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I'll be writing this story along side The Immortal Ones, so updates will be on a strange... kind of basis. Anyway, in my mind, The Doctor (Not the dupe.) will eventually come into this story, but not now. His Dark Materials trilogy inspired me on this, especially Will's father.

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10:00am, 15TH june, Union Hospital, London, Parallel Universe

Silently, I watched from my bed as Mum, the Other Doctor (I couldn't bring myself to call him Doctor), Jake and Tony, who was hovering nearby, talked quietly to the medical doctor. Whisper, whisper, whisper. The Other Doctor raised his voice vaguely and looked rather angry, but Jake nudged his head at me and thus, they continued talking in low voices. Every now and again they stole awkward sideway glances at me, which I alays returned with a meek grin. Once, I caught Jake's eye so I decided to loosen up my boredom and live a little. I smiled, gestured an innocent waggle of fingers, mimed listening to their conversation with a gesture of hands and ears - then shrugged. Jake then slammed the door shut on me. Oh, he was dead polite wasn't he?! I breathed hot air up my need-to-be-cut-very-soon fringe; this was boring. A sudden pain stung my upper chest, and I remembered why...

They always did that; always talked about me in private. What was the point of hiding it all from me? I flipping well knew that I was terminally sick. I wasn't stupid enough not to know my own illness. Didn't I even have a right to know what was going on anymore? I looked around my room, taking in the annoying cleanliness. White, white and oh... more white. My fingers twiddled with the silver key that was on a piece of string around my neck. It had been there for about three years now and I never dared to take it off just in case he came.

The whispering eventually ceased and they all stepped into the room. The doctor checked my charts, nodded at me and left the room.

"How are you today, sweetheart?" Mum asked, taking my hand.

"I'm feeling fine! Honestly," I said, forcing a smile; I couldn't stand to see Mum upset. "The pain isn't so bad now."

"Oh, Rose, I wish you'd just tell me how you really are! I always feel so bad when I look at you and you never tell me what's going on inside that head of yours..." Mum sighed.

She didn't need to know what was going on in my head; she didn't want to feel the fire burn through me. She didn't.

So I lied. "Mum I'm being serious, I'm feeling great!"

At that precise moment I could hear and feel my heart pounding maliciously against my ribcage. The muscles in my heart bunched up and the familiar sting started up again. I rammed my eyes shut, inhaling slowly as I counted to ten and back again. Just ignore it... They all looked at me with concerned looks.

"Rose!" Tony exclaimed, climbing onto the bed to hug me.

He was so sweet. Mum tried to push him off, but I protested and allowed the little scamp to sit on my lap.

"Rose, Jackie's right. For once..." I heard him add the latter part under his breath. I grinned slightly. "It's not good for you or your health if you refuse to tell us any symptoms or pains you're enduring!" the Other agreed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "How can we do anymore research to create an

"What research?!" I huffed angrily. "Since when has this been going on? No one bothered to tell me!"

They all looked at each other warily. See? This is what I meant when I said they hid everything from me.

"Well?" I said, determined to get a proper answer for once.

"Your father set it up a couple of weeks ago, he thought it might help a little. You know, try and find out more about... your condition," the Other Doctor explained.

"You never tell me anything, and you say I hide things!"

"We didn't tell you because we knew you'd be like this," he sighed.

How many times had I told them not to try anything? I appreciated their concern and everything, but I warned them not to go meddling in my affairs and set up some private research lab just for my sake. The main reason why I didn't want all this fuss was the fact that I didn't want to give myself too much hope, didn't want myself getting too optimistic only to find out it will never happen.

"You know as well I as I do that no blimming research is going to help my condition. I'm just going to fade away and... and die, so just accept it!" I snapped at him.

Mum bit her lip before running out the room crying. Oh no, I always hated it when that happened. Look at what I'd done.

"Rose Tyler, you're a genius," I muttered incoherently to myself.

I couldn't help it. The words had just slipped out of my mouth. I know it was harsh to shout at the Other Doctor like that, but I couldn't help being horrible to him sometimes and I was sorry, sorry that he was stuck with me. The Doctor had gotten it wrong; things didn't work out the way he had planned them to go. If
anything we drifted iaway/i from each other instead of getting closer...

But it was all true. There was no cure, no antidote or medicine, nothing for
what I'd got. I was going to fade away and die...

"Don't worry Rose. I'll see to Jackie," the O. Doctor said briefly as he turned
to go after Mum.

"You're not going to die, are you, Rose? That's not true is it? Please don't die! You're the greatest sister ever..." Tony wailed.

I nibbled my bottom lip and was glad when Jake decided to speak for me. "Don't listen to us, Tony. We're all just talking rubbish. Your sister is just a bit sick. She'll be fine in no time!"

"Yeah, I'm just being silly! Look." I pulled a stupid face and Tony laughed.

I snuggled up closer to him.

"How's Dad?" I asked after a while.

"He's better than ever. You know that Antrotoxian Alien that was responsible for all the murders? The one we caught last year?"

I nodded. Of course I did; I was the one who'd caught the red furred rascal in the first place, but I didn't bother to point that little fact out. That alien was a terror to Liverspoon (Yep, not Liverpool)! It once killed ten shoppers at the WaitRose with one glance. Seriously! In the end, I had to chase it over three miles across some farm, on a bike. I managed to knock it out with a horse tranquilizer, then Torchwood locked it up in a cell! It was phonebox-sized, and trust me, it was cramp. I pitied the poor creature, even though I still despised it for all the murders it commited. Anyway, I got really infuriated at Dad for keeping the alien stashed away like an experiment, so I got him to set up a secret establishment on a deserted island for any alien threats they'd discovered. (The only reason I think he agreed was because I threatened to move out.) Anyway...

"Well, the Research and Devise Team found out that it was a memory chip implanted in his head that made him so evil, but they took it out. Pete sent it back to its home planet yesterday, using technology they'd found on some island years ago."



We bathed in silence until Jake ruined it.

"Your dad's sending the scientists out today, they've been sent to thirteen different countries. Even Papua New Guinea! But, it has been said they've got one of the best miracle cures! Oh... and the Research Dep said they're really getting results from studying the old Dimension Can--"

"Just shut up!" I shouted, then closed my eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry, but please stop going on about some stupid cure or stupid results! I honestly don't care anymore, Jake... It's no use anymo--"

My head suddenly throbbed as I was mentally psyched by excruciating pain. I cried out in agony and clutched my head, swimming out of consciousness. My heart felt like smashing out of my ribcage; each throb sent a nerve spitting out painful reactions... My muscles tightened and the blood rushed to my head.

"Rose! Rose! ROSE!?"

"Rose, what's wrong?"

I heard half a dozen voices yell at me.

Not long after that I felt wires and an IV being attached to me.

This is me. Rose Marion Tyler, aged 23 and stuck on my death bed... But oh no, it wasn't cancer or heart disease or anything common or anywhere near extremely rare... It was Universe Allergy. I was allergic to the

It had been exactly five months, three weeks and two days since the Doctor, the love of my life, left me on this universe and disappeared from me life, forever. This is my life.