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Piano Fingers – Part Two.

It had been a week and a half since that weekend I spent with Edward. We certainly made up for lost time then, but nothing has happened since on account of our midterms approaching; only two weeks away. The two days we spent together that weekend, home alone, had been fantastic and it was the thought of getting to relive that time that was pulling through three weeks without having Edward that way. He keeps promising me all the things we'll do the minute he gets me alone after the last exam; which wasn't helping my case. So I was back to my trusty shower-head. Not something I was proud of, but at least I didn't feel just as guilty anymore, knowing that it was nothing like how Edward can please me.

I bit my lip at the thought as the water-jets continued to abuse my sensitive nub, turning my legs to jelly as my knees locked to keep me from falling flat on my face. Waves of pleasure rolled through me as I moaned Edward's name almost silently, keeping aware that Charlie was only a few rooms away. I steadied myself and hooked the shower-head back in place before turning it off, my eyelids fluttering as a stupid grin widened on my blushing face.

I stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around my chest, tucking it in so it wouldn't fall as I towel-dried my hair quickly. I brushed my teeth quickly and exited the bathroom, into the cool air of the hallway, shivering lightly as I shuffled to my room, slipping in and closing the door behind me before flicking the light on.

"Oh!" I gasped, clutching at my heart as Edward grinned up at me from my bed. He raised one eyebrow and let his emerald eyes flicker over my glistening body. I blushed deeper and narrowed my eyes playfully at him, dropping my clothes into a heap beside the door as I moved over to the bed slowly. Edward moved so he was sitting up with his legs swung over the side of the bed. I smirked evilly and approached him, leaning down to kiss his lips tenderly as I sat on his knees, effectively straddling him. He moaned into the kiss and pushed his hands over my hips and around to clutch my bum, pulling me in tighter to him. I let my fingers lace through his messy bronze hair as we deepened the kiss, feeling Edward harden underneath me. I pulled away and raised my eyebrow at him, a coy grin etching on my face as he fought a smirk.

"Belllaaaaa" Edward cooed my name huskily as he fingered at my towel, tugging it gently before it fell undone, sliding down my body and pooling at my feet. I took in a sharp breath as the cold air washed over my body and Edward swooped me up and laid me on my back on the bed, all in one swift movement. I giggled gently as he moved over me, leaning down to kiss me passionately again.

"Edward, Charlie is just down the hall..." I gasped as my head fell back, feeling Edward's rough palms kneading my breasts. He rubbed my hardening nipples between his finger and thumb as his lips trailed from mine, down my neck before joining his hands, sucking and nipping on my hard peaks. I barely contained a moan as I fisted the tails of Edward's shirt, pulling them up so I could rub my palms across his flat stomach. His abs rippled under my touch and he ground his bulge onto my naked heat, making me us both moan breathily.

"You'll have to be quiet then, won't you?" he joked and moved his mouth to my collar bone, sucking hard, no doubt leaving a harsh red mark, before making his way to my lips again. We re-joined in a fiery kiss as I undone the buttons on Edward's shirt before proceeding to rid him of it, letting it land somewhere across the room. My shaky fingers moved downwards and started fumbling around his belt buckle, before getting it undone. He kicked his jeans off awkwardly along with his boxers, letting his shaft spring up from its confines. Edward groaned at his freedom before I pushed my hips up harshly, grinding my heat into his hardened crotch. He glared down at me and took his bottom lip into his mouth, capturing it between his teeth and fell forward, using his hands to prop himself up so he was hovering just inches above me.

I could feel my chest tighten as my breathing became more erratic, my vivid imagination playing out a million fantasies at once as Edward trailed butterfly kisses all over my chest, his tongue dipping between my breasts and leaving a wet line. Moving between my breasts, he slowly trailed lower and lower, circling my bellybutton before reaching my mound. I gripped my lip harshly between my teeth as Edward spread my legs open and dipped his head between them, blowing lightly onto my wetness. I drew in a sharp breath, throwing my head back into the pillows behind me, as Edward's tongue ran up my slit. I heard a moan sound from Edward as he drank me in, slipping his tongue into me slowly and making circular motions.

"Edward" I gasped silently, fisting handfuls of his hair and holding him close to me. I felt him smile as his actions grew faster. I looked down, fighting against myself to keep my eyes open and not let them roll to the back of my head, and watched as he trailed a hand up and start to rub at my clit.
"Oh god" my breathing staggered. I could feel the familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach building, awaiting release. Pulling my hands up, I tore Edward away from his task and quickly joined us in a fiery kiss. I could taste myself on his tongue; giving me an idea. I lay down, pulling him on top of me before rolling to the side then on top of him.

"Getting confident are we?" Edward mocked, breaking our kiss with a grin. I narrowed my eyes playful and ground myself onto his throbbing erection. A throaty groan emmited from him as his eyes fought to stay open.

"I've been..." I whispered up to him, looking up seductively through my eyelashes, before moving down his body, smoothing my hands over his chest and stomach.
"Waiting..." my hands moved lower, one index finger ghosting over his trail of hair and the other over his awaiting hardness.
"For too long." I finished, leaning forward and dipping my head down to place a delicate kiss on his tip. I heard him intake a sharp breath and watched him throw his head back. I grinned to myself and dragged my tongue up his underside before taking him into my mouth, starting with just the tip then bobbing my head until he filled my mouth completely. Moans and groans reverberated through my room as I drew Edward closer to his release.

"Bella, I'm..." he breathed. I drew off him with a 'pop', licking my lips before climbing up onto him and pulling his lips to mine. His eyes struggled open as his hands found my hips, clutching them tight and guiding me down. I smiled into the kiss and snaked my hands into his mop of bronze hair, fingering it lightly as my hips moved down. I felt his tip rub against my wet slit and after a quick nod, I slowly slid down, impaling myself onto him. We both moaned into the kiss as Edward filled me up to the hilt. I gasped into his mouth as he lifted me up of him before letting me slide down a little faster.

"Faster" I pulled my mouth from his and moved it to his collar bone, suck and biting as my fingers tugged harshly through his hair. Without another word, Edward lifted me up then dropped me, causing me to yelp out and bite a little harder than I should have.
"Fuck, do it again" I gasped. We repeated the movement over and over, holding a steady rhythm; me bouncing on and off him. Our breathing was laboured and a sheen of sweat was developing on Edward's forehead.

"Bella, this is..." Edward started before being cut short as I kissed him deeply, forcing my tongue into his mouth as I took control of our motions. I dropped myself down onto him then pushed my hips forward, rubbing our pubic bones together, creating a fantastic friction on my clit. I caught my breath to stop me from calling out his name as I moved faster, rocking us back and forward, harder and harder.
"Fuck!" I felt Edward's stomach tighten as his orgasm loomed. I breathed heavy into his mouth as I drew his hands into mine and pushed them above his head, still rocking our bodies together. A short moment passed before my climax shook through me, sending shocks throughout my whole body as I clamped my muscles hard around Edward. A loud grunt passed his lips as his back arched up into me, his orgasm washing over him as he spilled himself into me. I continued to rock, slowly with purpose; drawing out our pleasure as our tongues battled in each other's mouths.

"Mmm" I pulled my lips from his as I stilled my movements, still sheathed on him. I smiled lazily down at him as his eyelids fluttered open. He grinned his crooked smile up to me and lifted my hands to his mouth, placing delicate butterfly kisses all over them.

"You're perfect" he smiled gently at me once he had kissed his way up to my elbows. Leaning down to peck him on the lips, I lifted off him and lay on the bed next to him, letting my hands caress his rising and falling chest.

"I love you" I yawned as my eyelids gave in and closed in exhaustion. I felt Edward's hand pull through my hair as I drifted off to sleep.


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