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His Eye is On the Sparrow

Carlisle's POV

I was following Emmett on our hunting trip planning to tell him about the grizzly I was not sure he smelled when I heard a strange ripping noise. Curious I walked toward the sound only to see Emmett place what looked like the inside of a jean's pocket on the ground. What is he doing that for? I wondered. I was even more surprised when he gently tapped an object toward the pocket.


It's a bird! But why is he doing that? I then saw the nest in the tree above the bird. I watched as Emmett slowly but surely rolled the baby bird onto the pocket then pinched the edges of the pocket and placed his hand underneath as he lifted it incase the bird were to fall.

With amazing gentle care he slowly lifted it and placed the jean pocket in the nest with the bird. He then gently removed the pocket from underneath it and said "There you go little guy. Be more careful now OK?" in such a caring voice my heart melted and I felt warm all over from the display of kindness.

I said a quick prayer in my head to reinforce the request and safety of the bird. He is such a kind soul. Not many of us would have cared enough to stop the hunt and save a baby bird. I am truly grateful he is my son and I am so proud of him right now.

I shifted my weight against a tree branch to draw his attention and, predictably, he whirled around into a crouch but when he saw it was me he straightened up and looked warily embarrassed.

"How long have you been there?" he asked guardedly.

"Since I head your pocket ripping." I responded and I could hear the strong emotion in my voice. "You have no idea how proud of you I am in this moment. You saved a tiny life without a second thought. I truly admire what you did." It was completely true.

He seemed extremely embarrassed. "Err... thanks I guess." He then grasped for a subject change and asked "so should we go hunting now?"

I remembered the whole reason I had gone up to him in the first place and said. I smiled gently and said "let's. I think I smelled a bear to the Northwest."

He sniffed the air and took off when he caught the scent. I did not follow him immediately but instead went up to the bird and said "thank you little one for letting me see the kindness inside him. "

"Cheep" it said in agreement.