Justin opened the mailbox on the first floor stoop and checked the mail. His eyes perused the bills for his father, the fashion magazines for his sister and the recipe catalog that belonged to his mother, but wrapped up in the junk mail was a box from the Columbia House Music Club. It couldn't be. It just couldn't be! He had been waiting for this for so long! Since he'd been a part of the club, he'd been getting new music CDs in the mail and usually weeks before they hit the stores. He had got Hannah Montana's new CD before the stores got it. He was listening to Britney's new songs before his sister and now he had the new Michayla CD! He dashed up the back stairway to the loft over his parent's sandwich shop and rushed into the apartment. His mother looked up from cleaning and his brother sat at the sofa watching Saturday morning cartoons. Justin looked over the coffee table looking for his portable CD player.

"What do you got?" Max looked over him.

"The new…." Justin looked around the loft carefully and covertly. "Michayla CD!"

Both his mother and brother gasped!

"Justin…" His mother looked over to him. "How can you have her in this house? Do you recall the explosion from the last time?"

"You've doomed us! You've doomed us all!" Max reminded him.

"She doesn't need to know." Justin mused secretly as he opened the box carefully, unwrapped the CD and took it out to pop into his player. His mother just tossed her hands up in defeat, lifted her flower pitcher up out of the kitchen sink after filling it and turned to go water her plants out on the balcony beyond the dining area. Max looked at the photo of the brunette and adorable singer on the CD cover.

"She is like so hot!" He mooned over the American pop singer and started raising her photo to his lips to kiss her, but Justin caught him and snatched it away. He looked at him disapprovingly. Placing one jack in his ear, he gave the other to Max to listen to the new song by the tween pop star with him. The two of them started bobbing their heads in tune to the music.

"I'm not a bad girl…" Michayla sang with the voice of an angel. "I'm just daddy's little girl…." Justin had a slight crush on her. Max wanted to marry her! As they appreciated her music in secrecy, the temperamental member of the family came down the circular staircase behind them. Spoiled, selfish, lazy and often not too bright, Alex strutted her way down in her blue jeans and neon striped shirt and hastened over to the kitchen refrigerator to get a bottle of water. Max saw her first and quickly secreted the Michayla cover over to Justin who hid in his shirt, but it was too late. Alex felt a disturbance in the Force. Upon taking a bottle of water to drink, she snapped to attention. There was a distant meandering drone that was offensive to her ears. She looked around trying to tell where it was coming from, noticed her brothers secretly sharing a moment and became suspicious. Her eyes narrowed upset. Justin and Max grew nervous. Setting her water aside, Alex motioned over to them and stood looming over them at the sofa so that her brothers had to arch their heads up to look up at her as if she was fifty-feet tall.

"Who's CD is that?" She inquired. The aggravation in her voice was growing by the second.

"Uh…" Justin and Max tried to think. "Britney Spears?"

"Womanizer… Womanizer… Womanizer…." Max tried to cover up, but Alex was not deceived. Every time Michayla came into this house on a CD or magazine, she felt the same disturbance in the universe and she had to correct it! She lurched after Justin's CD player, Justin trying to pull it away from her. Max jumped out of the way as sister landed on brother, they tumbled on to the floor fighting over the CD player. Justin tried to keep it closed, but Alex popped it open, snatched the CD and vaulted to her feet. Justin grabbed her by her jeans trying to get his CD back, but Alex noticed the balcony door open and hurled it out and off the balcony. All Justin could do was look in shock as it went flying, flying, flying…. Alex beamed ear-to-ear happy at her feat. She had really tossed it!

"Ryan Seacrest was right!" Alex quipped. "Her new CD really did take off!"

"I can't take this anymore!" Justin lost it. "You steal my stuff! You sell my belongings! You fling my music before I can listen to it, and when I lock my bedroom door, you pick the lock! I've changed the padlock on my door eighteen times and you keep breaking in! I've spent a fortune trying to keep you out of it!" Max stood by waiting for what was to happen next.

"Stop changing the lock." Alex stood by complacent and uncaring. Justin's eyes flared as he clenched his fist and reared it back…

"Justin!!!" His mother caught him just in the nick of time. She walked over to him carrying her water pitcher. "Were you about to hit your sister?!!!"

"Mom, I can't take it anymore!" Justin turned to her for help. "You've got to do something about Alex! I'm tired of you and dad letting her get away with murder! She just flung my Michayla CD off the balcony before I could listen to it! I haven't even paid for it yet!!!"

Theresa Russo glared a bit and looked over to her spoiled daughter the princess. Even she was at wit's end over this one.

"So that's what that was!" She thought back to that flash of light coming behind her out over the balcony. "I thought that was more magic... Alex…" She once again had to play peacemaker. "You cannot dictate and control the music which your brothers listen. They don't do it to you; stop doing it to them."

"But Michayla hurts my ears…"

"Wear earmuffs!" Theresa snapped. "And if I hear you've broken into either Justin or Max's rooms again, I'm moving your room to the basement!" Justin leaned over and whispered to her.

"And no teleporting into their rooms either!" Theresa added to her punishment.

Alex just rolled her eyes a bit. Justin still wanted to smack her around. In fact, Max was waiting to see it. He heard someone at the door to the loft and opened it. Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle, stood out in the hall.

"Hi, Alex!!!" She was excited and beaming. "You know, I so love having friends who are wizards! As I was coming up, I was wishing I had Michayla's new CD, and one bounced off my head! It came right out of the sky to me!" She thought it was a wish come true. Justin was debating on how to tell her the truth about it, but Alex just glared at it, grinding her teeth together and hearing that horrible Michayla voice singing echoing in her head where no one else could hear it.