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Alice could barley contain herself; she was practically bouncing with excitement. She could hear Jasper walking through the house and had to fight to keep from running to him. She was currently sitting in his study, in his big brown overstuffed chair. Her sketch pad lay forgotten on her lap, the moment Jasper pulled into the drive way. Before the door opened fully Alice had leapt out of the chair and stood in front of the door, a guilty smile plastered on her face.

Jasper smiled and shook his head at her before closing the door behind him. "How did I know you would know?" His tone was teasing as he held his right hand behind his back.


"I gave up long ago thinking I could surprise you," Jasper said with a chuckle, knowing she was about to apologize.

"I know but--"

"Alice," Jasper said gently as he placed his free hand under her chin "I love everything about you, especially not being able to surprise you."

"Liar," Alice's tone was slightly accusing.

The corners of Jasper's mouth turned up in a small smile, "Alright so do wish I could surprise you--"

"You could always ask me not to--"

"No," the small smile had left his face as his tone turned serious, "they are apart of who you are, I could never ask that of you, nor would I want to." Alice smiled up at him, a silent thank you, and then started to move her head to see behind his back "Can I have them?" She asked as her smile grew.

"So impatient," Jasper breathed. He smirked as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

"One more thing for you to love."

"And I love it with all my heart." Jasper smiled as he opened his eyes and pulled a bouquet of roses –each one a different color- from behind his back. Alice squealed in delight as she took the bouquet form him and smelled them.

"They're beautiful, Jasper."

"They each mean something."

"Like what?" Alice asked she knew what a few of the colors meant, but not all.

Jasper did not answer; instead he picked her up and set them both down in his chair. Alice sat comfortably on his lap as Jasper shifted the bouquet so he could see.

Jasper then pointed to the full bloomed red rose "I still love you." Alice smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek. He smiled at her and pecked her lightly on the cheek as well before he moved his hand over to point to the yellow rose "Domestic Happiness and friendship. The orange one symbolizes amazement, while the peach one shows appreciation and desire." Jasper could feel her happiness swell so he continued, "Light pink friendship, dark pink thankfulness…are you okay?" He could tell she was happy, but she looked as if she were going to cry.

"Jasper this is so sweet," Alice whispered.

"We haven't even gotten to my favorite ones yet." Jasper smiled and then kissed her forehead. "White," Jasper said as he pointed to the flower. "Unity, loyalty and a love stronger than death. Purple, eternal love. And last, but most certainly not least, lavender: love at first sight."

Alice looked at him speechlessly, unable to express her gratitude verbally she leaned up and kissed him passionately on the lips. They pulled back after a few moments gasping for unneeded air "You couldn't just get me a dozen red roses could you?" Alice asked with a smirk.

A/N: So I was sitting in my room and my roommate received roses for Valentine's Day. They sitting on a table in front of me while I was trying to come up with a story line and this was the result, hope you all enjoyed. And yes Jasper does know lavender, he's married to Alice he better know his colors, lol.

I found the meaning of the colors online, so if they are wrong it's not my fault.

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