Camping In The Woods

Part 7

The younger man groaned as the pain finally became more than he could suppress. Jesse focussed his eyes on the detective looming over him and then he remembered what had happened.

He struggled to sit up and found himself being pushed back down by Steve. "Where…are they?" the younger man asked between gasps.

Steve sighed. "They're gone, Jess," he said, "now just keep still, will you?"

Jesse's lips quirked upwards, in a small smile, as he nodded. He tried not to notice the concern and fear etched in his friend's features; he knew he was in a bad way. Not only did he have a bullet wound that was still pouring blood, but he was cold, wet and starting to shiver.

It was partly because of shock, of course, but he knew he was also at risk of getting pneumonia or hypothermia, especially if help didn't arrive soon.

Steve was thinking about the same thing as he watched Jesse shivering. He wished that he had something he could use to help his young friend. He hated seeing Jesse in so much pain.

Nearly 15 minutes had gone by and Jesse was close to passing out again. "Stay with me, Jess," Steve muttered, worriedly, "come on, I know you can do it. Don't give in now, Jesse, please!"

The distinct whirr of rota blades was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Help had arrived and just in time as Jesse's waning strength gave out on him and he slipped into the awaiting abyss.

It was a short ride to Community General, but for Steve Sloan, it was the longest ride in his entire life. Jesse was shivering uncontrollably now, and with the blood loss it was becoming increasingly hard to keep him stabilized.

There was one panic stricken moment - while Steve had been holding the limp hand – in which the faint line that marked Jesse's weak heartbeat had suddenly morphed into a terrifyingly straight line.

It had taken several tense moments before the EMT s had been able to establish a rhythm once more. Steve had been openly relieved as the reassuring beep of the monitor returned.

When they finally arrived at the hospital, Mark met the gurney with all the horror one would expect. "What have we got," he demanded as they guided the patient into an available trauma room.

"Bullet to the left shoulder, severe haemorrhaging, verging on hypovolaemic shock and the patient was exposed to freezing water for a length of time," was the paramedic's succinct response.

Steve noticed the dismay that swept over the older man's features and his own worry increased. If his father looked like that, then this was very serious.

"Right, he's tachycardic," his father said, "We need to get some fluids into him, raise his BP, then can someone book an OR; we need to remove that bullet".

"Right away, doctor," one of the nurses said. It was clear from the look on her face that she was familiar with exactly who the patient was, as she moved to dial for an OR.

The nurse returned, giving Steve a sympathetic glance as she passed him, and announced, "OR 1 is available now".

"Good," Mark said, "let's move him there now". He gave his son an encouraging look and promised to keep him informed. It was all Steve could do to offer his father a nod, if he did anything more he doubted he could maintain the strenuous hold on his emotions.


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