I am a really bad person who should not have started writing this story while writing all my other ones and attending school, but I did anyway. I just hope I don't fail...at school or life.

I am really shocked that I wrote this fanfiction, well have begun writing it anyway, since I am still angry at Sasuke for what he is doing in the manga right now. My mind is a really scary place that I can't control so I just have to listen to it and write things.

I'll stop blabbering now and let you read the story...

Failure to Fangirl

Chapter 1: The Idea

"Class, today we have a new student who will be joining us from now on, please introduce yourself." Iruka, I suppose Iruka-sensei, told me addressing the class and then motioning to me.

"I am Taki Nami and um, I like blue?" I introduced myself nervously, not knowing what to say since I had never had to introduce myself before.

"Okay, well Nami is the same age as you all and I expect you to be nice to her." Iruka-sensei said glaring at the students now. "You can go sit next to Naruto. Naruto raise your hand."

"I'm Naruto!" a blond blue eyed kid shouted waving frantically at me, "I am going to be Hokage!"

"Okay." I said blinking at him, wondering why I needed to know that at that precise moment.

"Today we are going to talk about what chakra is…" Iruka began but I stopped listening since I knew it already. Instead I used my time to observe my fellow students. I noticed a pink haired girl taking notes frantically. Naruto was passing notes to this brown haired guy with a puppy in his coat. One guy was sleeping; one guy was I don't know because I couldn't see his face due to his coats long neck and sunglasses. A blond girl was messing with her bangs, a dark haired girl was looking around and when she saw me she blushed and looked away; as if I caught her doing something bad. I also noticed that most of the girls in the class were eying this one boy who was looking out the window, no let me rephrase that, he was glaring out the window as if it personally offended him. Unfortunately as I was studying him the other girls noticed and glared at me until I decided my own curiosity was not worth death.

"Nami-chan," Naruto whispered to me as if I had been his friend for years instead of a stranger that he just met, "I'm bored."

"Hmm," I hummed blinking at him trying to figure out two things. One, what I was supposed to do about that and two, what I could do about it. Yeah that was basically the same thing but I got different answers, "Draw a picture, make Origami, bake me pie, practice making hand puppets, or listen."

"How would I bake pie?" he asked blinking at me confused and then staring at me with wide eyes.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't mind if I had some pie right now." I informed him as if that was a good answer to his complaint.

"Mmm, pie!" this large boy that I didn't notice before because he was behind me started to dream about pie.

"See he wants pie too."

"But I can't bake pie in class." Naruto whined forgetting to whisper.

"I am not talking about pie baking, Naruto," Iruka-sensei scolded, "I was explaining chakra. Since you weren't listening what is chakra?"

"Um, I dunno." Naruto answered.

"Detention. Nami, since he had to have been talking to someone what is chakra?"

"The power that runs through our circulatory system and allows us to do jutsu, it also is necessary for us to live. If your chakra is depleted you could die of chakra exhaustion and um, most chakra is blue?" I ended with a question because I was unsure about if that was what he wanted to know.

"We didn't cover that which means you weren't listening, so detention."

"Okay." I answered oddly happy for someone who just got detention; hey I had nothing better to do.

"How did you know that?" Naruto whispered to me completely ignoring the fact that he just got detention for doing that earlier.

"Okay class, time for lunch."

"Yay! Lunch!" I shouted excitedly receiving fervent nods from the large boy behind me.

"Akimichi Chouji." The large boy introduced happy finding a fellow food enthusiast. "The one sleeping is Nara Shikamaru."

"Nami-san, H-hello." The shy girl greeted since everyone decided that I was the most amusing thing in the class and needed to be introduced. "I-I'm Hyuuga H-Hinata."

"Nami, you aren't interested in my Sasuke-kun are you?" the pink haired girl asked, randomly if you ask me.

"Of course she is Sakura-of-the-big-forehead, Sasuke-kun is just so dreamy." The blond girl interrupted before I could ask who in the wold Sasuke was.

"Ino-pig of course I know how dreamy Sasuke-kun is but she only looked at him a little." The one I am guessing is Sakura stated.

"Troublesome." the lazy boy that I now knew as Shikamaru muttered.

"Hey! I'm Inuzuka Kiba the coolest boy here and this is my dog Akamaru." The brown haired boy shouted while allowing me to pet his puppy that yipped cutely at me. Awe, the puppy is so cute.

"No that's Sasuke-kun." All the girls other than Hinata and I shouted at him.

"Who's Sasuke?" I asked the boy with sunglasses because he was the only one seemingly not interested in watching girls beat up Kiba. The boy stared at me for a while, I think, it's really hard to tell with the sunglasses and all.

"Where's Sasuke-kun?" one of the girls finally noticed that he was not there. Okay so process of elimination means that the window glare-er is Sasuke-kun. Then all the girls, minus Hinata and me, ran out of the room searching for their beloved Sasuke-kun.

"Okay, so why are they all looking for this Sasuke guy?"

"Fan-girls." Sunglasses boy stated startling the crap out of me, and several others, "Shino." He stated simply then walked out himself.

"Okay, I guess his name is Shino." I said making sure my assumptions were correct. The boys all nodded. "So all those girls are Sasuke fans?"

"Yep." Kiba stated recovering from his injuries oddly quickly.

"So to fit in I should be a fan-girl?" I asked them noting that all my friends were male, other than Hinata who has disappeared into the shadows. Seriously no one saw her leave. What a good ninja she is, able to disappear like that.

"Well, I suppose, but they are really cruel to fellow fans, you heard Ino and Sakura." Chouji told me between potato chips.

"Hmm, I'll think of something eventually. Till then do you guys mind if I eat with you?"

"Nope." Was the general answer I got from them as we walked out to eat outside so that Shikamaru could watch the clouds.

As we were cloud watching, I saw a rabbit and a shoe in case you were wondering, I watched the other girls search for Sasuke. Didn't they realize he was in the tree behind me? I sneakily looked like I was cloud watching but was secretly looking at the boy who I assume is Sasuke in the tree.

"You're Sasuke right?" I asked making sure.

"Che." He said glaring down at me.

"I'll take that as a yes. So you are the one that I shouldn't fan-girl." I said to myself causing Sasuke to look confusedly at me.

"Such a drag." Shikamaru said before picking himself up and walking back into the classroom. He apparently magically knew that it was time to go in. I got up and followed them not even turning to watch Sasuke get down. As far as I am concerned he is unimportant, since I obviously wasn't going to become his friend or fan anytime soon.

During Iruka's lesson instead of listening I came up with a plan of action for getting some girl friends. It will be lonely if I am only surrounded by boys. Who will go shoe shopping with me? Certainly not Shikamaru. I need to become a fan-girl, which after watching Sakura and Ino all day I know exactly how to do. The problem is that I need to be a fan of someone who is not Sasuke. I know that I can fan girl since all it requires is that I stalk someone, bother them all the time by praising them, and hang on them any time I catch them.

So who will be the stalked? I guess I can stalk each of my new friends until I find a suitable stalkee…stalkee isn't a word is it? Fine I will stalk until I find the stalked. That just sounds weird. Oh well, who to start with. I know! Shikamaru; since he is so lazy I won't have to do much stalking since he will just be sleeping. Does that sentence make me lazy?

Preview from next chapter: Shikamaru

"Well I think its cool how he can sleep through class." I gave one of my reasons.

"That's not an admirable characteristic." Sakura countered. I wanted to tell her neither is glaring at windows but then I would get beaten up.

"He also magically knows what time it is and how long it will take to do something." I decided to omit the 'and how much effort it would take to do something'.

"Well I suppose that is true..." Sakura said trailing off.