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If anyone is offended by the title of this story since it is the name of a religious song please note that "his" can apply in several ways.

His Eye is On the Sparrow

Emmett's POV

OK this looks like as good a spot as any. I stopped running and opened my senses hoping to find a large predator to eat. I hoped I could find a bear. Just when I caught the scent of a mountain lion I heard a strange noise.

"Cheep cheep cheep."

What on Earth? I thought.

"Cheep cheep cheep."

I looked around and focused on the noise trying to find where it was coming from. There! Aww poor thing. It was a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. I crouched down and examined it the best I could without touching it since I was afraid I would break it. I didn't smell any blood and it didn't seem to be in an awkward position so I figured it was OK.

What can I do to help it? I knew it needed to go back to it's nest but I was sure that if I lifted it I would crush it. I need a sling. I realized. I looked around for a leaf I could roll it on to and pick up the edges to deposit it in the nest. Unfortunately there were only pines in this area and no broad leaves.

What can I use? I put my hands in my jean pockets hoping to find something handy. Drat! Nothing! I still had my hands in my pockets when an idea hit me. The pockets are just like built-in slings! Alice treats clothes disposably anyway so…

I carefully ripped out the inside of my pocket and placed it on the ground next to the baby bird. How do I do this? With extreme caution I barely tapped the bird which caused it to roll slightly toward the pocket.


It only cheeped once so I figured it wasn't in pain so I tapped again and once more it let out a single cheep. After 11 taps it was settled in the middle of the makeshift sling and I pinched the edges of the sling together and lifted it up. I placed my hand underneath of it incase the bird were to fall.

Slowly and with extreme caution I lifted the bird and placed it safely in the nest. "There you go little guy. Be more careful now OK?" It was then I heard a rustling sound behind me and I whirled around into a crouch only to find Carlisle with a huge smile on his face looking extremely proud. "How long have you been there?"

"Since I head your pocket ripping. You have no idea how proud of you I am in this moment. You saved a tiny life without a second thought. I truly admire what you did."

If it were possible I would have blushed. "Err... thanks I guess." I said in embarrassment. "So should we go hunting now?"

He smiled kindly and said "let's. I think I smelled a bear to the Northwest."

I sniffed the air and sure enough I smelled one. I took off like a bullet while thinking about how happy I was to have saved that little bird.