Twilight Meets the Flock

Max's POV

We were flying over Washington when Fang's head exploded. Not literally. That would just be a big mess to clean up not that I care about the 'it being Fang' part, OK, OK, I do care, I care a lot. Not that I would EVER admit that. So, anyway, Fang started falling and screaming out in pain, yeah I know what you're thinking, 'FANG screaming?' Well, you try having a head explosion, you'll never have the thought again. So me and Iggy supported Fang and stopped in a small meadow. Fang was panting and sweating like crazy. Angel and Nudge went to find water while Gazzy paced around nervously, very scared.

It's been 3 years. The flock is still together, Iggy in Fang are still sexist pigs and not getting any better. Angel's still my little sweetheart and Nudge still won't shut up. Fang, Iggy and I are 17, Nudge is 14 and a MOJOR shoppaholic, Gazzy is 12 and still wicked, well, gassy, Angel is 9 and sometimes goes little over board with the mind-control.

Iggy was hovering, (not the flying kind, the standing over someone kind) worried, while I bent down next to him to see if he was alright. "Fang? Fang? Are you OK?"

"Hmmmmmm," he murmured. I was so relieved. Angel and Nudge came over, carrying one of Fang's (black) shirts, soaked with water. I placed it over his eyes. His beautiful, dark eyes a I thought, I KNEW IT!!!!! YOU LOVE HIM!!!!! FINALLY YOU GET IT!!!! Angel. Of course. The voice had mysteriously disappeared after I saved the world. Awwwwwww so sad *cough YAY cough* We were trying to find a little quiet town to settle down in, we had fake ID's (I was 20 Fang was 22 Iggy was 23 Nudge was 16 Gazzy was 15 and Angel was 12) so we could buy a house.

Fang sat up, taking off the shirt. " Are you OK?" I whispered, Angel was right, I WAS finally seeing that I loved him. TOLD YOU SO!!!! yeah Angel, I should have listened, please stay out of my head sweetie. Sorry Max It's OK Fang hadn't kissed me since that day on the dock. I've been happy about it… 'til now, now I WANTED him to kiss me, I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but he might not care for me anymore, maybe I blew it, me and my uncertainties.

"yeah I'm fine let's go." He said, unemotionally, like always, GOD HE I S SOOOOOOO HOT!!!! Angel giggled. "what did I say angel?" "sorry, you basically screamed it though" Fang had a confused look on his face, only me and Angel could tell though. ANGEL!!! DON"T!!!!! suddenly Fang's eyes went unfocused, then he looked surprised, as surprised as he could look anyway. I looked at Angel, she was smiling sweetly. Then everyone but Fang went into the woods, I got up to follow them, but something caught my wrist. Fang.

Fang's POV

We were flying over a small town in Washington. We went a couple miles and there was nothing but trees, it was really cold and wet here. Suddenly my head felt like it was being ripped apart. Then I was falling. Then I blacked out.

I heard the voice of an angel saying my name and I hoped It would take me away from the pain. Then I realized it was Max. "hmmmmmm" I whispered, if it was Max I'd be OK. I felt something cold on my face. I sat up, taking off the shirt, "are you OK?" SHE whispered, if you don't know who SHE is, it's Max, the only person I have loved or ever will love. "yeah I'm fine, lets go." GOD I LOVE HER!!! Angel giggled. Crap she heard that, or at least that's what I thought until I heard Max say, "what did I say Angel?" "sorry, you basically screamed it though" I was SOOOO confused. She thinks your 'sooooooo hot' Yeah, RIGHT… no seriously, I wasn't supposed to hear this part but she just realized she loves you and wants you to kiss her again but doesn't know if you still like her. Seriously? seriously. wow Max wanted me to kiss her again. AND she loved me. Wow.

Angel, can you get every one to leave but Max? sure thing thanks take your time I rolled my eyes. The flock left, then Max turned to leave, but I caught her wrist, turning her back around. She was a little surprised, but she sat back down next to me. She was looking at the ground, not meeting my eye, I saw her cheeks though, they were bright red. "Max?" I asked. "Yeah?" She said, still not meeting my gaze. "I love you." I said under my breath, I didn't mean for her to hear it, I was just preparing myself, but I was glad she heard, because after the shock wore off, she said " I love you to Fang, so much" I took her face in my hands and lightly pressed my lips to hers, half expecting her to pull back but she didn't. She did the last thing I expected, her arms would around my neck, and she pressed her lips back onto mine. I kissed her back, hoping she wouldn't change her mind and fly off again, it hurt me so bad every time. But she didn't fly off, she kissed me hard, I smiled against her lips and hugged her to me, never wanting this to end, but thanks to the need of oxygen, we broke apart, panting.

"awwwwwwwwww" said Angel and Nudge at the same time. It was creepy how they did that.


"FANG AND MAX JUST KISSED!!!" Iggy smirked "Told ya dude. Over and Over."

Iggy, of course, knew I was in love with Max and had been since I was about 7 and I nearly cried for her every time they brought her back hurt, but hey, I didn't get my practice for being 'the Emotionless Fang' by myself. Iggy had told me over and over again that we would end up together, how he knew this I don't know. He actually liked someone for 'bout a year, Ella, but she had a boyfriend and she loved him. Poor Iggy. I hope he falls in love again, and ends up with her.

Max's POV

I was soaring. Not literally, emotionally. That was the best kiss EVER!!! The kiss with Sam was so much worse then that, by like 92,752% Seriously.

"awwwwwwwwww" said Angel and Nudge at the same time. CREEPY!!!


"FANG AND MAX JUST KISSED!!!" Iggy smirked "Told ya dude. Over and Over."

What was that all about? Oh well, I DON'T CARE!!!

Suddenly I smelled something that smelled like an eraser, but more wolfy, it wouldn't really matter, all the erasers were on our side now, because we would let them go while Itex would have killed them. So I wasn't really worried, Angel would pick up on anything else.

A sandy colored wolf stepped into the meadow. It stiffed the air, probably confused by our scent. Then something occurred to me, it was way too big and it smelled part human and something weirdly sweet. Angel looked surprised. Angel? Something wrong? Is he mean? no, actually he is unusually kind… and Max? what sweetie? he's a werewolf. "A werewolf?" I said,. Accidentally out loud. The whole flock, minus Angel, and the wolf snapped their heads to look at me. Is he a nice werewolf? yup and there are others…and… and? there are vampires, nice ones who don't drinks human blood. "VAMPIRES?!?!" once again out loud, oops tell them honey, and the wolf. okay she concentrated for a little bit, then there were gasps and the wolf trotted over. did you tell him about us? yes, he doesn't care but is really confused. the werewolf went into the woods then 5 minutes later a boy around 14 came into the clearing that's him "hello" I said. "hi. I'm Seth." "I'm Max this is Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel" I pointed to them, he looked at them as I said their names and when he got to Angel, he gasped and his eyes just about popped out of their sockets. Wonder what happened?

Angel giggled "wow didn't see THAT one coming."

"what is it sweetie?"

"uhhh… he just imprinted on me."


"it's a werewolf thing, kinda like love at first sight."


"don't worry Max he doesn't love me like THAT, he loves me like you do. Just wants me protected. Oh and we can't leave now."


"because you have to be with the one you imprinted with, and he can't fly."

Seth was silent during this whole time, and he didn't take his eyes off Angel.

"I'll be right back" he said as he walked into the woods.

"he's getting Jake." Angel said


"another werewolf, he's just going to tell him to come, and not think about the imprint yet, they share a mind while in wolf form"

Then Seth walked back and sat down next to Angel. I don't know why, but I was compelled to trust him, even though I just met him. Just then a russet wolf ran into the meadow, and halted as soon as he saw us. He turned then a boy around 16 came back.

"hey dude" He said, "what's going on?"

"Angel, could you 'tell' him?" Seth said.

"sure" she concentrated then the boy gasped.

"I'm Jake" he said, still shocked.

"I'm Max this is Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gazzy, and Angel. Jake held out his hand to us and we shook it, and it was freaking HOT. He stopped at Iggy, Nudge Elbowed him and said "he's trying to shake your hand. Sorry, he's blind" Iggy shook Jake's hand. Fang snickered and Iggy threw a rock directly at his head, this was usual, but Jake and Seth were amazed.

"anyway, Jake, I think they should meet the Cullens."

"who are the Cullens?"

"Vampires" Jake, Angel and Seth said, weird

"they won't hurt anyone though"

"okay, what ever we'll meet the Cullens, buy a house, and enroll you guys in school."

Cheers erupted from the whole flock but Fang who was just staring at me like a sexist pig, and I have to admit I liked it, I gave him a flirty smile back, and he looked kinda surprised.

We flew above the wolves until we got to a big white house with one of the walls completely made of glass.

Jake just walked into the house, not even knocking while the rest of us waited outside. First, two teenaged looking kids came out with a beautiful girl who looked around 5. The boy walked up to us and said "hi. I'm Edward Cullen, this is my wife, Bella and our daughter Renesmee or Nessie for short." Bella smiled and Renesmee grinned, she was sooooooo cute!!!!! "yes, she is" Edward said, "Yes, I can read minds but I can't put thoughts into people's heads like Angel, Nessie can though."

6 more strangers and Jake came out. One looked older than the rest "Carlisle" Edward said, reading my thoughts there was an older woman with him "Esme" then there was a REALLY buff looking guy "Emmett" with his arm around who looks like the worlds most beautiful person in the world "Rose" then there was this little tiny girl "Alice" with a tall man who looked like people repeatedly bit him, and hard, "Jasper, so you know we're good vampires and we know you have wings, why don't you come inside so we can get to know each other.

Fang hugged me tight and I LOVED it I mean what have I been missing? I'm NEVER going to be that clueless again! Edward and Angel burst into laughter at my little rant. Stupid mind readers. I hid my face in Fangs shirt as we walked into the house

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