"Some emotions don't make a lot of noise.

It's hard to hear pride.

Caring is real faint- like a heartbeat.

And pure love- why, some days it's so quiet, you don't even know it's there"


A tan form glided to the closed escape route. Grasping the handle, the friction between metal against metal produced on alarming screech in the blonde's ear. Surreptitiously, he pinned himself against the hallway wall moving slowly as to not be heard. Freezing as the wooden floor betrayed him, making a loud crunching noise under the pressure of his socked foot. He cursed himself inwardly on insisting on a hard wood floor (a childish fantasy to be able to slide across the floor to become a flying super hero).

Sapphire orbs gazed cautiously over the corner of the wall. His eyes locked on to his raven haired target, watching the spiky hair move ever so slightly with the lines of the book the pallid hands held. Grinning a childish way, the blonde crouched down, legs becoming like springs, as he leaped at the concentrated boy. Both tumbling to the ground, a mild scuffle between the two boys proceeded; to untangle their swinging limbs from each other. The blonde flew once again, his back slamming violently against the couch, pushing it back slightly.

"What do you think you're doing, dobe?" Even through the small fight, the idiotic grin never left the blonde's lips. An indention of the blonde's hand was left on the carpet as he crawled over to the other boy, wagging his invisible tail. Confusion swept over the pale boys onyx orbs.

"What", he questioned, shifting uncomfortably on the soft floor. A quick, reflexive hand shot out under the raven's nose, startling him slightly. Looking down he examined the box of chocolate decorated with an orange ribbon that lay in the tanned palms. An ominous glare streamed out of the raven's eyes, piercing the blue orbs, and bringing a frown to the grinning face.

"What?" the blonde mimicked the others questioned; only his voice was fragile, barely reaching the raven's ear drums.

"I despise chocolate" his mocking, sour tone brought the tan arms crashing down against the floor.

"Well isn't it the thought that counts on this day?" the grin forced itself to appear but vanished once again at the raven's next uttered words.

"What's so special about today?" a large boulder seemed to crash down upon the blonde's shoulders, forcing his mouth a gape and his body seemed to give out. His heartthumped missing a beat and not being able to get back on track.

"Don't you remember?" his voice quivered as tears brazed the edge of his eyes.

"Remember what, dobe?" his monotone voice stung, breaking down the wall that held back the river of tears that slowly streamed down the flushed cheeks. His body couldn't move from the crouching position on the floor, watching as the other boy stood and looked down at him.

"You have the grocery shopping duties today" the other boy spoke again, making the unusually silent boy flinch at his indifferent manner. Nodding his head solemnly, he stood, picking up the forsaken box of chocolate and going into the kitchen. Throwing the box in the trash can, he turned, not looking at the emotionless boy and grabbed his jacket, walking out the door.

He couldn't believe that his lover forgot. His heart ached for attention, for appreciation, for something; but he should have known with that impassive bastard that he wouldn't obtain anything. The sky seemed just as gloomy as he felt, not bringing any warmth to his statuesque physic. The world seemed to be crashing down around him, making his walking uneven and drunk-like. How a simple thing like forgetting your anniversary could hurt someone so bad.

Looking up at the apartment complex that he and his lover shared, he held the grocery bags tighter to his chest. He didn't want to go back to the lonely room that was devoid of all affection. Letting out a tensed sigh, he forgot all his childish antics and walked to the door. Unlocking it he marched in,

to complete darkness. He blinked unsteadily trying to contract his pupils to fit the poorly lit space. Confused, he searched aimlessly for the light switch and flipped it on. Gasping his arms failed, making the bags crash to the floor.

There in his living room, where everything was usually dark and depressing was an orange couch with orange carpets, and everything was, well, orange. Small orange balloons hung from the wall and a gigantic frog sat on the glass table that lay in the middle of the room. It was the exact room that he wanted, but his lover was so opposed to it that he dismissed his fantasy. Where was that boy anyways?

Glancing around the edge of the wall, he answered his own question. His lover stood in the kitchen, an orange apron wrapped nicely around his body. Smoke rose from the pot that sat idling on the stove. The usually deadpan boy seemed to be distraught and irritated, mumbling something about 'the stupid oversensitive sexy blonde'.

"Sasuke?" the blonde's voice broke through the brunette's thoughts as he turned around, eyes wide, holding a spoon and a slight sweat could be seen on his forehead.

"Naruto! That was quick", his surprised reaction confused the blonde even more then he already was. Sasuke turned back to the pot that screamed for attention. Reaching for a pot holder, he grasped the handles of the vessel and brought it cautiously to the sink.

"What" the blonde stuttered, "Are you doing?" his voice broke, and he grimaced as he heard this. It was Sasuke's turn to look confused, then irritated.

"Well, I was trying to make ramen. Do you know how very difficult that is? I don't see how you manage to do it in less then three minutes every day" the raven rambled on, shifting awkwardly under Naruto's bewildered stare.

"Why?" Naruto's soft voice was alien to his usual loud, obnoxious one. Sasuke's eyes turned soft, and a rare smile graced the room with its presence. Taking off his apron as he walked towards his lover, Sasuke stepped in front of him.

"For our anniversary of course" he replied, receiving a gasp from the boy.

"I thought, I thought you forgot!" Naruto spoke truthfully, looking up into the onyx eyes he loved so much. Feeling the soft hand touch his scarred cheeks gently brought a shiver down the blonde's spine.

"Being with you is something I could never forget to celebrate" That's what did it. The sapphire eyes gleamed brightly as new tears poured down to meet the pale hand. He grabbed at Sasuke's collar and pulled himself closer to the brunette, being greeted by the ever familiar scent of strawberries. Feeling arms wrapped around his trembling form brought more tears to his eyes, too happy to do anything but cry in his lover's arm.

"Happy anniversary, dobe" Sasuke's voice pierced his reverie, feeling his soft lips press against his scalp.


This is for my girlfriend (my Naruto), for our one month anniversary today. ^_^.

Hope you liked it.

-Ducky (Sasuke)