peaceful I didn't want to get up. The knocking continued and I could guess who it was.

Alice was on the other side, a worried frown etched on her face.

She instantly hugged me. "Are you okay Bella?"

I released her. "Things are fine Allie," I calmed her; "we talked things through and just fell asleep."

She gave me a small smile, "did he go on his knees?"

I took her hand and led her into the kitchen as to not disturb sleeping Edward. I grabbed some lemonade from the kitchen and handed Alice one as I sat next to her.

"He didn't have to go down on his knees," I quietly said, "it showed enough in his eyes and in his voice that I just couldn't take it. He admitted what he did was completely wrong so I could understand." I sighed to myself.

Alice looked down at her clasped hands. "He thinks himself undeserving."

I had to hold back the tears. "Yes, that's what he was talking about. It's as if he thinks he's unworthy and that kills me. Look Alice," she looked back up at me. "I will spend the rest of my life showing him just how worthy he is, of everything," I told her with complete conviction.

Alice grabbed my hand and I noticed there were sudden tears in her eyes. "Thank you Bella, that means so much to me."

I heard someone move in the living room and looked away to see Edward leaning on the wall, a small crooked grin on his face and I felt myself relax; he was back to his normal self.

As if I was a moth to the flame, I got up and wrapped my arms around him. I felt him relax at my touch and he kissed me softly on my forehead.

I heard Alice coo at the sight of us and looked back at her. She was wearing that Cheshire grin again.

"I better leave you to it," she said brightly and then bit her lip, deep in thought. "But if you want a sleepover tonight Bella you're more than welcome."

I looked up at Edward, that all knowing sparkle was back in his deep forest-green eyes and I knew what he was thinking.

"Um actually Alice, could you perhaps cover for me?"

I couldn't believe I was doing this. Alice raised a perfect shaped eyebrow at me.

"Let me guess, you want Edward to stay here tonight due to Charlie going fishing and our parents gone as well?"

I grinned at her and I knew she couldn't help herself but to grin back.

"Sure thing Bella but you owe me," she waggled her finger at me.

She kissed us both goodbyes on the cheek and left us to an empty and silent house.

I waved to her as she drove off and went back to the kitchen to find Edward raiding the fridge. I smiled seeing how at home he looked here and felt my inner teenager giggling as my eyes fell onto his perfect ass.

God, I could not help myself at all. I gave it a light slap as I squeezed past him to get to the snack cupboard.

I grabbed two poptarts and turned back to him to find a shocked and a slight bemused look on his face.

It was a few minutes before he could speak again.

"Well well Miss Swan, did you just spank me?" His voice was filled with hidden amusement.

I blushed ever so slightly at my sudden behaviour and I rolled my eyes at him.

Oo no.

Edward fucking growled at me and crouched down ever so slightly as if he was the predator and I the prey.

My eyes narrowed at him. "Oh no you don't Edward," I warned him.

"You rolled your eyes at me Bella; you can't get away with that."

My body suddenly tensed at the thrill that he might just chase me.

Edward leapt towards me and I managed to make a sudden jump back so that his hands just narrowly missed me.

I giggled at his shocked face. "You can't catch me Cullen," I warned him but my voice gave away my enjoyment so it was pointless to try and sound serious.

He didn't say anything and I knew I had to run before he made his next room.

I squealed loudly as I broke out into a run, Edward on my tail.

I ran around the sofa and almost fell back as he made an impressive jump over it. He grinned at me.

"Oo no you don't Miss Swan."

He made a sudden move to try and catch me but luck was on my side once again as I ran the other side, upstairs.

I made a sudden dash into my room and quickly went onto my stomach, crawling under my bed. God, it was dusty under here probably reminding me this was not the best hiding place after all.

I put my hand over my mouth as I heard Edward enter my room.

"Bella," he said in a sing-song voice and I had to really stop myself from giggling again.

"I know where you are Bella, you can't hide from me."

I could hear the smirk in his voice.

I could hear him fall on the bed and I was met by his head, popping down suddenly to look at me, his eyes filled with boy-like joy.

I let out my awaited giggle as he held out a hand to help me out.

He tugged me lightly onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me. We were laughing now, his body shaking beside me.

We calmed down and looked each other, silly grins on our faces.

Edward touched my cheek with a finger and stroked it softly, concern suddenly filling his eyes.

"Are you okay now Bella?"

I kissed him chastely. "Of course I am. Listen Edward, I've had time to think and you mustn't blame yourself. What you said earlier, you were wrong. You are everything to me, I just have to show you how worthy you are and if that means I have to do that for the rest of our lives I will."

Edward stared into my eyes intensely and, with no warning, attacked my lips with his.

His grip tightened around me and my hands instantly went to his thick bronze locks. He moaned deeply into my mouth and he deepened the kiss. His hand crept up under my shirt and drew circles on my stomach with his fingers.

Edward broke the kiss and looked down to my shirt, slowly starting to open my buttons one by one. Our breathing intensified as he opened the last one.

"Do you want to?" His voice was deep with lust.

I couldn't trust myself to speak so I just nodded. Our eyes went back to my chest as the shirt came undone showing my purple laced bra. Thank god I had picked a good one this morning to wear.

His hand slowly crept to my breast and cupped it tightly. I moaned on contact suddenly feeling that familiar coil tightening in my stomach. His hand squeezed harder and I blushed as I moaned louder.

My leg wrapped around his as he started to kiss my neck and made a path of kisses down onto my chest. Without removing my bra, he kissed my breast and I gasped from the feel of his lips on my skin.

"Do you want me to stop?" he looked up at me, his hand hovering above my bra strap.

I knew this was right so I nodded once more.

Edward pulled down the strap and then went to the cup, pulling to down slowly. Instead of looking at my breast, he looked back up at me.

"You're so beautiful Bella," he told me in a husky voice.

He surprised me once more by kissing my breast lightly. He languidly took my nipple in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. My hands ran through his locks and Edward moaned. The effect of this squeezed the coil in my stomach and I let out a low moan as it travelled through my body, all the way down to my toes and back up again.

Edward buried his head onto my shoulder.

"Tell me how good that was baby," he whispered to me.

I couldn't speak, my thoughts were too scrambled. My breathing was laboured and shaky as I was brought back down from that amazing high.

I could feel his erection on my thigh and I knew I wanted more. I pulled Edward on top of me with a hard tug and his eyes showed his surprise at my forwardness.

"I want to give you one," I whispered back to him. He knew what I meant.

Without saying anything, he pushed his large erection in between my legs and we both moaned at the new contact. His breathing suddenly deepened as he pushed onto me again and again, his thrusting grew harder and quicker. We moaned each time and I could feel my panties starting to pool with that rare but familiar liquid. God this was good.

His arm was wrapped tightly around my waist, his free hand on my bare breast kneading it hard but not enough to hurt, just enough pressure.

Edward's thrusts were now hard and fast, his moans kept getting louder and I loved what I could do to him and what he could do to me.

That coil felt tight again and I was begging for release. His head was on my shoulder and I was enjoying hearing him so close.

"Come for me baby," he told me, his voice laced with need and passion.

That did it, the coil squeezed inside my lower stomach and was let loose sending that amazing feeling through my body. I moaned loudly once more and Edward instantly followed suit as he pushed onto me one last time.

We lay there for a long time, getting down from our high, both of us panting and trying to get our normal breathing back. Edward still had a hold of me, his hand running through my hair softly.

I looked at my clock and was surprised to see it was evening already.

I looked up at Edward and smiled at him. He gave me a warm smile in return.

"Do you want some dinner?" I asked.

He now grinned at me, "only if I get to help cook it."

I enjoyed cooking with Edward, it felt natural and I felt so at ease cooking beside him. We decided on watching a film afterwards with popcorn, both of us snuggling up on the sofa. Edward kept a hand on my thigh throughout the film, his free arm wrapped tightly around my waist.

I felt safe in his embrace and even safer when we both climbed into my bed, his arm instantly coming around me, moulding me around his body.

Like the first night we spent together, I slept well and safe that night.

I wasn't surprised, when I woke up the next morning, to find that I was still in his arms.


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