Resident Evil: Degeneration

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A/N: This is a rewrite of Degeneration. In other words, I'm adding a character to the storyline (can you guess who it's going to be?) and I'm changing some things. Pairings…well….you'll just have to wait to find out. Also, things in this may not seem realistic. That's why it's a fanfiction, folks. And for the characters who were never given names, I'm giving them names. Boring first chapter...

Harvardville, a quaint little town that had nothing special going on for it. About the size of the late Raccoon City, it was apparently deemed the perfect place for WilPharma to build the Dome. If the Dome, and WilPharma, had never been brought to Harvardville, nobody would've ever even noticed the city's existence. I didn't and I'm told to know everything about anything.

That fateful day…in Harvardville…it seemed that the scent of roses drew me to the airport…


The airport rippled with activity. People walked, some aimlessly while others actually seemed to be doing something, in every piece of free space available. The clean building basically had a brightly colored sea of people trotting about, packed close enough together that somebody light enough could actually walk on their heads like stepping stones. The people were all dressed for the cooling temperatures outside and chattered animatedly with companions. Their conversations, pleasant and happy, made the population within the airport forget about the outside world and the furious crowd that surrounded the building.

Airplanes sat outside of the huge windows, their monstrous bodies gleaming in the late afternoon sun. Some of them had their engines turned on and the hot air that spilled from their wings shimmered. Men and women alike bustled around the planes, looking like ants next to a giant bird that was simply waiting to leave.

Walking through the large crowd and every now and then casting a glance at the massive birds anxiously was a woman who caught several men's eyes. She looked like any other person, clad in a black T-shirt over a red long-sleeved undershirt and blue jeans with black high-heeled boots, but their eye followed her anyway like she was the goddess Aphrodite reborn. Her ebony hair, but short, was a stark contrast to her alabaster skin. Her eyes were like two emerald gems and they sparkled with intelligence. Although she looked Asian, obvious European features mixed in with the Asian ones.

On her back was a simple black backpack of no specific brand. It looked heavy but she was, obviously, not at all hindered by it and carried it with a silent grace. In the backpack, unknown to the public, was a simple navy sweater, two books for the flight she'd be taking, and hidden at the very bottom was a .44 magnum. The woman had managed to get it past security without much trouble. A small, flirty smile here and a playful wink there and the guards were too distracted to notice the massive revolver in the backpack as it slid through the X-ray. Even so, she knew she was fortunate that they hadn't caught her anyway. Either they were morons or she was very good at her job. She decided it was more likely the second one. She was good at what she did. Very good.

However, she was not proud of her job. She, in fact, loathed it with everything in her. Her dreams, when not filled with a certain man, were filled with scenarios of what would happen if she were to leave her job, however impossible that was. Sometimes the two would mix and upon waking, she would be in a terrible mood.

Her attention was pulled back to the airport suddenly as people started stopping around her. Their voices started to become confused and panicked, as if something frightening was approaching them. Without a single hint of fear in her, she looked around and noticed nothing terribly unusual. But the people in front of her started to stumble backwards, as if that frightening thing was approaching them at the moment. The crowd, once pleasant and happy, suddenly quivered in fear and the people started to shout and scream. Mass panic struck at their hearts and they stumbled in horror, running from something. Then, as one, the crowd started to run.

Over the screams of the panicked people, a mechanized voice filled the airport but she paid it no heed. She was much too busy attempting to avoid getting trampled as she stayed still and continued to look for what had the people so panicked. People bumped into her harshly but she didn't feel the slight pain that coursed through her slender body. The panic of the people seemed to wash right over her, as if she was a bird with waterproof wings in a lake of panic.

But even she couldn't stand there forever. She started to take a step back when the floor beneath her boots started to rumble, sending tremors through her legs and up her body. She looked around, even more confused than before and heard the shrieks of the people escalate even more than before. But she also heard what had to be the screams of people in the terminal next to the one she was in.

Before she could question what was going on over there, a thundering explosion ripped through the building and the ground shook even harder than ever, making people trip and fall. She dropped to her knees instinctively so she didn't get hit by any debris that happened to be in the air. The lights flickered weakly before completely giving out and plunging them all into blackness.

As the rumbling died away, replaced by a dead silence that she didn't like whatsoever, and a thick smoke filled the building instead, she lifted herself onto her feet and looked around in confusion. In the darkness, hardly visible through the smoke, were shambling figures. They moved with an odd style, almost like they couldn't control their bodies. Her throat constricted, not in fear but in hatred, at the sight of them. She knew what they were only too well.



After wandering the airport aimlessly for the past hour or so, she found herself walking through the pitch black hallways of the inner airport. She wasn't quite certain where she was, though she guessed she was at least on the third story in the hallways where civilians weren't typically permitted. Although she was walking mostly aimlessly, she was also looking for a way out. And she knew that where she was did not offer an exit from the building.

She'd discarded her backpack since she wanted to be able to move quickly. She'd tied the sweater around her waist so she could have something to wear in case the airport started to get colder. The revolver was tucked carefully in-between the sweater and her shirts. Her spare ammo was tucked safely in the front right pocket of her jeans.

The sleeves of her red shirt covered most of her hand, only her fingers were visibly free from the crimson fabric. She typically didn't like having her hands able and ready to attack but in a situation like the one she was in, she liked having as much clothing on as possible. She knew how dangerous it was to have bare flesh visible. Though the zombies were easy to outrun, they could take deadly swings that would catch the skin and successfully infect the person. She wasn't particularly fond of the idea of becoming infected.

She found herself walking down a seemingly endless hallway, her right hand eager to clutch the magnum. The Colt Anaconda was a nasty gun, capable of punching a hole through even some of the thickest armor. But she didn't want to waste her ammo. So, she kept the revolver tucked against her stomach. She turned a corner and-

-nearly smashed face first into a person. Without thinking, she tore the gun out from its place and aimed it at the person's face. The sight of the monstrous gun made the person, a very ferrety looking blond man, fall onto his rear-end and shriek girlishly. She jolted at the sudden noise and lowered the gun, certain that no zombie would ever make that noise.

"Be quiet," she hissed, her low purr of a voice catching the man's attention immediately. He looked up at her from his position on the ground and seemed to realize that she too was a human. She looked down at him apathetically and he swallowed thickly. "What's your name?" she asked. While she wasn't very fond of people following her like puppies after their mother, she didn't think he deserved to die.

"Lang…Langley," he stammered out as he stood. He looked at her sheepishly, as if just remembering the way he'd screamed like a girl when she'd aimed the revolver at him.

Before he could say anything, her sensitive ears detected the sound of heavy boots thunking softly on the carpeted floor. She lifted her right index finger to Langley and motioned for the room he stood near. He quietly entered the room and she followed suit, kneeling with him next to the windows. The blinds were drawn, however, and only the bright light of a flashlight was visible.

"I know this is where it came from," a deep male voice said. "And it sounded human enough. But where would they go?" She tried to imagine a face too go along with the voice but she couldn't. Her mind was too busy trying to come up with a way to get out of the room without being shot at. Whoever they were, it was obvious they were soldiers of some kind. And she wasn't particularly fond of dealing with soldiers of any kind.

"Maybe you're just hearing things," a female voice remarked. A moment of silence filled the hall before she chuckled and mumbled, "Okay, I heard it too. But whoever it was obvious doesn't want to be found."

"Then let's go. We can't stay still for very long," a new male voice said, this one low and husky. Her emerald eyes widened with shock and her heart started to beat rapidly in her chest. She knew that voice. She'd heard it in her dreams for seven years and it had only been a year since the owner of that voice had said her name.

The flashlights moved away and she stood, instantly heading for a door. Langley shot her a confused look but she burst out of the room, making sure to make enough noise to catch their attention. Sure enough, the first male voice snarled something angrily about people making up their minds and the heavy footsteps returned. Langley stepped out of the room shyly and stood at her side.

A flashlight shined into her face and nearly blinded her. She held up her hand and shielded her eyes but even that didn't enable her to see the face of the person holding the flashlight.

"Well, hello there," the deep voice said and she wanted to roll her eyes. Suddenly, something forced the flashlight down and she regained her sight. Lifting her eyes cautiously, she looked into a face she'd never forget.

The look of shock on his ever youthful face made her smile, because even after seven years she still managed to confuse him, she still managed to shock him. But his blue eyes were hard and angry at the sight of a woman he'd thought dead. Or maybe it was the sight of her with Langley. She liked to think it was that one.

"Leon," she purred, making sure he knew it was her and not somebody who just looked like her. "Long time no see."

The shock melted away, replaced by a rather neutral look, and he copied her, repeating the line he'd spoken the year earlier in Spain. In a bitter voice, he gently growled, "Ada…"