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Taki versus Taki

With Taki Zombie: Outside POV

"I heard that there is a puppet master from Suna here." Ryouta announced to his enemies.

"We won't tell you where he is." A suna ninja shouted.

"Don't worry I don't care if I kill him or not, I just want his title."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to be the puppet master."

"You use puppets?"

"No I use people."

"Then why do you want to be known as the puppet master?"

"I use people as puppets." Ryouta said with an eerie grin before running forward to cut the ninja he was talking to in the shoulder.

"It's just a scratch." The unimportant ninja number 578 laughed.

"That's all I need." Ryouta said before lifted his hand, dramatically, controlling the movements of that ninja. Ryouta pointed at the ninja's squad members that were near their battle and the ninja lurched forward armed with a kunai. Ryouta grinned as he watched the ninja take out his entire squad.

"No!" The ninja shouted as Ryouta gave him control of his mouth.

"Bored now." Ryouta said waving his hand and causing the ninja's blood to flow out of his body. Ryouta then sent the blood out as spikes towards the new ninjas that were heading towards him. The ninja all dodged. "Less bored." He grinned.

Nami POV

"How did you find me?" Ryouta questioned me.

"The voice in my head told me to head west." I explained simply.

"Oh." Ryouta said while nodding in understanding.

"Then the table was nice enough to tell me which way west was."

"How nice of it."

"That's what I said."

"Does all furniture talk now?" Ryouta questioned curiously.

"I don't think so. That was just an oddly talented table."

"Indeed." Ryouta agreed.

"So did you do all of this?" I pointed at the bloody field where people used to be.

"If I did would you run away?" Ryouta smirked.

"Nope, it would make me want to fight you even more."

"In that case, yes. I slaughtered them all, except for that one." Ryouta said pointing at a ninja who had a knife sticking out of his chest.

"Who killed him?" I questioned. I was going to ask what but that was kind of obvious.

"Don't know."

"Mysterious." I said while Ryouta and I stared at the dead body pondering how he died.

"Maybe I dodged and he was behind me but didn't move in time."

"Or his heart could be made of magnets."

"Maybe he reversed gravity and then made the knife fall into his chest instead of to the ground."


"Weren't we going to fight?" Ryouta questioned blinking rapidly due to the fact that he forgot for a minute that we were supposed to fight.

"We were."

"Then we should stop stalling."

"You discovered my ingenious evil plot that I never knew about until you discovered it!" I shouted sadly.

"I might not kill you." Ryouta said with a smirk which changed to an eerie grin. Okay, grinning is apparently creepier than smirking.

"Really?" I questioned hoping that I wouldn't have to fight and instead we would ponder life's—and in his case not-life's—mysteries. Sadly all of my hopes were dashed in the next minute. All five of them, my hopes that is.

"It has been a while since I was amused. That doesn't mean I will go easy on you. I do not want a weak descendant, after all."

"Perish the thought." I sighed knowing that I would have to fight.

"Let us begin."

"A sneaky ninja would have already attacked."

"What makes you think I didn't?"

"The lack of pain?" I mused shrugging my shoulders.

"True." He said with a laugh before running towards me to attack. I blocked his first punch by ducking and he quickly kicked me over three bodies before I stopped myself.

"At least I know how far I fly due to you attacking me."

"What do you mean?" Ryouta questioned, pausing his attack once more.

"I flew three bodies with one kick." I announced proudly.

"Let's see if I can beat my record." Ryouta said before running at me once more.

Ryouta aimed a punch at me once more, this time I dodged to the left and twisted around Ryouta. I used the momentum of the spin to kick Ryouta. Ryouta went two bodes forward before front flipping to stop himself from moving forward.

"I can't have you beating my record." Ryouta grinned.

"But I want to be the people kicker champion." I pouted stomping my foot on the ground.

"I give you permission to have the title of farthest flier." Ryouta said before running at me and instead of punching aiming a kick at my stomach. I swiftly dodged left and grabbed his foot and then attempted to throw him. He went half a body away and then launched forward towards me once more. Ryouta began rapidly punching me and I was forced to be on the defensive to block all of his blows. Ryouta kicked me in my left hip and sent me five bodies to the right.

"Ow." I muttered rubbing my side before jumping backwards to avoid a punch to my jaw. I sprang forward and landed a punch to Ryouta's shoulder causing him to spin slightly away. I ran past him due to the momentum I had built up to try and harm him. He quickly recovered and ran towards me once more.

I tripped over something, or someone, and fell onto the ground. I rolled to the left to avoid being stomped on. Ryouta began doing hand signs and completed an earth jutsu making the ground below me turn into quicksand. I quickly summoned some water and used it to free me from the pit.

"Bad move." Ryouta said as he took control of my water. I dropped back down to the ground to not be taken by the water right to Ryouta.

"It seemed better than being buried alive." I shrugged trying to wrestle control of the water away from Ryouta. I succeeded in getting half of the water back under my control. Now the water was just floating around us waiting for us to attack one another with it.

"I am surprised you could gain control of any water while I am around."

"Well it was my water first." I pouted.

"Mine now."

"Not all of it." I tried to smirk at him. He quickly sent some water at me and I used my water to block the attack.

"It seems we are at a standstill." Ryouta remarked after a while of us continually trying to hit each other with water. Ryouta summoned his water to him and sent it flying away. I did the same with mine. "You could have attacked me with the water."

"If I did you would have taken control of it and I would no longer have any water." I argued.

"You saw through my plan."

"It's better this way."

"We need to settle the argument of who is the better kicker of people."

"I think you already won that."

"You admit defeat?"

"I admit that you kick harder than me and I fly farther than you."

"I should be returning to Madara soon."

"I am afraid I can't let you do that."

"You amuse me, so I will let you live." Ryouta said before he summoned water from the grass I was standing on and made it attack me from behind. I ran forward but fell into a sand trap. Ryouta then knocked me out.

Preview from next chapter: Resolution

"Wait, why am I here?"

"Because you amuse me."

"So you kidnapped me?"

"Would you rather I left you in the sand?"

"I would have gotten out, eventually." I said but muttered the last bit.