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Seven Habits of Love


Sasuke glances at her and admires the blonde girl he proudly calls 'His' and admires everything about her. The way she smiles, walks, laughs, fidgets, and talks makes him so much more obsessed with her every second.

Lip Biting

Ino is not a shy person, everyone knows that. But whenever she looks deeply at Sasuke's eyes, she bites her lip because she might say something extremely embarrassing. But Sasuke loves her so much that any words other than 'I love you' he doesn't hear when she stares at him.


Sasuke has three kinds of smirks: the triumphant smirk, which he uses on Naruto when Naruto loses another bet and when he masters a new justu; the laughing smirk, which he uses when he finds something laughable, such as seeing Neji, the Hyuuga prodigy, 360-palm anyone who touches Tenten; and that smirk, the one especially reserved for Ino, when she does any little thing, such as burning toast (which he disdainfully eats), and most especially when she smiles at him.


Ino kicks Sasuke when he makes any remark about how she's gained weight, even though she hasn't, and Sasuke doesn't mind for he thinks Ino looks beautiful when she's angry.


Sasuke used to stay up late, alone, back when he was still an angsty stuck-up chickenhead, and look at the stars, seeing them as merely objects to guide shinobi during missions. When he started going out with Ino, however, she taught him how to make patterns in the sky, showing him the constellations. This became a frequent activity for them whenever they had free time. And now, Sasuke knows that the stars are one of nature's beautiful sights, but not as beautiful as Ino.


Ino is an inexperienced cook (hence the toast). But even though, Sasuke loves watching her struggle with the cooking utensils, occasionally reminding her not to stir so rapidly the missing bowl, making her glare at him. The dish comes out slightly burned, but he whole-heartedly appreciates the effort she makes, and she loves seeing Sasuke smirk and his eyes say 'I told you so' when the pancakes don't come out right, even though it's a damage to her pride. But you know what? She doesn't care.


Sasuke still has nightmares sometimes, about the massacre and Itachi (to whom he holds no more grudge against), and would wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and breathing rapidly. It's times like these that she wakes up and runs her fingers through his hair, singing to him softly that he slowly drifts off, this time in a peaceful slumber.

Sasuke doesn't need anything else from Ino aside from her love, but it's a plus that he gained these seven habits.

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